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Monday, September 29, 2014

Quote of the day

From John, yesterday, while we were having a semi-argument (more of a debate, really). I love the man to bits, but he's an engineer -- his thinking is very linear. Black or white, one polarity or the other, nothing in between. I told him as much, which of course didn't sit well. But after a while, we agreed to disagree, somewhat. (What were we debating? The McCarthy era, with the HUAC blacklists. Don't ask why.)

"Don't think of this as being black or white," he said as we hugged. "Think of it as more like 50 shades of I'm right and you're wrong."

No jury would convict me. :-Þ

Friday, September 26, 2014

Post birthday spanking pic

This one's for Secret Spanko, who observed that I was too busy having fun with my birthday spanking to actually take a picture of it. So here's the next best thing: a photo from a day later!

After a nice long hand spanking, Steve's final smack was a shocker -- a single slap to my right upper thigh. I guess it was "one to grown on," or something... it was just one strike, but it made me screech his name nonetheless. Naturally, it marked! So here I am on the following night -- notice that my bottom is absolutely pristine, no sign of the previous day's activity. My thigh, however, is a different story.

And in this week's spanking startle: Yesterday, I was walking out of the locker room at the gym, and I distinctly heard the sound of rhythmic slapping. Naturally, my ears perked up, and my mind conjured up visions of strict personal trainers with slacker clients. I went down the hall, the slap-slap-slap sound getting louder, and then I saw it...

A guy was jumping rope, and that sound was the rope hitting the mat. 

Oh well.

Have a great weekend, y'all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday fun

So, another one has come and gone. But before I get back to reality (work, gym), time for my usual recap.

Last Saturday, John took me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, where I happily enjoyed a big plate of pasta. And yes, I did get 58 (one to grow on) swats. He started with that damn hairbrush I hate so much, but then switched to his hand for a while, which I love. The final eight, however, were back to the brush -- @#$%&!

Monday morning (the actual birthdate) started out beautifully. I got a surprise delivery of flowers from John, and that delicious birthday toon from Wolfie (see here). I went to the gym to work out and then came home to get ready for my birthday dinner and spanking from Steve. But then he called... he couldn't make it. Work issues, unavoidable and understandable. It still sucked, though. 

The day was cheered somewhat by all the lovely messages I got on FetLife and Facebook from various friends, which kept me smiling throughout the afternoon. Then John called that evening. He felt so bad for me because my birthday plans had been cancelled, he got kind of angry on my behalf, and was very critical of Steve, which didn't help at all. I ended up bawling and he ended up apologizing, but after that, I was ready to say "fuck birthdays," end the day and be done with it.

However, it all turned around the next day (yesterday).

First, Steve showed up at noon with flowers, a cake, and presents. He insisted on giving me a massage, seeing how tense I was, and after a thorough going-over on my back, arms, legs and feet, I felt much more relaxed. I was feeling so blah, I didn't think I'd be up for any sort of play, but then I slowly came around, and he gave me a nice spanking (in my birthday suit, Secret Spanko!). 

The cake was gorgeous -- I didn't want to have a slice just then because I was going out for dinner in a couple of hours, so Steve cut a ginormous piece out of it and I had a couple of bites of that. Oh, and ate those two strawberries. :-)

After he left, I got ready to go meet Alex and SpankCake for dinner. I had chosen my favorite little coffeehouse; we met there at 6:00, found a nice big table in the corner of the patio, and ordered light dinners so we could have room for cake! German chocolate cake, of course, plus a slice of lemon tart, because Alex loves fruit desserts and I wanted everyone to have what they liked.

And they brought me presents, too! Alex gave me a box of Godiva chocolates (if John behaves himself, I may let him have one or two), and a very sweet, perfect card about friends and dessert. SC gave me a scented soap and some yummy smelling body cream, and then... get this... a stuffed Grumpy Cat! (Yes, if I were a stuffed animal, I'd be Grumpy Cat.)

(SC's suggested caption): Me: Smile! Cat: No.

She also made a card for me, with my photo and a Big Bang Theory theme. 


We talked and laughed for nearly five hours, and I was too wound up to sleep right away last night, so today I slept in until 11:00. Indulgence time is over. Now, must work. And after all that cake, must go to gym.

I am feeling very much loved and squidgy and mushy right now. :-)

Monday, September 22, 2014

I love you, Dave Wolfe! :-)

And I love my 2014 birthday toon!

OK, some of my younger readers might not get the references to Peabody and Sherman and their Wayback Machine (they are from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons), or Herman's Hermits (a 1960s British Invasion band, one of the many who showed up after you-know-who), but you all know the Beatles! 

Wolfie always sends me to the coolest places -- a few years ago, he sent me back into the world of Dark Shadows. Thank you, dear and talented friend, for starting my official birthday day with a big smile. ♥

Gettin' my spank on soon, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why I love Jillian Keenan

For many reasons, but to name a couple: Because she is a mainstream writer who has the bravery to speak for us kinky folk. Because her latest writing is a brilliant piece for Slate entitled Spanking is Great for Sex, Which is Why it's Grotesque for Parenting.

In the off chance that you're not familiar with Ms. Keenan, she is a journalist who outed herself as a spanko in the New York Times, here. I don't say this about too many people, but she is one of my heroes. We follow each other on Twitter, and she once tweeted to me that if I'm ever in New York, we should hang out. Now that was a compliment indeed.

I am probably not the first spanko blogger today to call attention to her latest piece, nor will I be the last. But I don't care; I just want to spread the word. Ms. Keenan has voiced an opinion that I have thought for years, have hinted at in my writings, but never articulated so bluntly and perfectly as she did.

Spanking children is grotesque. It's wrong on just about every level I can think of. What we do as adults is consensual, plain and simple. A child doesn't get to consent. That in itself is enough of a reason to not do it, but when you throw in the physiological and sexual ramifications, as Ms. Keenan does, then you really have a case against it. So let's review: spanking causes a child fear, physical and emotional pain (it's fucking humiliating), and it throws in a confusing sexual connotation too? It's outlawed in certain states and in Sweden. Why is this ban not worldwide already?

