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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In my email box this morning...

Looks like you had fun and got what you deserved at Spanking Court. Of course you are going to get what you deserve next Monday too. I am very disturbed by the naughty pictures of you on the red couch. It's bad enough that you would allow such photos to be taken by a total stranger, but then to post them for the whole world to see! I will deal with you when I return!

Now wait just a damn minute. Total stranger? OK, so he was a stranger to me, but also a professional photographer with many references and a website with his full name and several details. Not just some Joe Blow with a camera off the streets. Naughty pictures? Nay! Artistic! And as for showing them to the whole world... would he expect any less of me? :-)

Next Monday... why is it only Tuesday? I want, I want, I want....


  1. Well, your argument for artistic endeavor may hold Monday, but you said "damn" out loud just now.


  2. Classic Top Logic in the email Erica. Awesome reply, real bratty, it is a good that you have a CIA to back up your words.

  3. hahaahahhahahhahaha..... my god you crack me up!

    NG is my hero.... :-) (cheeky grins)

  4. Hi Erica, i told ya you were going to get into trouble with those GOD DAMN pic's hehehe you are TOTALLY BUSTED, but i know you like it hehehe :-)well it's your bum thats going to get blistered not mine hehehe, even though i wish it was me that was going to get a good hard spanking as well. DAMN NG MUST HAVE HAWK EYES OR SOMETHING hehehe, you could probably do something naughty in a totally dark room and he would still know you did something wrong hehehe LMAO, I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS ALWAYS From your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. Dave -- I've said a whole lot worse than that out loud. ;-)

    joey -- Cast Iron A$$? (snicker)

    Zelle -- yeahhhhh...he's mine, too. :-)

    Jade -- when you're right, you're right!

  6. Is it weird that I read the e-mail and thought, "Thank goodness NG has better writing skills than the people who end up on the CHoS"?

  7. Anonymous -- HAHAHA! No, not weird at all. I don't think I would have found him at all appealing if he introduced himself to me back last September in CHoS fashion!

  8. At first I thought this was going to be the beginnings of a ChoS post but then it actually made sense. Lol. Hope the week passes quickly for you!

  9. Lea -- imagine if I put something NG wrote to me in the CHoS! LOL... I could kiss my a$$ goodbye.