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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Erica's Helpful Hints

One amasses a degree of knowledge after being involved with the spanking scene for fourteen years. So, whenever the mood strikes, I'm going to share a tidbit of wisdom, to do with whatever you like.

When your top says, "You're getting fifteen [or any other number] with this," it's generally not in your best interest to reply, "Fifteen? Can you count that high?"

Oh, it may be tempting. It will make you feel empowered for about two seconds. But is it worth what happens next?

You decide. :-)

By the way, his comeback to mine was, "No, but you can." Argh.


  1. rofl!! OMG.. been there done that!

    But.. when I said .. "15!!! You've... GOT.. to be KIDDING me???!!!"

    He said.. "I WAS. We're really going with 20.

    aaaccckkk!!.. opens mouth.. inserts foot.

    My Dad once said.. "Tis better to remain a fool.. than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt"... (sighs).. I hate when the parents are proved right! lol

  2. Zelle -- yeah, the open mouth thing. I do admit to having a wee bit of trouble with that one.

  3. spewwwwwwws! lol... ya think? LOL

    THAT IS.. by the by.. what makes you .. YOU! .. And so endearing to the masses!

  4. Wow! Each week I am constantly impressed with your mouthy exchanges with New Guy. It's hard to distinguish between who's the REAL brat with you two. LOL! Honestly you're spanking soul mates because the comments seem effortless. Has he been playing as long in the scene as you?

  5. Kelly -- longer, actually! Over 20 years. And yes, he has his brat side! (shhhh... don't tell him I said that)

  6. LOL!!! Your exchange cracks me up.

    OMG! I said something very, very similar this past weekend. Dude wasn't impressed. It didn't work out very well for me.

  7. I love what Zelle said. It does make you endearing to the masses...or at least the select few who really appreciate such things. I like to think we have fine taste in our blog reading. :)
    "So, whenever the mood strikes, I'm going to share a tidbit of wisdom, to do with whatever you like."--I applaud your avoidance of ending the sentence with a preposition. :p

  8. Beth -- I'm quite sure it didn't! (grinning)

    Bonnie-jo -- shucks. :-) I'm an acquired taste, I think... people either really like me or they can't stand me. I don't inspire in-between feelings.

  9. Has "New Guy" inspired a Yessir / Nosir moment from you yet ?

    Or is that even possible ? Has it ever been done in the history of Erica ?

    Inquiring minds wanna know !


  10. Hello my Erica i Love everything about you your AWESOME and i agree with Zelle. HEY NEW GUY YOUR A BRAT TOO, hehehe see my big mouth always gets me into trouble too LOL, hope new guy don't read what i said then i would deserve a spanking too.i would take all your swats for you Erica, then you could watch me get a very hard otk spanking,lol and hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  11. Alan -- no, New Guy hasn't "requested" the S word (yet). I've been lucky... Craig doesn't like being called Sir, and Danny wasn't into that either. But yes, I've said it. :-)

    Jade -- but I don't want anyone to take my swats for me... shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I kinda like them. ;-)

  12. Erica, it's so nice that your brattiness has finally been spanked away, and... oh, but I've thought that had happened before, and then you were you again. Hmm. Anyway, I remain hopeful that one day you will finally be cured, and be spanked into the sweet, submissive, deferential, obedient Erica that I know you can be.

    And then we can go see Johnny Depp as Barnabus, whenever that comes out, hooray!

  13. Oh, and thanks lots for the nice comment about Sophie's interview on Richard Windsor's blog.

  14. Danny -- you're so welcome. And you know, I love you to bits, but you're SO full of crap. :-)

  15. Oh, Erica, it's spelled "insightful wit." Your proofreading skills seem to fail you in all the excitement of writing to me. Understandable, but getting things right is important, you know.

  16. more helpfull hints, a great topic.

    i wish you could get away from bottom-centric pic's more often. you are so very pretty. nothing wrong with your bottom tho.



  17. Oh Erica, Erica, WHO'S the insatiable one here? :0
    My goodness, the way you torment Danny, either you have NO intention of a near future "greet and beat" OR you two are planning to play really soon, "irregardless" sorry, LOL! good luck, happy spanking and plenty more sweet nothings uttered from that witty mind and sassy mouth of yours.

    One last My Space comment here. Yes,it's very difficult to find one's way through there- actaully worse than ever with the so-called "upgrade". And thanks for confirming what I was unsure of, sad that it was.

  18. Erica, next time just ask if he needs a calculator, or an abacus. I haven't asked Todd that, but I have asked others.

  19. Oh, Erica, are so much fun to have around.

    And this is such good advice that I think I should do the exact opposite and give your approach a whirl. :)

  20. Erica.

    Are you good now?


    (Note tone of concern)

  21. ddon -- LOL... well, it is a spanking-oriented blog, so I know people aren't here to look at my face. But I'll try to accommodate you.

    Kelly -- (snicker) Oh, trust me, Danny is well versed in the art of torment himself.

    Jean -- hey, that's a good one, thanks!

    pink -- Ah, you figured out my devious plan, darlin'. Of course I meant for my sisters to do the opposite. :-)

    Poppy -- yes, sweet girl. For this moment, I am quite good. (hugs)

  22. I have a question to throw out there: I am not one to make someone count. Yet at times it happens. Does it feel different when you have to count? Some say it makes one concentrate more on what is going on and it hurts more, even if I am not swinging any harder. Others have said it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Just curious what others think.

  23. Paul -- that question deserves its own entry. But for now, I'll say that it depends on where we're at in the scene and my headspace. If it's toward the end when I'm teetering on the edge, it's difficult to concentrate on the count and makes things more intense. Other times, it's a control thing and I'm initially resistant, but then I get into it anyway.