Ms. Keenan is very brave. She is already getting major backlash for this article -- from enraged parents, from the fundamentalists, from the anti-kinks, and from the just plain stupid. Don't bother reading the comments attached to her piece, unless you want your head to explode. She has been tweeting a random assortment of negative messages she's received, gems such as:

"I was spanked and I turned out fine!"

"Football players tap butts!"

"Spankings are about power, not sexuality."

"Foot rubs can be sexual!" (WTF??)

"People spank butts because they're conveniently padded!"

And my favorite, which looks like one of my CHoS entries:

"GOD! You think SPANKING is SEXUAL??? U r SICKKK! You NEED TO be LOCKET up!!!"


But for every negative comment she receives, for all the hate mail and condemnation, I know she will in turn reap much praise, and deservedly so.

Brava, Jillian Keenan. Thank you for being our voice once again. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Pre"-birthday spanking??

Yup. Yesterday was one week before the fact, and Steve announced our scene was my pre-birthday spanking. WTF? Wouldn't that work for all the weeks prior? In fact, why not just start with the week after my birthday and say it's pre for the birthday in 2015?? rolling eyes

Believe me, I know it's all BS. It's just a PREfabricated excuse for spanking.

He said it was to prepare me for the amount of swats next week. I said thanks a lot for reminding me of the high number. (sigh)

It was a lot of fun, though. I wore my (almost, only worn once) new panties:

He took two videos of our scene in the bedroom, but of course, Blogger is still being buggy and won't let me post either of them. I thought by now they might have fixed things, but that was clearly wishful on my part! Meh. We had some fun banter and he delighted in messing with my head. 

Part of his ritual is that when he's done, he pulls my panties back up. So when he did so yesterday, I went "Ooh" in surprise, since I didn't think we were anywhere near finished. "Oh, you think we're done? Is that what that 'ooh' was about?" he crowed. And he continued with that damned wooden paddle.

"But, but..." I sputtered. "When you pull my panties back up, we're done! That's how you always do it!"

"Really?" he said. "Is this a rule? I don't remember seeing that in the manual!"

Argh. Apparently, changing the game is "the top's prerogative." Of course, it was this bottom's prerogative to stick my tongue out at him and tell him to [fornicate] off.

But he was sweet, too. Ended the scene by stroking my hair and saying he'd be here always -- for every birthday, for every anniversary, whenever I needed him. He was my top for life. He even said it on video, so I could keep it and replay it and remember.

And you all know how much that means to me. 

I never thought I'd do this, but I changed my date of birth on FetLife. No, not to make myself younger -- I changed it to September 22, 1925, so now I am listed as 88F (next week it will be 89F). Screw it... I'm tired of the "for your age" cracks. Most people know how old I really am anyway, but now it won't be readily apparent every time someone looks at my profile. 

Off to the gym with me, which means I have to go (gasp) outside. Today is supposed to be the last really bad day of this freaking heat wave -- 109 Sunday, 104 yesterday, 101 today, 98 tomorrow, then back into the 80s by Thursday. Hallelujah. Southern California -- welcome to Life in Hell! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fun with friends, and more Tumblr shenanigans

Been a busy few days. Not so much work-wise, unfortunately, but some really fun times with friends. Last Thursday, AlexSpankCake and I met for one of our epic lunches, this one lasting for 4 1/2 hours as we talked and laughed and chowed down on pancakes. These were mine:

Then on Friday night, a few of us got together for a housewarming to welcome Princess Kelley to L.A. John was able to join us for this one, and it was a nice evening. We've been having the heat wave from hell here, with temps in the 100s, but fortunately, she'd purchased some patio furniture and a grill, so we were able to stay outside the entire time quite comfortably. We left a little after midnight. Thank goodness for John's titanic A/C system is all I can say. It really was horrible to go out anywhere this weekend, and always a relief to come back into the cool.

So, what do I love, kids? Yup, the endless parade of Tumblr spanking photo blogs that post and repost the same damn pictures over and over. What do I love more? That's right... the Tumblr spanking photo blogs that never give said photos the proper credit. (Some of them do, and kudos to them.)

Remember this photo? It's from about three years ago; ST snapped it when I was changing the channel on the stereo. It's certainly gotten around lately.

First, it turned up on Tumblr site called "mindbendersa." (What the hell does that mean, anyway?) It wasn't credited. As I scrolled through many pages of this site, I realized that none of the photos were credited. Figures.

Then Alex reblogged it on her own photoblog, crediting it to me and linking back to my blog. (Thank you, Alex!)

And finally, someone called "lingeriespanker" re-reblogged it, adding his own two cents that I'm "way to [sic] skinny." 


Alex then commented that I am healthy and take care of myself, and shaming people at either end of the weight spectrum isn't nice. (Thank you again, Alex! ♥) But by now, I just had to laugh at it all. 

First of all, I'm neither in lingerie nor am I being spanked in this photo, so why was it on a blog called "lingeriespanker"? Was it just so he could share his opinion with the cyberworld, because everyone is just dying to know what he thinks of my body?

And second, who the hell do these people think they are, critiquing the bodies in the photos they steal post? Please, don't do us any favors. If our figures aren't your cup of tea, then don't bother gracing your crappy photoblogs with them, k? And if you don't like the photos on someone else's photoblogs, just shut up and move on... there are a quazillion others you can perv on.

I have never commented on a Tumblr blog -- I can't, because I don't have a Tumblr account. Perhaps I should consider starting one. I think some of these posters could use a good dose of snark, don't you? :-)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All pain is not equal

Yeah, I know what you're thinking... DUH! Of course the pain of stubbing your toe in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom is different from a hefty bottom slap from a trusted play partner. That's not what I meant, though.

Even within the kink realm, pain is always in flux, as is tolerance. Pain from a strike in one area can deliver a blissful burst of endorphins, whereas a strike just a few inches away can make the mind explode with agony and panic, even if you know it's coming.

Wanna make it even more complicated? Throw in the "one person's pain is another's pleasure," and you have very tangled webs through which to navigate.

Y'all know by now I'm pretty much a bottom girl/upper thigh girl; I don't welcome pain elsewhere. However, in the last year or so, I discovered that I love to hate the occasional "thigh turkey" -- the single slap to the front/inner thigh that blossoms into a hand print. And in Vegas, as evidenced by photos, I took a bit of thigh punishment, hand only, leaving marks that lasted for over a week. Steve, of course, was fascinated by those pictures. (uh oh...)

