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Monday, June 27, 2011

Have I mentioned lately...

... that I effing love, crave, absolutely adore Monday nights with New Guy?

The world goes away for a couple of hours. I forget it all... I forget about the bills that won't go away just because I'm not getting work. I don't fret about my boyfriend who is exhausted all the time, about the threat of inevitable heart surgery looming, even though we never talk about it. My mother, whom I haven't spoken to since New Year's Eve? She disappears for a while too. The treadmill of doom grinds to a halt.

All that's left is a fiercely dominant and sweetly compassionate man, as dependable as the dawn, his bag of tricks, the trust and the pain. The pain that takes me out of the future and the past and puts me squarely in the moment. The pain I struggle against, then surrender to. And the trust that allows it.

I don't remember the sequence this evening. It seems both of us were insatiable tonight -- he couldn't spank enough, and nothing was too much for me. I know it hurt... I even remember crying out his name at one point, and I only do that when it's really pushing my limits. Was everything harder and faster than ever tonight, or did I just imagine it? Bent over my recliner, over the ottoman, on the couch, on the carpet... it's all a blur.

Not many pictures this time. He was too busy whacking to do much clicking. This was taken early in the evening:

Notice that @#$%ing toy bag of his on my left. Arrggh.

Oh, and one more thing is prevalent in those couple of hours. Laughter. Lots of it. He got a wee bit overzealous with the flogger and hit the lamp with it. No damage. "Hey," he said, "does that mean I'm a light spanker?" Oh, har har har. He made another couple of light/lamp jokes, and really, what else could I do but tell him he wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier?

Paid for that, of course.

When we were winding down and talking, I mentioned that I was reading Dick Van Dyke's autobiography. He said we could play Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore; I said no, because Mary was 12 years younger than Dick, and I'm two years older than NG is. "So?" he said. "It's just pretend. I'm not really Dick Van Dyke."

"Oh, I don't know," I murmured. "You're kind of a Dick sometimes."

Paid for that too. :-D

He did stop spanking me long enough to... guess what?


Watch two episodes of Dark Shadows with me! Yes, I initiated him into my second favorite obsession. He even got to see my heartthrob Quentin.

Wonderful spanking, Dark Shadows, and I'm about to have some chocolate. At this moment, life is quite perfect, thank you.

And I guess this moment is all any of us has.


  1. And your readers look forward to reading about your wonderful Monday nights on Tuesday. Glad that you had a perfect night.

  2. Hi Erica,

    Hooray for NG and all the guys who understand! It's wonderful to have this sort of celebration to anticipate each week. Enjoy!


  3. Yes, this moment is all we have. Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing your moment with us.


  4. Hi Erica, I absolutely love reading about your moment's with NG :-) It takes me to a place of serenity, I almost imagine it being me getting spanked :-) As you know my life is full of stress and is uncertin :-( Thank's for sharing your moment with all of us.I wish my Monday's were like your's cause i been going through so much and i need to get away from it for at least a little while, it would do me some good :-)I laughed so hard when you said that NG was a dick sometime's hehehe LMAO, YOU GO GIRL, I have an idea NG could pretend to be Quentin and you could pretend to be the lady from Dark Shadow's that would be fun. Love you and big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. Nothin' better than a Top who knows how to Tango --while we "Two-Step" around them. haha!

  6. joey -- thanks! :-)

    Bonnie -- it really is. I get to have a weekly treat (and REtreat), and I appreciate it, and him, so much.

    Hermione -- believe me, I need to remind myself regularly.

    Jade -- well, in reality, "Quentin" is now 70 years old. I can only pretend so much! LOL

  7. Zelle -- we cross-posted! :-) Yeah, I was two-stepping across my living room last night, trying to get away from that damn paddle! LOL

  8. I love what you wrote about how things disappear for awhile. It's therapy at its best.

    BUT...I really, really love your shoes.

  9. Pink -- thanks... and you would NOT believe it if I told you how old those shoes are! :-)

  10. He really does set you up with the best lines. He must do it on purpose. He wants your witty retort so he has more to spank you for. That must be it.

  11. Lea -- you know, I keep telling him he needs to stop feeding me straight lines. His answer is that I could resist firing back the retorts. Yeah, that'll happen.