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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm OK... honest!

It has occurred to me that my post from Monday may have disturbed some people. Perhaps I didn't reassure well enough that, after the fact, I was totally OK. That even though this scene went to a little darker place than usual, I knew I was safe every second, no matter how scary those photos looked to some.

It's all relative, I guess. Some found the intensity of the scene a little creepy. And yet, when I posted one of the bondage photos on FetLife yesterday, one of my friends commented jokingly, "If he were truly a bad man, he wouldn't have put pillows on the table!" That cracked me up.

Anyway. I noticed I got a huge amount of hits on that post, but relatively few comments. So I thought I'd lighten things up a bit.

After I'd been untied and recovered somewhat, NG snapped a photo of me wearing that goofy cheese necklace he brought me. Notice the ultra-giddy smile? As you can see, I'm more than all right. :-)

And yes, I altered the photo a little. While I never seem to have any qualms about baring my butt to the world, I'm a little more reticent about the girls.


  1. Oh geeze louise... those of us that know you and NG .. after reading about you two for so long.. surely to god know that NG would NEVER EVER put you in harms way.. and 99.9% of the time.. he's giving you EXACTLY what you want.. and if you didn't want it.. he'd stop so fast YOUR head would spin to see WHY he stopped so fast! LOL


  2. Zelle -- I know YOU get it. :-) I worry a little sometimes -- want to make sure others get it too. They may not like what I'm engaging in, which is OK, but they have to know I'm safe and well and I wouldn't go to these places with just anyone.

  3. Then next time you two decide to play a smidge off the purist beaten path... perhaps.. at the top of your blog.. you might just put a lil disclaimer? Something that says you couldn't wait to get into this scene.. cause ya knew NG would take the utmost care of you! ♥

  4. Z -- actually, I kinda did! The FYI at the beginning? Perhaps I should have been more clear. Ah well... we're all so different. You know how you and I are creeped out by the raw-meat-butt pictures? Well, the women who post those wanted them as well and trusted their tops, and would defend them to the end. So go figure.

  5. Erica,
    You were very clear that the scene was a bit edgy. OMG. Was it hot? Wow. At no time did I think that you were in any danger of being harmed by NG. He seems to be a caring and loving Top. Nice smile in latest picture.

  6. joey -- thanks. :-) I do feel a certain responsibility to stress consensuality and safety. There is a big difference between real fear and scene fear; I think that may be a future blog topic.

  7. Erica.. okay.. okay.. you're right... I really cringe at those 'raw-meat-butt pics... but those cringy pics we hate... are not a good analogy for comparison here! (apples n' oranges) -- this may all come out wrong here.. BUT... YOUR PICS are aesthetically beautiful in the ropes ... and maybe it's just the IDEA of ropes and being tied that turned folks off from their purist spanko blogger?? MAYBE...

    BUT.. just cause there are ropes involved in a well thought out fun scene -- well to me.. that's not that offensive (but, I like a modicum of restraint sometimes - as my alpha mind stops trying to stay 3 steps ahead of a Top), and I have a hard time understanding how these pics and story could be as offensive and repulsive as the raw-meat-pics...

    BUT .. as we always say.. "Different strokes for different folks".. AND THAT IS OKAY!

  8. Z -- I think it was a combo of things -- my fearful expression, the helplessness (as I am usually anything but helpless), the gag (as I'm usually quite vociferous), the nakedness... who knows. I'm glad to hear some thought the pics were aesthetically pleasing. :-)

    But yup, you're right. Different strokes.

  9. Very aesthetically pleasing. :):)

  10. Erica,

    I hope you all don't mean me!

    I was only feigning shock. Sorry. I did said good for you. I admire your chutzpah of which I have none.

    I knew you were ok.


  11. Hi Erica, I knew you were safe with NG too.I guess i was shocked by the gag cause you been tied up before :-)I like the pic of you wearing the goofy cheese necklace it's CUTE and funny hehehe. Your so pretty :-)I hate raw meat butt pic's as well they are so creepy and disgusting, Love you my dear friend big hug's From your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  12. Bree -- no no no! No sigh. I didn't mean you. I know feigned shock when I see it. :-) Please don't worry.

    Jade -- yeah, the gag shocked ME a little too! (snicker) I never should have told John about it. He said, "Is that ALL I've needed to do, all these years?" (rolling eyes)

  13. It was your toe I was worried about:)


  14. I was wondering when you'd get the courage to show us your....

    cheese necklace! Although you should have warned your more sensitive readers that the sight of such tackiness might offend.

    Hermione, the proud owner of goldtone Elvis earrings

  15. Ronnie -- (laughing) That part of my anatomy is quite well.

    Hermione -- isn't that the most deliciously tacky thing? You can't tell in the photo, but each piece has little dimples in it, like Swiss cheese.

  16. @Erica

    Phew! Oh. Ok. Just making sure.


  17. Wow, if the makers of the cheese necklace needed promotion help then they've found it! ;-)

  18. Lea -- here's the irony; I don't even like cheese! LOL

  19. Chiz Wheeze! What a funny picture. Oh, and I suppose it was Barnabas' fault for your toe injury.

  20. My nipples are heart-shaped, too!

    (Good to see that you enjoyed yourself during that intense scene.)

  21. Bobbie Jo -- poor old Barnabas. He gets blamed for everything.

    Pink -- mine shape-shift. Sometimes they look like clubs, other times diamonds...

  22. Yep, that's Erica, in spades.

    "Poker? I don't even know her!" BaDaBOOM-Ching!

    Bobbie Jo beat me to the punch! (What a violent-sounding phrase, eh?) I was trying to come up with something about a Collins ghost fumbling an attempt to get in on the fun, and drew a blank.

  23. Wolfie -- You? Draw a blank? Never happens! :-) Far too clever for that.