I hadn't seen him last week, so it was wonderful having him back yesterday, catching up with everything. We had our usual intensely delicious OTK hand spanking, during which he so admired my new underwear that he wanted to get a picture of it:

Moving to the bedroom, I was still full of sass. I don't know why, but it seems that every time he tries to raise my window shade, he has a hard time with it. After he'd fumbled with it for several seconds, I said, "It's a shade, not particle physics." Yeah, that went over well.

He declared it "leather and wood" day, pulling out several implements of each variety. During the leather phase, he kept expressing his appreciation for the cows who provided such fine toys. "I love cows," he mused, which made me retort, "You should be careful where you say that -- in certain parts of the country that could be misconstrued. Do you love sheep, too?" 

Aaaaand then we moved to the wood -- specifically, that @#$%ing licking stick that I hate so much. He brandished it at me, making sure I saw it, and said, "THIS is for your mouth." To which I answered, "You want me to suck on it?" I never know when to stop, it seems.

But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn -- I had zero tolerance for that thing yesterday! I don't know what happened, but I could barely take it. I couldn't lie still, I twisted and squirmed and pleaded for him to stopstopstoppleaseplease. Granted, that thing hurts like hell, but usually, I can absorb it. Yesterday, I couldn't. Fortunately, he then moved on to the wooden paddle and the spoon (fortunately????), and I handled them a little bit better, but not much.

"You're off your game today!" he teased, lightening up a little. I was. It happens sometimes. 

Then it was time for a little experiment. He had me roll onto my back, and as I faced him, he gently stroked my thighs and said, "We're going to enhance this area a little." Enhance?? Oh, crap.

He gave me four brisk slaps with his palm, two on each thigh, well spaced out. I jerked on the bed and fisted the spread, but I was able to let them sink in, feeling the sting and warmth spread.

Then he tried the implements. Lightly. It was the first time I'd ever let anyone do that, and if it was going to be anyone, it would be Steve. But I knew, instantly, that this wasn't for me. The pain was bad. I don't mean good/bad, love-to-hate-it bad. I mean just plain fucking BAD.

And I gasped, "Yellow."

That was a first, too. He heeded it immediately, of course. I didn't want him to stop, but I did need it to be even lighter. So he picked up the spoon, which was the lightest of the implements, and gave me a few gentle taps. But by then, I was done with this, and he could tell. He put everything down and gathered me up into his arms. I then blurted, "I didn't like that!!" and burst into tears. 

"We won't do that again, ever ever ever," he murmured to me. "Thank you for trusting me." I did. I do. I had been curious, but now I know... except for the occasional "turkey," thigh fronts are out. At least for implements. There was nothing sensual or erotic or in the least bit pleasing about that pain, for me. It was teeth-drilling pain. I suppose if I were into pure punishment scenes, that would be what's called for. But that's not how I roll.

After I'd calmed down, I told him it was OK to take a few pictures. Always the exhibitionist...

Don't worry... the bottom got plenty of attention too.

We will be switching to Monday for the next two weeks. Next week, because he has a work commitment on Tuesday. And the following Monday is my birthday... he says he wants to see me/play with me on the exact date. :-) Christ, another birthday. Didn't I just have one??

Tomorrow, lunch and post-party recollections with Alex and SpankCake!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

On my mind (yes, this is a rant)

Been a while since I wrote one of these, so I guess I'm overdue. But I have some steam to blow off. 

Last Friday, I posted a bit of writing on FetLife, asking a question about spanking party etiquette. I had been concerned that I'd done something inappropriate, briefly interrupting a couple of friends on Sunday night during their spanking scene so I could say goodbye. I would never walk into a deeply intense scene, or one that looked like they were trying to keep it somewhat private, but this one looked fairly casual and open and I thought it would be OK. Still, it bugged me, wondering if I'd been wrong, so I put the question out there.

In my writing, I asked what, if any, were the protocols of saying goodbye to friends at spanking parties if they were playing. Then I added that I hesitated to use the word "protocols," because it sounded BDSM-y, but I couldn't think of an alternate term. I mentioned that if you interrupt a scene at a BDSM/dungeon party, God help you, but was it different for a spanking gathering -- did it depend on the type of scene, how close a friend, etc.?

The replies were interesting and surprising. Most of them were tactful and nice, but in varying degrees, the general consensus was no, it's better not to interrupt a scene, and to err on the side of caution. Some said yes, it did depend on the circumstance, how well you know the people, etc. But mostly, it was considered preferable to not distract people who were playing, even if it was public. One of my friends, while politely saying that she didn't think interruptions of scenes were appropriate, admitted that she thought it was a bit extreme that dungeon attendees would "tear your head off" (her words, not mine) if you interrupted them.

That didn't bother me at all. I learned something new, and at the next party, I will shoot my friends a text or an email instead of trying to unobtrusively say goodbye as they're scening. So what pissed me off, big time? I got excoriated for my BDSM comments. I was told that the Shadow Lane party had a St. Andrews' cross and a leather spanking bench, and that's pure BDSM at a spanking party. That I was perpetuating the "us vs. them" mentality with my attitude and I needed to "get over it."

OK, a few thoughts here:

1. I do not have a problem with people disagreeing with me, or disliking something I've said. But there are ways to express that without being combative and in my face.

2. Wanna really set off my inner Hulk? Tell me to "get over it." What a @#$%ing condescending and invalidating phrase that is. Really, is there a more effective way to thoroughly discount someone's feelings?

3. Don't shoot the messenger. You may not like the fact that I mention the elephant in the room, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The differences between BDSM and spanking aren't just things I pulled out of my ass -- they exist. I've seen them, heard them, experienced them. And so have others. I'm not basing my opinions on hearsay; I have been to dozens of dungeon parties over the years and formed my opinions on personal experience. So don't @#$%ing invalidate me by getting angry that I mention these differences. Denying them doesn't make them go away.

YES, there was a St. Andrews' cross in one of the main suite parties at this Shadow Lane. It was rented. Was it used? Yes. Did everyone like it? No, some did not. Some were quite vocal about how it didn't belong there. Me? It didn't really bother me, surprisingly. You know why? Because I didn't notice that it affected the atmosphere any. 

