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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another day in (Spanking) court

If going to real court were this much fun, we'd all be clamoring for jury duty.

I didn't have to be there until 3:00 this time; they had a very full docket. When I arrived, apparently everyone was in the court area, because the conference room was empty save for one man I didn't know. He introduced himself as the makeup artist; the young woman from last time wasn't there. Missy, a friend of the Court gang and someone I knew from a few years back at Shadow Lane and some local parties, came in to greet me. She and I chatted while my face was put on.

Makeup artists really are artists. This guy had various palettes of paints in the form of blushes, eye shadows and lip color. He'd dip the sponge or brush not into one color, but several, and blend everything flawlessly. I'm not used to professional makeup, so I was really tickled when he was done and I looked in the mirror. I don't know what he did with my mouth, but my lips looked twice as full as usual -- plump and shiny. "Wow," I blurted, "you made me all pretty!" I'm such a kid sometimes... the littlest things delight me.

One by one, people drifted into the conference room -- Cali, her hubby H, the Villain and Dana. Lots of hugs and happy greetings. They were also shooting an elaborate scenario with a mom and three lazy daughters, so I met Pandora (the mom) and Snow, Ivy and Sybil (the sisters). Their courtroom scenes were done, so it was time to shoot all their spanking scenes. But first, I was shooting my bit with the Judge.

I changed into a skirt and top and met them all in the courtroom. Several of the others were crowded into the sentencing room, talking and laughing, so Cali asked them to please keep it down for just a minute; even with the door closed, their voices would float through. "Yeah," I said, leaning into the door and right into V's face, "so shut up in there!" They laughed, and V announced, "Erica Scott is in the house!" LOL... I do make my presence known, don't I.

My scene with the judge went quickly; he checked in with me, asking how I was doing and how I'd felt after my session last time. I told him I'd felt quite relaxed and euphoric afterward and I was doing reasonably well, but I was feeling guilty, because I'd been in a bad mood coming in and was rather rude to both the Bailiff and the Disciplinarian. He said he was increasing the count to 150, and gently admonished me that the Bailiff and Disciplinarian were here to help me and they deserved to be treated with respect. I hung my head. "Yes, Your Honor." I was properly demure and contrite.

I put on the prison scrubs and sat on the couch in the hall, reading a magazine and listening to the sounds of all three girls getting their first series of swats. Apparently there were several scenes to be shot, sometimes with one, two or all three. But after this first one, it was my turn.

I tried to be nice and polite, y'all. I really did. When Bailiff Dana first led me in and asked for my pants, I looked her right in the eye and told her I was sorry for being rude to her. She answered that she'd never call me "ma'am" again. "Thank you," I said, smiling at her. So, all was well and forgiven with the Bailiff.

With the Disciplinarian? Not so much. Apparently, he still had his nose out of joint over how I'd behaved last time.

As he strapped my hands to the bench, he coldly said, "You know, we just work here. There's no need for you to give us a hard time."

And there's no need for you to be such a hard-ass, I thought to myself, but I didn't say it. Instead, I just mumbled, "I know," not looking at him. I didn't want to see his glare.

"One hundred and fifty," he said. "Are you going to count?"

"Yes," I answered, and he said, "Thank you." Oh, that thank you was tinged with sarcasm. I couldn't help it -- I replied "You're welcome" with equal sarcasm.

I made it nearly halfway through, counting obediently, keeping still. But then, he gave me numbers 65-70 extra hard and all in the same spot. WTF?? I didn't comment, but my tone in the count was angry. "That," he snapped, "was for my bailiff!"

OK, that did it. Respect be damned... if he was going to mess with me, I would return the favor. "Your bailiff?" I snapped back. "Do you own her?"

He didn't answer that, just gave me another smack. "I lost count," I said calmly. "You distracted me."

I'm sure the good Disciplinarian wanted to start all over again at #1, but the Court wouldn't approve. "Seventy-one," he bit out.

What happened after that, with the rest of the count? I'm not telling. You'll just have to wait and see! :-D  I'll tell you this much; I caused the oh-so-stoic Mr. Robo-Sadist to blow his cool. Next month, there will be hell to pay. But for whom -- him or me? Or both of us? Stay tuned...

After the cameras stopped rolling, the grand War of Wills disappeared and we were all hugging and laughing. V looked like he'd just stepped out of a steam bath and my perfect makeup wasn't perfect anymore. Damn, that was fun.

I changed back into my street clothes and sat on the couch in the hall once more, waiting for a break in the shooting. V came out shortly and sat with me; Dana was doing the next couple of punishments, including a caning for Sybil who had been in contempt of court. Tsk tsk! So we talked a bit until the door opened and the sound of talking and laughing floated out. Break time!

Cali came out and gave me my pay, and when H walked out, he looked over at me and said, "Hey Erica -- you didn't get a fortune cookie yet!" Fortune cookie?

