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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A tribute to a retired superstar

Last week, I was reading Eve Howard's column at the Shadow Lane site, and she mentioned that they'd shot another video with Steve Fuller. She then said it would be his last -- he was retiring from shooting.

Damn!  :-(

Steve has been a favorite of mine for many years; I met him first via my old Southern CA Spanked Wives and Girlfriends online club and then in person at his first Shadow Lane party -- I believe that was in 2002, but I could be mistaken. But I know for sure he made his video debut in 2003, in SL's The Spanking Professor. I was lucky enough to be in it with him, playing the slutty and frivolous wife to his exasperated college professor.

From the start, Steve had the slow burn and stern demeanor down. Check out the way he's looking at me here. It seems I'm trying to sweet-talk him, doesn't it?

Whatever I was doing, I don't think it worked.

Steve went on to star in many more Shadow Lane films, including two of my favorites: Prep School Punishments (with the wonderful Clare Fonda and the debut of Sierra Salem) and Bare Assets (with Nikki Rouge). He worked for several other video companies as well.

When Spanking Epics shot the Being Keith Jones trilogy, he was part of our troupe back East. We had so much fun -- besides his part in the trilogy, he was in several of their short films (spanklets, they called them), plus the impromptu DVD with me, Keith Jones and Sierra, The Great American Spank-Off.

I liked our completely ad-libbed Behind the Scenes spanklet best, I think.

I gave him all kinds of crap, but we were buds...

Back when L.A. actually had a decent spanking scene, John and I saw Steve at several private parties. He'd use any damned excuse to spank, as I recall. One time, he said the bite of cake I took was too big. Another time, I was helping to clean up, wiping a dish, and he said I missed a spot. And then, of course, there was the famous Gummy Worm incident. Most of you know this story, but for those who don't -- I put a Gummy Worm on his shoulder, which he didn't appreciate. Not only did he spank me for it, but he refused to stop until I took a bite of that disgusting thing, chewed it and swallowed it. Some people have no sense of humor.

And oh gawd, could that man spank. I know just a few men who are capable of making me say "mercy" with their hand alone. He's one of them.

This reaction is not faked -- and yes, that's his lap.

He was great fun to work with, always pleasant and easy-going, no matter how difficult the shoot circumstances were (shooting chase scenes in 90 degrees outdoors, or in a non-air-conditioned top floor triplex in the middle of August). And no matter what I threw at him, dialogue-wise, he was able to toss back his own guff without taking a beat. Every single time.

Me: Stop that! The neighbors will call the police!
Him: Well, I guess they'll just catch me red-handed then, won't they!

(On the SCSW board)
Devlin O'Neill: Hey Steve, when you shot with Erica, did your arm hurt afterward?
Steve: No, but my ears rang for several days.

It was hard to keep a straight face sometimes. :-)

It's a shame to see him retire -- as Eve said, he was on the top of his game. But life takes us all in various different directions, and I know he is very happy. Deservingly so. :-)

You'll be missed, Deputy Virgil/Professor Woodward. Big hugs to you.


  1. ahhhhh... what a lovely tribute to your friend!

    "(On the SCSW board)
    Devlin O'Neill: Hey Steve, when you shot with Erica, did your arm hurt afterward?
    Steve: No, but my ears rang for several days."

    OMG! Where was the spew alert for that line!

  2. Zelle -- (giggling) See what I mean? Quick-witted, that man.

  3. I think you really like Steve, in spite of how hard he spanked you.

    Nice tribute, Erica.

    Of course we all know that Devlin O'Neill once retired from videos, and that that didn't stop him from making another one.

    So who knows whether Steve might at some point be lured back out of retirement to perform again on camera, given the right incentives.

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  4. KF -- one never knows. But even if he doesn't, at least he leaves us with lots of fabulous films to choose from. :-)

  5. Hi Erica, What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your friend Steve Fuller :-) I am so happy you got to work with him in several video's and that you became bud's, He is wicked CUTE :-)I wouldn't of minded being over his knee and getting a VERY hard spanking from him. Another legend retired for sure he will be missed :-( Big Hug's to you Steve and lot's of happiness always, Wish i could of met him and got spanked by him. I agree that at least he leaves us with lots of fabulous films to choose from. Love you my Erica sending you lots of big hugs xoxo from your naughty girl Jade

  6. Did those "buns of steel" of yours finally wear poor Steve out?


  7. Jade -- isn't he cute? Not that I noticed, of course... ;-)

    John -- LOL! Hardly. The man's hand is bionic.

  8. Wow...his gaze is smoldering. Hot, hot.

    Not that I would notice such a thing, either.

  9. A top forcing a bottom to eat candy? Lol! Now that is something I have never heard of before. Sounds like he will be very missed in the video realm.

  10. You have such great stories to tell. I look forward to reading your memoir! It's hard not to be envious of all your spanking experiences, but I treasure my own. Just wish they would happen more often, lol!

  11. Pink -- nahhhhh... of course you wouldn't. :-)

    Lea -- well, it was a Gummy Worm. I think Gummy anything is disgusting; it's like eating sugared rubber. So making me eat that damn thing was cruel and unusual. :-)

    Dana -- considering how late I started in this game, I've been very, very lucky.