One night, there was a fairly intense scene going on at that cross, with one man and two women, Blaise wrap (plastic wrap), a cane and a Hitachi. There was a small bubble around this scene, as some stopped to watch and give them space. However, just a couple of feet in either direction, noisy, slappy spanking scenes were ensuing. People were gathered around the bar laughing and talking. The foyer was abuzz with guests coming and going. In other words, the whole effing room didn't have to STOP because this one intense session was happening.

I asked John, who has been going to BDSM parties for over 30 years, what would have happened if that same scene were in a dungeon. He admitted, "If it were happening at [our local BDSM club], the room would have been expected to be quiet." Bingo.

THAT's the difference. Sure, there are similar scenes, there are similar implements and furniture, there are crossovers between the two cultures. But the attitude is different. I'm sorry you don't want to acknowledge it, but it damn well IS.

There are more protocols and rules in BDSM. There is a sense of entitlement and arrogance with many when they're scening, and yes, God help you if you interrupt with normal human party interaction. I was once at a dungeon party where several of us, including the freaking party host himself, were at one end of a large room, talking and laughing. And from across the room, a guy who was whipping and caning his partner actually called out and shushed us! I'm sorry, but that doesn't happen at spanking parties. At least, I've certainly never seen it or heard of it. I've also been at dungeon parties where spanking scenes were snickered at. Oh, and regarding entitlement? I was once at a BDSM party in a private home -- we didn't know the hosts personally, but we'd been invited by mutual friends. Once there, I met the male half of the host couple for the first time. He made a gesture that I should turn around, so, a bit perplexed, I did. He then proceeded to lift my short skirt (my panties had been confiscated by one of my play partners, so I was bare-bottomed), leaned down, and pulled my cheeks apart so he could inspect the goods within. And this was within thirty seconds of meeting me. If someone did that to me at SL, I'd report them to Tony and Eve. That would be considered presumptuous beyond belief. But in the home of a BDSM host, it was considered his due and right.

What's my point? OK, perhaps I put some noses out of joint when I mention these cultural differences. You know what? You can disagree with me if you want, and deny the differences all you like. But spare me your goddamn lectures, don't talk to me like I'm a child, and don't tell me to get over it. You get over it. Do not preach to me about how we're all kinksters, we should be one big happy family and accepting of one another. That's a lovely sentiment, but it's as achievable as world peace. When heavy-duty BDSM practitioners stop sneering at us and treating us like we're childish wimps with our silly childish spanking, then maybe I'll consider not separating the two in my mind. I didn't cause the problem. If we weren't different, then we wouldn't have both dungeon/fetish parties and spanking parties. We'd just have... well, parties.

Regarding my note on FetLife: After that one comment, the thread completely died. People didn't know how to follow that. One person attempted to say something placating and nice, and then another person jumped in and seconded the other comments, saying that what I'd written was "uncalled for." By this point, I was so angry, I knew I'd say something I might regret, so I deleted the whole damn thing. I got the answers to my original question; I didn't need to leave this up any longer. But I couldn't stop thinking about it. Hence, this rant.

Again, and I can't stress this enough -- I DO. NOT. HAVE a problem with people disagreeing with me. But yeah, scold me and talk down to me and tell me to get over it, and I have one ginormous @#$%ing problem. 

(deep breath) Rant over. 

EDIT, 9/8: Folks, I just want to make things very clear. This rant was not meant to be about BDSM vs. spanking. I've beaten that old chestnut into the ground, I think. I posted it because, in a bit of writing, I had mentioned the differences between the scenes, and, in essence, was told, "No, there aren't differences, you're part of the problem, so just shut up about it and get over it." That was my issue; I don't appreciate being publicly shamed and invalidated, just for mentioning something that exists. There are more tactful and respectful ways to conduct a discussion.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Post-party blahs

The inevitable drop has set in. At least (so far), neither John nor I have gotten sick -- a fate that befell several of our friends. No traumas, no dramas, just general blech. Feeling tired and uninspired. I'm sure many of my fellow party-goers can relate. Yearning to pile into a friend nest with everyone I'm missing.

I do have pretty roses to look at, however. :-)

An after-the-fact anniversary surprise from John. They make me smile. ♥ He's good to me.

My right thigh is green and yellow, very attractive! Otherwise, I'm fully recovered from 16 scenes of varying intensity degrees. I am going to be more than ready for Steve next week; I am craving his special attention. Plus, I miss him.

I've been trying to remember snippets of the party I forgot to mention, but either my brain is fried and I can't come up with them, or I did a really good job with my reports and didn't miss stuff! About the only thing I can think of is how fun it was to see Alex walk into the suite party on Saturday night wearing the kitty-cat PJs I gave her for her birthday. They are so cute! I wish I had taken a picture of her in them.

I think part of my malaise is due to the fact that all of the work I was supposed to get after I came home failed to materialize. The projects are still on, as far as I know, but they've been delayed. So I find myself in famine mode, which isn't good for my psyche. Yesterday I had lunch with the man who advises me about my finances (I've been with him for 16 years, ever since my dad passed away and left me a beneficiary IRA). Without going into a lot of details, one of my investments went bust, due to the fallout from the recession... therefore, I have had a sizable financial setback. And at my age, it's hard to recover from that. So... this is weighing on my mind. Work gods, deliver. Please.

This will be a quiet weekend, which is fine. Both of us could use that. And I do believe our social life will be picking up a little. We have a lovely mini-group of friends locally now (Alex and Paul, SpankCake, and now Kelley), and knowing Kelley, we'll have a party group happening before we know it. :-) So even two old recluses like John and me could actually be breaking out of our caves a bit more. And maybe I can bring Steve into a local scene if we get one. I want more people to know how awesome he is.

Sorry for the ramble. What goes up, must come down, as they say (whoever the fuck "they" are). Have a great weekend, y'all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shadow Lane 2014, Part 3 (Sunday)

It's Wednesday, and I can feel the drop settling in. (sigh) Hopefully I can counteract it somewhat by finishing up my chronicle.

I was very groggy Sunday morning, but there is no way I would miss Strict Dave's CP Court, which was at noon. After showering and dressing, I went to get us both coffee, while John went to the suite early to snag the couch for us. It was great fun as always -- I wasn't called up on any charges this time, so I just sat back and enjoyed. The final case was Rad and Sandy, and they were as hilarious as one would expect them to be. You knew it was going to be good when Dave called out, "Our last case is Sandy vs. Rad," and then you heard Rad say, "What the fuck??" (He won, by the way.)

