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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A fun photo shoot

I have had good luck on Model Mayhem so far, with the photographers I've met. I've worked with four of them now and each one has been charming, complimentary and talented. After hearing/reading about some of the creepazoids out there in the business, it seems I've chosen well. I guess my instincts are still looking out for me? :-)

Anyway, I recently did a quickie shoot with a lovely man for a special project of his, one he wants to show at a gallery and hopefully put into a photo book. He has this very cool red leather sofa, and his idea for the "Red Couch Series" was to shoot about 30-40 different women, all ages and types, posing on this couch. I thought sure, why not? Sounds fun.

He asked me to bring two things: 1) my favorite pair of heels, and 2) something that is special to me. He's asking each woman to bring an item that means something to them, to make their pictures different from all the others. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, at first, so I jokingly asked if I could bring my boyfriend, since he's special to me. :-) He found that amusing, but he'd meant something I like. For example, if I enjoyed photography, I should bring a camera. If I collected something, bring an example of it. If I'd received a special gift, bring that. As long as it wasn't too small or too large.

What do I love, kids? No, not that. The other thing. Dark Shadows! And what perfect piece of memorabilia do I have from Dark Shadows? My Barnabas cane, of course. (Wolfie, are you reading this? You're one of the few spankos I know who is also a DS fan.)

A replica of the silver wolf's-head cane that Barnabas the vampire always carried, given to me by a sweet friend in the scene who has since passed away. I couldn't think of anything better.

So I showed up with this cane, and the photographer, even though he'd never heard of Dark Shadows (!!), flipped over it. He came up with some creative and fun poses with me holding it, and we got some good shots. He told me I'll definitely be included in the series.

Oh... one other thing.

Those favorite heels he had me bring? They were all I wore. :-D

Tasteful, though. The cane and my arms were strategically placed so all parts were covered.

I really must be an exhibitionist; I was remarkably comfortable doing this. Or maybe he was just a gentleman and his matter-of-fact demeanor made me comfortable.

Anyway... it was fun. I guess red really is my color.

Hey! It's JUNE! Spanking Court and New Guy's return. It's going to be a great month. Maybe I'll even finish my book, huh? (sigh) It's taking longer than I'd originally thought to finalize it, but I should have expected that, I suppose. I actually thought I was done with the writing and all I had to do was tweak and  polish, but today I wrote a new chapter. I'm up to 313 pages; geeezus, I really hope people have the patience to slog through this thing. :-)

By the way, you know the issues that Blogger has been having for, well, forever? I asked my computer tech about that today (my computer is acting up a bit) and he asked what browser I was using. I said Internet Explorer. I know everyone seems to think Mozilla Firefox is the be-all-and-end-all of browsers, but I downloaded it and found it to be glitchy, so I went back to IE. My tech suggested that I try Google Chrome, which I did. Poof. No more Blogger problems; I can sign in, sign out, comment on blogs, all that good stuff. Just thought I'd share that tidbit in case others are still enduring Blogger frustrations. It might help.

Night night...


  1. OMG! Fun pics! You look great! Love that photographers theme!

    And you made me smile and think of our friend who bestowed such a wonderful gift on you .. (sighs.. miss him).

    I really need to get to bed.. (insomnia night for me)

    YEAH! SPANKING COURT AND NG! It's gonna be a good month for blog readers! w00t!

  2. What fun you must have had Erica. Love the pictures, very tasteful and you look fabulous.


  3. Absolutely fantastic pictures Erica. Awesome cane, Dark Shadows was a fun cult TV shows.

  4. Erica,

    You look fabulous. A BC cane, eh? I am sad to here the friend tha gave it to you is no longer with us. That was a great gift for a Dark Shadows fan.

    Have a lot of fun at Spanking Court and when NG gets back. I would like to here what he thinks of your pictures on the red couch. :-)

  5. Zelle -- I miss him too; such a dear man he was!

    Ronnie -- thank you! It was fun; very quick. I was in and out of there in about a half hour. But he put me at ease immediately.

    Joeyred -- Dark Shadows is one of my obsessions, or should I say addictions? :-)

    OBB -- why thank you. ;-)

    Bobbie Jo -- well, I'm thinkin' he will like them. (grinning)

  6. Hello Erica, your pic's are AWESOME and your BC cane from DS is really COOL too :-) I know your book is going to be long but i can't wait to read it, I know it's going to be VERY interesting, I wish i could see the look on NG'S face when he see's your pic's hehehe LOL, he probably will spank you triple hard how fun. Spanking Court is coming up next YAY, Big Hug's to you my dear friend from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  7. Jade -- day after tomorrow! :-D

  8. Wow, great pics! Don't be letting any tops get ideas about that cane... Lol. June sounds like it'll be fun! I'm glad for May to be over with myself. Thanks for the tip about Google Chrome. I've used it in the past but went back to IE, will definitely give it another try.

  9. Lea -- Ha! Noooooo way... that is NOT a beatin' cane. It's much too heavy.

  10. These pics would rejuvenate Mr. Frid more heartily than any previous nocturnal missions!

    Gotta say, girl, you have a future in this modeling business. Your unique twinkle is one of many things making these so splendid. Love 'em.

    The third MIGHT be my favorite, if someone MADE me choose, threatening to go all Claude Rains on my furry head with a silver tipped cane.

    In any case, they are all classy, fun, funny, elegant and sexy-- and a part of my growing collection!

    Thank you and Mr. Red Couch!

  11. Whaaaaaaaaaatttt , U outa be ashamed ! Posing nude YOUNG LADY ! . I hope u get the daylights spanked out of you for this !

    ;-D ;-D ;-D

    Quite sexy I would like to add , very well done .
    Thanks for shharing .

  12. Wolfie -- er... can't say for sure, but I suspect Mr. Frid would rather see pictures of you nekkid than me, ya know? ;-)

    Alan -- not to worry, I'm sure I will. :-)

  13. Erica, age has nothing to do with anything.. You dear Lady are just a beautiful, heart stopping, stone cold fox! Always!! and New Guy is one lucky Man!

  14. Anonymous -- thank you! I do hope I don't stop hearts, though. That could kill someone. ;-)

  15. Beautiful photos, Erica. I'll bet you had a blast. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Craig -- thanks! Well, you know, it was very professional. Take off my clothes, click click click, OK, we're done, put 'em back on. Kind of surreal, really! But fun.