"Oh, yeahhhhh," V grinned. "She has to get one of those! Let's take care of that right now." Hmmm. I've never seen anyone so eager to give me a fortune cookie before.

H brought over a bright red Chinese take-out carton, offering it to me; there was one cookie left, so I took it. "Open it," V said, giving me his evil eye. So I tore open the plastic wrapping and broke the cookie in two, pulling out the slip.

"One dozen with the cane."

Oh, brother. Custom-made spanking fortune cookies. Who knew??

Since the sentencing room was open, V went in and selected a cane off the wall of implements. He had me bend over and brace myself against the Judge's desk and gave me 12 cane strokes over my pants. "Aw... is that it?" I complained. He answered by giving me a flurry of fast strokes and I screeched but held position.

The girls in the sentencing room were looking at us like we were nuts! Sheeeesh... she just did a session and she wants more?  Welllll... yeah. I usually do. I am insatiable. Remember, I'm the same woman who did a nine-hour shoot with Shadow Lane and still went to play privately with Keith Jones for an hour after that. Besides, I've been spank-deprived lately.

After that, I reluctantly decided to go; break time was over, they were shooting another scene and John was home waiting for me. So I said goodbye to everyone and got another round of big hugs.

You'll be happy to know that I did not get lost this time, and I got to John's just before 7:00. We went out for sushi and I bubbled all about my day to him. He always gets a kick out of me after I do a shoot; I'm all giddy and chatty and blissfully happy.

Today, I'm sore... but not where you'd expect. Strangely, my legs were aching, particularly my quadriceps. I couldn't imagine how I'd stressed my legs, but then it came to me. So silly, but no matter how many times I do this, I still get that jolt of nerves beforehand. When V was strapping me down to the bench and my legs were dangling off the other side, I could feel them shaking. I stiffened them, but they just shook more and then jerked with little spasms. Arrggh! Stop, dammit, I thought. It'll show on camera and look ridiculous! So I clenched my leg muscles very tightly, willing them to be still. I guess I gave myself a mini-workout.

Plus, I have a mystery bruise on top of my left foot. I can't remember for the life of me what I did to get that. Perhaps I kicked something and wasn't even aware of it. I'm assuming it wasn't V's chin, or else I would have heard about it. :-)

But no marks. The wooden paddle this time packed a lot of sting, but it was thin, so it didn't have that hard bruising impact. No mementos for me this time. Maybe next time.

Thanks, guys! Once again, I had a blast and you made me feel like a million bucks.


  1. YOU... are having WAY TOO MUCH fun with the Judicial system! LOL

    I love reading your reports.. naturally they make me wanna go hunt down the Video.. LOL

  2. Erica,
    ROFLMAO. Your narrative of the spanking court is sooo funny. But, making you count to 150, that is diabolical. LOL

  3. Loved reading this, Erica. Sounds like a blast!

  4. Hi Erica i Loved reading this it was so much fun to read :-) I am happy you had a blast i can't wait to read what happen's next. That's so COOL that they have fortune cookie's that have to do with spanking hehehe, I wonder what my spanking fortune would say, i kind of have an idea hehehe,Wish i could go to Spanking Court it sound's like so much fun :-) WOW your lucky you had your pant's on while you were getting caned cause if you were bare bottomed it would of hurt more and you would of had stripe's. Thank's for sharing my dear friend, cause i ALWAYS enjoy reading anything you blog about :-) Love you and big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. I see you were indeed earnest, when I asked you, on what you learned from your previous Court Session. Enjoy the next one!

  6. Zelle -- ya think? heeheee I'm rather eagerly awaiting the Videos, myself. ;-)

    joeyred -- 150 is nothing. It turns out their "top tier" is 300. Seems I'm working my way toward that!

    Bonnie-jo -- it really was; glad you enjoyed it!

    Jade -- I would have liked stripes! ;-)

    MrJ -- well, at least I was nice to the Bailiff. My apology was earnest. :-D

  7. I love these stories. I hope you NEVER learn your lesson, Erica!

  8. Pink -- I'd say that's a safe bet, hon. :-)

  9. The fortune cookie made me laugh. Spankos sure are creative. I can see your reply fortune cookie to him now. "Your hand will be sorer than Erica's butt." Lol. Spanking AND sushi, sounds like a great day.

  10. Lea -- actually, my first choice was a big pile of carbs, like pasta. But I figured since John spent the day by himself and didn't complain, he should have HIS choice. :-) (Fortunately, I like sushi too)

  11. Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing time!

  12. Craig -- I really did. They're such nice people. :-)

  13. Behold the only woman to have fired Perry Mason.

  14. Dave -- I always did think poor Hamilton Burger got a raw deal.

  15. Erica,

    It will come as no surprise to your readers that you were, once again, a pleasure on set. Spanking Court loves you, and I'm sure that you'll make it to 300 (especially if you keep pissing off the C.D.)

    - Dana

  16. Dana -- I love when you come around and comment! You make me smile.

    Oh, and the C.D. is a pill. You can tell him I said so. :-D