After that, six of us convened at Café Siena for a late lunch and lots of talk, and then John and I wandered to 460. There, I finally got something I've wanted for a while -- a photo with the utterly adorable Prux. I love my Pruxie!

We lingered for a while, hanging out and talking, and I had my third scene with Michael. A nice, long, steady rhythm, not too hard except for at the very end, where he pushed me until I was calling out his name. It's funny how I do that -- it's almost like my own personal version of "yellow." But my tops all learn that when I gasp out their name, I'm pretty close to "I can't take any more." So when I did that, he counted down from 5 to 1 and then stopped. 

Here's how spacey I was: During the scene, I felt my sandals being removed. I just naturally assumed Michael did that. But afterward, he laughed at me. "I had one hand on your waist, and the other hand was spanking your bottom," he said. "Did you think I grew a third hand?" LOL! It's true; all the sensations had blended together and I was completely unaware there was a third hand in there. He wouldn't tell me who it was, either. Probably John.

We took a break, since it was the dinner hour and people were dispersing for a while. I wanted to be fresh for the Sunday night final blow-out, so we napped and then did some of our packing, deciding not to go out for dinner since we'd had such a late lunch. Instead, we snacked on peanuts and crackers and chocolate in our room, then headed out. The open suite parties for the night would be 560 and 460, so we checked out 560 first. A few people were there, including Mercy, Michael and KinkyCoach. What ensued shortly was epic.

I don't even know how to describe this scene, because it was so incredibly silly and funny and off the wall. It was in two parts; starting, I think, with John giving KC a hard time because he'd marked one leg and not the other. "Make it even" is the spanko motto, after all! So KC hauls me in front of him and starts slapping my left thigh. He prompted me, "Thank you, KC!" to which I promptly said, "Fuck you, KC!" He laughed and continued. Then he pulled me down and started spanking me with an oversized spatula he just happened to have nearby. I can't even remember the banter, but I do recall there were various languages used, including Spanish. I know he was mostly using gibberish, however, since I distinctly heard the word "sexo" in there. Sexo?? Not to be left out, I hollered, "Huevos rancheros!"

After he let me up, I figured it was over and I sat in a chair, with John on my right and KC on my left, as we watched Michael and Mercy playing. But then KC took his belt, wrapped it around my wrists, and yanked me back over his lap. Then he and John were both spanking me, singing and doing voices and other shtick. KC was mimicking various Muppets (yes, really) and both of them were chanting in faux-Swedish "hergen flurgen" jibber-jabber. It was loud, raucous and hilarious. I yanked my hands out of the strap, so then John took it and tied my ankles together. I then, of course, kicked my feet out of it, so he retied them and then shackled my feet to the chair leg! And the scene went on and on. I know we completely bombed Michael and Mercy's scene -- I hope they forgive us! Actually, I know she did, because she took some pictures of us with her phone! I am waiting very eagerly for her to send them to me; I hope they came out. That was definitely the funniest scene of the weekend, a true party scene.

Oh, and as you can see, my thighs are still not even. But he tried.

We went to 460 after that, which was hopping, despite the fact that the toilet in one of the bathrooms overflowed and flooded the entryway! The plumber had to be called, but we simply spread towels and carried on. I spoke at length with Spank Chief John Osbourne about his caning scene with the lovely Zoe Montana, here with us from Australia. She had a perfect ladder of stripes from her bottom down her legs, and I was fascinated by the process of it.

JC (Ten and Piper's Daddy/good friend of Joe's) and I have been FetLife friends for a long time, and we met very briefly at the last 50 Freaks party, but we have never played. This time, we were both determined to make it happen. It almost didn't, because the poor man had an asthma attack! But fortunately, there were two doctors in the room who fussed over him, and he recovered quickly after sitting and resting for a while. And then it was play time.

Oh. My. God.

I tease him a lot on Fet, because he is fond of putting women in the corner, grounding, and he has an arsenal of wicked implements. Let me tell you, he does not need a single one of those damn things. That man has one of the hardest hands I've experienced in my 18 years doing this. Right from the get-go, I was shocked (pleasantly, but still shocked) at how powerful his hand was. "And this is just the warm-up," he smirked. Holy crap.

It was a lot of fun; definitely worth waiting for. He's good with the banter and scolding, too. I had to really hunker down and focus to absorb the swats, so I had my eyes tightly closed. I heard him say, "Awwww," and I opened my eyes -- someone had slipped a stuffed panda bear onto the carpet just below my face. Beaming, I snatched it up and held it tight for the rest of the scene. (Turned out it belonged to Pandiemonium, whom I'd met for the first time at this party, along with her partner Michael Valentine. Lovely, both of them!)

He sat me in his lap afterward and we talked a bit; he made me "pinkie swear" promise that from now on, every single time we're at the same party, we will play. No problem!

On my way back from the one bathroom that was functioning, I happened upon Ellee and Tall&Strict playing on the side of the bed. I looked down, and I just couldn't help myself -- I loudly blurted, "Holy Jesus Christ!!" Ellee's right cheek had the most livid, colorful, deep bruising I think I have ever seen up close and personal. Both of them laughed, and T&S exclaimed, "That's not from me!"

I just kept babbling, so mesmerized was I by this. They both thought I was funny, and I guess I kinda was! But then I realized I had just totally bombed their scene. So I began apologizing profusely, saying I'd committed an egregious breach of scene etiquette and begging their forgiveness. T&S ran with it -- "All your years in the scene, Erica; you should know better!" And Ellee said this would be revisited in the next CP Court. Ruh roh! That should be interesting, especially considering that those bruises were from Judge Dave himself! :-D

My next scene was brief and sweet, with Spank Chief's cameraman, "Dodgy" Dave. He's a doll! He was so shy about asking me, he had Sarah come with him when he approached me, for moral support. As if I would say no to him! :-) I know he thinks he was too light, but really, it was exactly what I needed at the moment. I had been playing very hard and it was a nice respite to have a bit of a gentler scene. 

