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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post #200!

I can't believe I've been on Blogger under a year and I've already reached 200 posts. Apparently, I am quite the chatterbox.

I thought I'd commemorate the occasion with a fun (and hopefully interactive) topic. We all know about the done-to-death "What are your favorite spanking buzz words/phrases?" question. No, I'm not going there. I'm being more specific.

Do your tops/play partners/spouses have a signature phrase they utter often during spanking sessions? Something fairly unique to them?

Of course, I have a few examples. Are you surprised?

New Guy has one he says, without fail, at some point every week. "Oh, does that hurt?" Yes, of course he's being facetious. Of course he is goading me. Because I could simply answer "Yes" and be done with it, but my mind reels with sarcastic replies and, unless I am nearly done in, one of them will inevitably fly from my mouth.

"No, it tickles."

"What the @#$% do you think??"

"Stop asking me stupid questions!"

"Yes it does, you bastard."

As you would guess, not one of these helps my case any.

Craig had a way of being rather incredulous when I had the nerve to say something bratty while in a compromising position.

"Really? You're saying that to me now? Really???"

One time, he got so emphatic, his voice cracked on the final "really." I asked him if he was going through puberty. That wasn't appreciated.

And then there was Danny. He used to sigh and say in an exasperated tone, "Oh, Erica. When will you learn?" To which I'd answer, "How about never? Does 'never' work for you?"

It didn't.

Anyone else? OK, I know we're coming onto a holiday weekend and it's going to be Death Valley around the blogosphere, but c'mon, it takes two minutes to comment. :-)


  1. Congrats on your 200th post.

    You are quite the wise-ass when you're in a compromising position and your bum is vulnerable.

    There is no sassy repartee going on while I'm getting spanked.

    However, at some point I usually start to melt whether I am standing or on all 4s so KinkyGent will say firmly...growl even, "Stick that ass up in the air." And of course I do. And of course he spanks me harder...Mmm, mmm, good!


  2. Your comments are hilarious and gutsy Erica. And, a tough act to follow with a comment. My regular top says, "Does it hurt?" One of my favorite comments by a switch was: "I want you to remember me until next time." Trust me, I have not forgotten her (and cannot wait until next time either:)
    Have a great holiday weekend,

  3. joey -- what is it with these tops? They know damn well it hurts!

  4. Congrats on 200 posts!!!

    My guys line? After I say I'm sorry 9 million times he says, "I understand you're sorry. I'm sorry, too." Until he's face down over someone's lap, I don't think he understands my sorrow.

  5. Darling C -- (snort) Don't you just love it when they say "I'm sorry to do this to you"? My answer is, "Then don't, stupid."

  6. @Darling C: LOL...LOL


  7. During counting exercises my partner will often miscount strokes. I think it started as a way to try to skip ahead that backfired. But now it acts as a signal between us. If she's miscounting it's because she knows she'll get caught and will have more added on. It's a subtle "more please" that works well for us.

  8. Anonymous -- (snickering) I've been known to pull that trick a time or two.

  9. Hi Erica, YAY CONGRATS on your 200 posts :-) I agree that when the spanker ask's doe's it hurt that it's a STUPID question hehehe, The line's i heard before, This is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you YEAH RIGHT they are not the one getting spanked so how in the hell is it hurting them. Don't you roll your eye's at me young lady,look at me when i am talking to you.I get called a wise ass too hehehe. The first time i got spanked with a belt was 11 years ago and it was with no warm up, I called my mom a Fucking Bitch and she got very angry and spanked me harder, mom said to me don't you dare say that again, that i am a disrespectful little brat, oh well it is what it is. Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  10. D is a fan of saying "We're just getting started", even if we're an hour into the spanking. I'm beginning to think he needs to consult the dictionary to find out what "start" means.

    Congrats on your 200th post, chatterbox!

  11. Does it hurt?

    Oh, I didn't realize that you had started yet.


  12. Jade -- I roll my eyes all the time. I don't know how they know it, though, since I'm looking away from them.

    Pink -- oh, gawd. Just what you want to hear when you think it's about time to wind down!

    Kat -- LOL... done that. Paid for it, too.

  13. All of you are hilarious. My spankings are so rare and mild, our only conversation is me saying "harder" or "more" and him saying "I'm tired. I have to work tomorrow." He's getting better, though.

  14. TMW -- lol! Well, you'll have to borrow some of our sarcastic comments to see if you can get him to ramp things up, huh?

    Try yawning. Or snoring. Or telling him he can start any time. :-)

  15. I also know a top who likes to throw out the "Really???" Ooh, I hate the "this hurts me more than it hurts you" line. Uh, I think not.

  16. Lea -- some of them actually say the honest version: "This hurts you more than it hurts me." Yeah, duh!

  17. Your comment of, I asked him if he was going through puberty... Wow! to a male well outside his teenage years... Yes! you were "Asking for it"... SARCASTIC IN THE EXTREME.
    You are "gutsy"... I like that in a woman!

  18. Anonymous -- yup, that's me, gutsy. :-)

  19. Well done for getting to 200.

    Does that mean that you are visiting Death Valley and getting 200 spanks with added sunburn?

  20. I hear the "Does it hurt?" line all the time. I often say "I'm taking that (name of implement) back to the store tomorrow." He usually closes with "You're done" as opposed to him being done. Maybe my bottom looks well-roasted by then.

    Have a great long weekend. Ours starts today!


  21. "Does this hurt?" "Test it on yourself and get back to me with YOUR opinion, Dickweed"

    "This is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you" "Only if you're so *&^&% clumsy you keep missing me and hitting yourself instead, butterfingers!"

    "Ungrateful little @#$#!" Actually, I don't have a smart-ass comment in response to that. I got it too much as a kid, so it just makes me cry.

    "My eyes are up here, young lady, not on the carpet!" "The light up there is hurting my eyes, dumbnuts. Turn it off or move away from it, and then I'll look you in the eyes, asshat!"

  22. I hear "stop wriggling or I'll have to start over again." Me, "how can I stop when it hurts so much."

    Congratulations on your 200th post Erica.

    Enjoy your long weekend.


  23. Since there are a lot more sensory nerve endings in the hand than in the butt, there is some justification for "This hurts me more than it does you".

    Strangely, I've yet to get any sympathy for my cries of "Ow! My poor hand!"

    Ho hum, next time maybe...


  24. beanie -- 200 spanks, probably (and more). But no Death Valley for me. Aside from the spanking variety, I hate the heat. :-)

    Hermione -- I don't suppose you reply, "Stick a fork in me," do you? ;-) Happy Canada Day!

    Terri -- that third one would upset me too. Some things are too personal, y'know?

    Ronnie -- yeah, what's up with that? Are we supposed to just lie there like potato sacks?? Meh. :-)

    Al -- oh, puh-leeeze. You guys get to pick up an implement as soon as your poor little hands start bothering you. We don't have a stunt butt handy to give us a break. No sympathy for you!

  25. Congratulation Erica, on your 200th blog. And may July 4th Independence Day, be a 'fireworks' one for you, with some 'hot buns' for you, if you know what I mean.

  26. six -- it's a Monday, so I am counting on that. :-)

  27. My favorite was the first time we played at the Lair. I was really laying into you and you goaded me, saying something like, "Are you going to start spanking me like a MAN?" And that was all it took. I wailed on that fine bottom of yours until you basically cried "uncle!".

  28. Craig -- heeheee! I remember that. I also recall during one of our more uproarious scenes at SL, I suggested you "grow a pair." ;-)