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Friday, June 17, 2011

A bit of search-phrase weirdness

I don't often write about the keyword phrases I find in my stats, because most of the time they are boring. Also, I don't want to rip off Bonnie's hilarious "Keyword Chaos" bit. But every now and then, I get something so bizarre or silly, it warrants a comment or two.

adult spanking and losing composure

This is a search phrase? What is this person searching for? Maybe they want to see tears/reactions to a spanking? Why not just type that?

disciplinarian madame cane

OK, I do believe the woman you're seeking is here (and may I commend you for your good taste). But you spelled her name wrong, for one. For another, I don't think she'd be all that crazy about the honorific "madame." And finally, you need a new search engine. If you're seeking a femdom disciplinarian and it sends you to a spankee, there's a glitch in the works.

And finally...

erica hammana

W...T... F???

OK, I realize many won't get this reference. On the old Jackie Gleason show The Honeymooners, Gleason's character Ralph Kramden used to stammer and sputter "hamanna hamanna hamanna" whenever he was nervous, or his wife Alice caught him in one of his hare-brained schemes.

And this has to do with me because...?

Oh, and while I've had my fantasies about being spanked by TV characters (Quentin Collins, anyone?), I would not want to be spanked by Ralph Kramden.


Final note: Blogger has a spam folder set up for wayward comments, and we're supposed to check ours periodically to make sure a legitimate comment didn't land in there. Welllllll... I didn't, until today. And I found a lovely post from a woman who said she rarely comments due to shyness, but she wanted me to know how much she loves my blog.

Ugh. And I didn't acknowledge her comment, because it went to spam? I feel awful!

So, Callie, if you are reading this, thank you so much for the sweet things you said back in April. I do apologize.

Have a great weekend, y'all. And to the dads, Happy Father's Day.


  1. Hi Erica, that's so funny hammana,hammana,hammana hehehe LMAO, I OUGHT TO SEND YOU TO THE MOON POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER HEHEHE That's what Ralph Kramden would say.Someone thought you were a top that's COOL, But they must be smoking those funny and wacky cigarette's cause you never were a top except once in the School master's revenge :-)Have a GREAT weekend Erica Hammana hehehe just messing with you. Love you and big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  2. Jade -- that's right! "To the moon, Alice!" :-)

  3. Well, it SOUNDS like something I might've done, but "Erica Hamana" wasn't mine.

    I had typed, "Erica Hubba."

    Ian (Yeowch Spanking Blog) had uncovered the search phrase "Paddled Duck Spanked Tasty." Which led to a new cartoon, and for me to look in my own Stats Doohickey, I found nuthin'!!

    By the way, here's Groucho singing "Father's Day!"

  4. I often thought Ralph was tempted to spank Alice, but somehow never found the courage.

    Thanks for the reminder about the spam folder. I get all comments by email so often don't think to look there. I just deleted one from "Phone Sex".


  5. "One of these days, Alice, one of these days..."

    Like she was afraid of him!

    If I wanted to be spanked by a movie or tv star, I would have to think about that one. I can thing of some, but if I come up with one, I will let you know. I can assure you it would not be JW. Hehehe!

  6. Opps! The is supposed to be "THINK" of some, not "THING"! LOL

  7. RATS. I give up! LOL

  8. That's hilarious! My weirdest keywords to date are "my love for James Spader is not normal". Uh... what do you expect to find when you type that into Google? Well, they found a post about how I love Secretary, so not sure if that's what they were looking for. Lol.

  9. Dave -- awww, Groucho! Paddled Duck Spanked Tasty??? Good lord.

    Bobbie Jo -- Good! Me neither! :-D

    Lea -- hahaha! I remember your Spader/Secretary post. Ah, he was sexy as hell in that flick...

  10. Hermione -- oops, missed you! I don't think Ralph could spank. He didn't have a lap.