It was getting later, and it was time for a weekend highlight: a scene with Joe. I so love playing with him, but I never expect it, because I know how very busy he is at these things and how in demand he is. Since 460 was so crowded, he took me up to 560, where he put me over the side of the bed and we did a long, wonderful scene with multiple straps. I can't explain how luxurious it is to play with someone of Joe's prowess. I could simply sink into the bed and feel all the sensations, without a single care or worry that there would be a stray shot. He absolutely never goes too high or too low, or wraps. Of course, he gets lots and lots of constant practice, but still, his skill is backed with the utmost in caring and concern, which I love. By the time we were done, I was practically comatose on the bed. He rubbed some lotion on me, and we agreed that this was the most intensely we have played so far.

Since it was now around 2:00 a.m., I figured Joe was my last scene, which was fine. I always like my first and last scenes to be with someone special, and they were. But afterward, I started to feel a bit of a drop. I was so tired, I didn't feel like talking or mingling, so I sat on the couch and just rested, watching everyone around me. However, I ached for touch. All around me, people were snuggling, and I wanted that too. But John was deep in conversation in the bar area and I didn't want to bother him. There are a couple of others whom I would feel comfortable asking to just hold me, but they weren't in the room. And suddenly, I craved Steve. He gives the best aftercare, and I wished he could materialize there so I could curl up into his strong arms and just bask in the "feels," as the kids say. But of course, that wasn't about to happen. 

Lo and behold, the suite door opened and in walked Michael with Stella. He caught my eye from across the room, and next thing I knew, he was approaching and taking my hand. No questions, he just took over, and I was grateful. So this would be my last scene now. My last hurrah until I could be with everyone again.

He took me to the back of the room and turned the ottoman to face the wall. "Forget about everyone else, and just let go. Just enjoy what you're feeling and what I'm giving you right now," he said. I dropped my head onto the carpet and surrendered, only lifting my head when I felt him leaning down to speak to me. Somewhere in my haze, I could feel that he was switching back and forth from his right hand to his left, which he never does, but I didn't question it. 

I lost track of time, but when he sat me up, much to my chagrin, I felt tears fill my eyes. Dammit, I hate the end of these parties. People will be gathering again as soon as next month for the next round (Crimson Moon and the World Spanking Party in Spain), but not us... we have to wait until 50 Freaks in February. It's so long to go without this kind of joy and fulfillment. But that's the way it is, and I have to accept it. Still, I have my moments, and this was one of them.

Fortunately, I was able to keep myself from full-on bawling, but a few people still saw me crying, including Mir, who came over to hug me. When I finally got up, Michael took me aside and had his final word. "I want you to know," he said somberly, "that my hand is trashed." He then held up his right hand and I noticed for the first time the multiple band-aids. "I didn't think I could play anymore, and my hand is in anguish, but there was no way I was going to miss this final scene with you. So, possibly for the very first time, that old phrase is really true: This hurt me more than it hurt you."

And that did it... I laughed so hard, I collapsed against the bar. Exactly what I needed to lighten the moment. Damn, I love that man.

We hung out on the couch for a while with Alex and Paul, Kelley and T&S, but finally, it was time to go. So we got up and I started making my rounds of good-bye hugs. As I made my way to the door, I saw JC sitting off to the side by himself, so I went over to say good-bye to him. Then I looked over and saw that John was talking with Fineous, and it didn't look like it was going to end in the next 60 seconds. JC said I was welcome to sit in his lap while I was waiting for John, so I gratefully dropped into it and snuggled up against him. John kept talking, so I kept sitting, since JC said he was in no hurry and I could stay as long as I liked. But when I felt myself starting to doze, I knew it was time to go. So I reluctantly stood, hugged him, and went to drag John away. "Honey," I slurred sleepily, "you need to stop talking. We need to go to bed." And so we did, once again at 4:00 a.m. As tired as I was, I couldn't fall asleep for a while; my body was exhausted, but my head wouldn't shut off. Needless to say, I was a zombie when John woke me at 7:00. But it was OK. We were going home.

(It turned out that John kept talking to Fineous because he saw that I was with JC and he didn't want to interrupt that! LOL!)

We were on the road by 8:15, and got home around 1:00, with one pitstop. We'd successfully beaten Labor Day traffic once again. It's hard to get going that early, but it's worth it. 

And so goes another party. I am a bit ticked off with FetLife right now; there's usually so much post-party talk, floods of posts and pictures, but this time, there's practically none (so far, anyway). I tried starting a thread about "Shadow Lane 2014 Highlights," in hopes that people would join in and share, but it got just a smattering of replies, and then a comment was made about how mentioning play highlights diminishes the play with others who aren't mentioned. (sigh) That certainly wasn't my intention, but that threw cold water on the thread and I felt bad. I hope things will pick up a bit as people settle back home, because I really do love all the reminiscing. 

I wish I could mention each and every one of you I encountered all weekend, but then this blog would go on forever. Please know that I love you all and I appreciate everyone who talked to me, hugged me, took time to talk with John, wished us a happy anniversary, etc. I hope everyone had as good a time as we did. Until next time...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shadow Lane 2014, Part 2 (Saturday)

Saturday morning, John let me sleep until 11:00-ish while he went to the gym to work out. We showered and dressed and met Mir for lunch at Café Siena, our favorite little hang-out at the Suncoast. After lunch, there was a "TTYL" party from 1-4 in suite 501. TTYL was conceived by Joe; it stands for "Tights, Thongs, Yoga Pants and Leggings," all of which he loves to see women wearing. So I put on a pair of cropped leggings and off we went.

We have a friend who goes by the name Maurice, with whom we go way back. He has not been at a party since 2006, I think, because of health problems. But he's back!! It was so good to see him. So my first Saturday scene was OTK with him at the TTYL party. He shyly asked me afterward how I'd rate his scene: A? B, C, D? I gave him a huge hug and told him he'd always be A+ with me. :-)

Shortly after that, TailGator (the flogger from the night before) grabbed me as I was dashing past him in the foyer, and asked if now was a good time to play. I said I'd love to. What a fun scene! He's a sweetie, and as good a spanker as he is a flogger. (And did I mention he's really cute?) Somewhere in the middle of the scene, his friend (her FetLife name escapes me, and I don't want to use her real name) asked if she could take our picture. "You have NO idea how much he's enjoying this; you should see his face," she said. This tickled me, so of course I said yes. I have asked her to send me the photos, if they came out. Unfortunately, I can't show his face so I can't post them, but I'd love to have them nonetheless.

Anyway, I did my part to get him more "known," since he's fairly new. After we were done and I was back in the main room, I told Alex "You have to play with TG." She asked who he was; I looked around, and as timing would have it, he was right behind me. So I tapped him and said, "Him!" He turned around, I introduced them, and Alex said, "Hi, I'm Alex, and Erica said I have to play with you!" And off they went. Well, that was easy. :-)

We chatted with people until the party was ending, went to another suite (460) briefly, then headed back to our room to nap. I then showered again, washed my hair and blew it out, and got into my new dress. John took a shot of me in it (and see how nicely my new panties go with it?):

We snagged a table right by the dance floor (I enjoy watching the dancing) with a nice group, including Alex and Paul, sweetie-pie Prux, Mir & SpankCake. Can I just mention how utterly gorgeous some of the women looked? Several were dressed up in stunning floor-length ball gowns, including Prux, and SC was in a traffic-stopping red gown that looked like something you'd see at the Oscars.

Friday I didn't get pictures, but Saturday was Photo City! Here are a few:

Michael and me:

The irrepressible Justin, AKA J-Doggg:

Sarah Gregory, looking lovely:

And of course, the man without whom there is no party for me, my beloved John:

Also had photos with the beautiful Princess Kelley, John Osbourne of TripleAAA. and Tall&Strict (AKA Ralph Marvell).

Dinner was good (and the chocolate fudge cake for dessert was even better). At 8:45, the Shadow Lane folks corralled a bunch of us to take a group photo of everyone present who'd ever been in one of their videos. That was fun, but also a little sad -- so many people were missing! It should have been a much, much larger photo, but oh well. We did have a couple of surprises, including veteran Dolores Cortez, who hasn't been to a party in years. I sat between Alex and Sarah, and we had so many cameras pointing at us, I wasn't sure where to look! I hope they got some good ones. :-)

John and I slow-danced to "Wonderful World" for our anniversary dance. Shortly thereafter, the Electric Slide was played and a big group was doing the line dance, so I kicked off my pumps and joined in. Fortunately, the steps are easy to remember and uncomplicated, so even a klutz like me can do it! But that was the extent of my dancing. It's fun, but really, it's not what I'm there for. It was time to go to the suites and get my spank on! So John and I went back to our room so he could change out of his suit and I could swap out dress, heels and stockings for shorts and a tank top, and off we went.

My first scene in the suites was with Kyle Johnson, who is a lot of fun (and has one powerful hand!) He parked us right by the door, so everyone could see us as they came and went (one exhibitionist appreciates another) and we had many laughs in between my screeches. Then Michael, who had promised that we were going to play each day of the weekend, took me in hand and settled down on an ottoman in front of the St. Andrew's cross that Joe had rented from a Las Vegas kinky supply place (I guess you really can rent anything). He got two pillows for my head and arms, saying he wanted me to be comfortable because I'd be there for a while.

What an amazing scene. Even more so, the aftercare. I was all spacey and floaty, tuning out all the noise around us, feeling his hands caressing me. At one point, he pulled my foot up and I could sense him pressing his face against it. I thought perhaps he was just going to kiss my foot and then put it down, but he kept it there, leaning into it and closing his eyes. And we stayed there for I don't know how long. FLAPaddler saw us and thought we looked so great, he gestured to Michael, asking if he could take pictures. I'm so happy he did! :-)

After that, Michael left, saying he needed to go to a less active suite and just be quiet for a while. I took the two cushions and sprawled onto them on the carpet, blissing out and enjoying the floaty feelings, and using the time to catch up with stuff on my phone. Bit of back story -- John and I spent a fair amount of time talking with a party newbie on Friday night. His name is Roy (I got his OK to use it) and he goes by CalNation on FetLife. He was very nice, eager and enthusiastic about making the most of his first party (oh, and he's rather easy on the eyes as well), and I told him I'd love to play with him if he wanted to. So when he approached me as I lay on the carpet, asking if I had time to play now, I said yes.

We went into the suite bathroom, which was huge (the toilet was in a separate alcove, so people often use the tub area for playing), and we had a fun scene in there that I wish had gone on longer! He may be new to parties, but he certainly wasn't new to spanking... he was delicious. Trying to be considerate, he asked questions about my preferences -- harder? softer? fast or slow? -- to which I simply answered, "Yes." Then I added, "Whatever you want." Somehow, I knew I could say that and he wouldn't abuse it, and he didn't.

So, ladies... note those newbie names. TailGator and CalNation. They are Erica-endorsed.

Emerging from the bathroom, I saw the ending of a flogging scene, with both Fineous and SDSpanko79 using two floggers each. When the lovely Toska arose from her blissful spot on the bed, I asked if I could be next. Possibly one of the best things I asked for all weekend. I felt so pampered! First they flogged me -- one of them on my back and shoulders, the other on my bottom and legs -- and then they both massaged me. As I groggily sat up, I said, "I wanna take you both home in my suitcase." So, so good.

As I was putting my clothes back on, Beth came into the room, excited and shy at the same time, saying she had a gift she made for me. Yay, presents! I opened the little package she gave me, and was amazed to see an absolutely adorable pair of rumba-style panties, with lace on the leg openings and a white bow at the waist. So. Freaking. Cute. And she made them! She's been making panties for a while (see here), but she said this was the first time she's tried this style. I was so touched! And they fit perfectly, too. I didn't get a picture at the party, so I took one after I got home. Aren't they sweet? Thank you, Beth!

At 1:30 a.m., it was time for the "Multiple Strapping" scene -- four male tops (Fineous, Joe, SFSpanko79 and FLAPaddler) with two straps apiece, putting various bottoms on a massage table with a foam wedge under their hips, propping the bottom up high. They then did a perfectly synchronized series of strokes, each taking turns hitting with both straps, with Fineous keeping the count. It was amazing to watch, and even more amazing to feel! They've been doing this for several parties now, but it was my first opportunity to experience it. They did a series of 10 (which ends up being 40 strokes), then a series of 20 (80 strokes). I could have done more, but there were many others who wanted turns. What a pleasure to know that I could trust eight straps in these four men's hands, knowing there would be no wraps, nothing too high or too low, just perfect. Delicious.

My final scene of the night was a second session with Maurice, and then we lingered until nearly 4:00. Things were still hopping when we left, but CP Court was at noon the next day, so some sleep was essential. One more day...

Shadow Lane 2014, Part 1 (Friday)

Home again from yet another amazing party weekend. I have had a full night of sleep (after three nights of very little) and I'm unpacked, so I'm trying to collect my scattered thoughts into a proper chronicle before I start forgetting things. So, the usual caveat: If I get things out of order, or I forget to mention a scene or a significant encounter, please forgive me. There's just so much to remember. And I will edit and recount as I go along, if people remind me of something I missed.

Also, I don't wish to ignore the elephant in the room, so I will acknowledge it and move on. Our community has been experiencing an unusual amount of strife and sadness over the past year -- relationships ending, friendships severing, divisiveness and anger, reputations tarnished. No, I'm not going into specifics, but there are at least four separate situations. I have firmly maintained a status of Switzerland in all of them. I love many of the people involved and I don't wish to choose sides. So for the purposes of this blog, I will simply mention that I was aware of them and a couple of times it made me sad, but I don't want to focus on any of that for now. I just want to bask in the good stuff, because there was a great deal of that.

Thursday night was the usual insanity, doing all the last-minute stuff. Plus I barely slept; there was actually a fire in an apartment on my street that night, with engines and helicopters and throngs of people. It was out in an hour, but I am mortally terrified of fire, so my heart pounded for at least an hour after that. But despite that, Friday morning went smoothly and John and I had a good trip to Vegas. We were settled into our room by a little after 3:00, but didn't seek out anyone. I needed to decompress from the drive and sleep a bit, so I could start fresh at the vendor fair that evening.

Here's our hotel room view!

The ballroom was the usual whirlwind of hugs and kisses and excited greetings. So many people! John wanted to get something to eat from the hors d'oeuvres buffet, but I wasn't ready to sit yet; I wanted to make my rounds. So he sat and chatted while I ran around greeting old friends and new ones. If I try to start naming names, I'll forget someone, so I won't even try. But I do have to mention one: I was busy introducing myself to a new-to-the-party couple, when I glanced sideways and saw my beloved Michael (InspectHerHide on FetLife) standing off to the side just watching, waiting for me. I gasped, then, not wanting to be rude, I sputtered to the new people, "It's-really-nice-to-meet-you-I'll-see-you-later-so-sorry-please-forgive-me!" They laughed, and I turned and ran right into Michael's arms as he hoisted me into the air. 

As the vendor fair was winding down, Michael wanted to whisk me off for my first scene of the party. There were a few suite parties going on that night, so I checked in with John to find out where he was headed, and then we went off to Michael's room, where he gave me the most delicious warmup-for-the-weekend spanking, mostly with his hand, but also incorporating a little light strapping and belting too. I was all wound up, my mind and mouth running in fifteen different directions (first night-itis), but when our scene was over, I was mellow, calmed down and centered. We cuddled for a while, reconnecting (hadn't seen him since 50 Freaks last February), and then headed for Joe (DrLectr's) suite.

That first night felt a bit scattered, as we didn't know who was where. We wandered back and forth from 560 to 960, continuing our greetings. There was a clash in scheduling at midnight, unfortunately -- 960 was having a pizza party, and 560 was having a Midnight Flogging with multiple tops and bottoms. Well, I couldn't miss the latter, since I'd requested it! They'd had one on Thursday, but I asked Joe if they could have Part 2 on Friday night, and he happily complied. So at midnight, several women stripped down in varying degrees and lined up along both sides of Joe's bed, facing the center, while the floggers (Fineous, Joe, FLAPaddler, SDSpanko and others) took up a rotation with us. Several women came and went and came back again (Mir, Mercy, Kelley, Corrie to name a few), but SpankCake and I were permanent fixtures, next to one another, lasting for the whole thing. So lovely, feeling all the different sensations and techniques!

After a while, the men stopped rotating as much and settled into places; the flogger behind me was a new guy, very attractive, and a damn good flogger, too. Turns out this was his second party and I'd met him briefly two years prior, but I didn't remember that at first, so, during a pause in the action, I swiveled my head around, stuck out my hand and said, "Hi, I'm Erica, nice to meet you!" He laughed, shook my hand and introduced himself (he is "TailGator" on FetLife"), then he leaned down and whispered to me, "I had no idea it was you -- all I saw was this incredibly cute and spankable bottom, and I had been working on you for at least 10 minutes before I realized, 'Oh my god, this is Erica!'" So sweet! I made sure to give him a warm hug when I finally stood back up, and he said he'd love to spank me sometime this weekend. I said absolutely, yes. I know some photos were taken, but I have no idea by whom. Hopefully I will be able to access one.

I honestly cannot remember if this came before or after the flogging, but at one point I was sitting in the main room chatting with John and SC, and KinkyCoach wandered over and sat next to us. I met him for the first time at the last SL party and enjoyed him so much, so I was eager to have some time with him again. I got up, sat at his feet on the carpet and leaned my head into his head, and he proceeded to massage my neck and shoulders and caress my hair. This scene is full of men with the most amazing hands... Before I could drift into spaciness, he leaned down and asked, "Can I borrow you for a few minutes?" Yes! I told John where I was going, and we headed to KC's room, which was just a few doors down. There we had a delicious scene, and I attained further evidence about just how ridiculously high a tolerance the skin on my bottom has attained. After three days of intense spanking/strapping/flogging etc., my butt is unmarked -- sore, but nearly as pristine as it was before the weekend. However, KC gave me just a few light slaps to the front of my right thigh, and it almost immediately bloomed into bruises! I think it may have actually startled him and he moved to the left, but went much lighter. More on him later... we had a second scene on Sunday that was one of the funniest I've ever had at a party. :-)

These parties are notorious for people pulling all-nighters, but I am not one of them -- I must have sleep. That said, John and I stayed up later this weekend than usual; each night we got to bed around 4:00 a.m. Friday night, finally reluctantly dragged ourselves out of the suite -- there were two more full days ahead, after all. I'd had three scenes to get me started -- lots more to come!