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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday night

Before I get to anything else, I need to stop for a moment and send some comfort to a friend, who had to say goodbye to her beloved, beautiful kitty this weekend. I don't remember whether he was 17 or 18, but she gave him a very good life. He was one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen, with a sweet nature, soulful eyes and a massive rumbling purr.

I wish I could take my friend's pain away. But of course, I can't. The passing of time has to do its healing work. Bye, sweet boy. Hope you're enjoying kitty treats and rolling in catnip somewhere.

* * *

(wiping eyes) OK. Onward and hopefully upward. I'm almost scared to utter this, but the worst may be over with John. The PICC thing in his arm isn't as hideous as I thought. It's inside his left arm, and he has a ribbed sleeve that goes over it and covers everything up. The procedure for giving himself the antibiotics is a bit involved (a lot of disinfecting, injecting saline solution before and after the meds, etc.), but he has it down. I bought him a plastic sleeve for the shower, so he doesn't have to worry about getting it wet. And now they're saying it might be four weeks instead of six.

This weekend, for the first time in weeks, I spent both Friday and Saturday night there and I slept in his bed. He's not feverish and thrashing around anymore. He's very thin, but his color is better. And he's eating! Not a huge amount, but his appetite is definitely returning. We went out for meals and it did my heart good to watch him clean his plate every time. Today after eating a large brunch, he still walked through Whole Foods and helped himself to every one of the free samples. "Oh, sweetie -- these are so good. You need to get one for yourself." Yeah, right. They weren't for me; he wanted seconds! That made me very happy. We also plowed through piles of backed-up mail, caught up with all his bills and threw out a ton of trash. Funny how de-cluttering also unclutters your mind.

Sooo... may the slow return to health continue. I can't pretend he won't need heart surgery sooner or later, because he will. But for now, we don't have to think about that.

Meanwhile, I get to play tomorrow night. Got any clue as to how I feel about that?

(thank you, Dave Wolfe, for that caricature)  :-)

I need some fun and laughs. And now I can enjoy myself, knowing John is finally on the right path. So bring it, New Guy. I'm ready.

Thanks again, guys, for all the good thoughts.


  1. glad things are looking better for john and you as well . as for the stuff at whole foods , maybe john wants u to try them so your cute lil target will "plump" a lil "laughs and ducks"

    I look forward to the upcomming pics im sure u will have for us , and counting the days till i can be the "new guy" sighs "LOL"

  2. I am glad to read the good news. We will all keep looking forward to more great news.

    Oh, and, how do you feel about playing tonight?

  3. I am so happy to read your log this morning! That's such wonderful news....! It's good to feel the happiness bubbling through your writing. AND ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT! (I know you will.... )



  4. Alan -- yeah, yeah. John likes my "target" as is, thankyouverymuch.

    Paul -- really? I didn't make that abundantly clear? :-)

    Laura -- thank you! I was tired of posting so much doom and gloom; this was a relief.

  5. First of all, I'm extremely grateful for modern medicine and the fact that John is healing so well, and so quickly, at last! That's the best news I've heard in a while!

    The Paws video has a tremendously high H&H Factor* so congratulations to everyone involved, and for the good it did for the furry cause!

    *Horniness and Hilarity

    I didn't expect to see that forgotten li'l cartoon, it even made me laugh-- but more so to know you're feeling that way!!

  6. Dave -- none of the drawings you've done for me are forgotten! :-)

  7. Hello my Erica i feel so sad about your friends kitty when i saw the pic on here i cried what a beautiful kitty he was :-( i have some bad news myself to share with you my bunny Allie died last night i am sad about that i already miss her my dad came in and told me this morning that she died he buried her in our flower garden this morning, Allie was a big gray bunny with floppy ears i hope Allie is hopping around and eating lots of carrots where ever she may be RIP ALLIE, i am happy that John is doing much better its nice to hear good news for a change, i know you will have lots of spanking fun with new guy tonight i can't wait to read about it and see the pics you put up.wish i could get spanked i been VERY naughty and stressed out i could sure use one. love you big hugs always from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  8. Jade -- I'm so sorry about your bunny. Big hugs to you, dear.

  9. another good news/bad news post.

    the good news is john. yaayhyh!!!!

    the bad, of course, cat and bunny. i'll convene a small prayer meeting tonight with bootsie and blackykitty after playtime. since i follow no organized religion it's just fine to inclued them.

    keep john is the hour of the cannoli, chocklate covered cheesecake, and a hot pastromi [3 inches with melted swiss] on a bulki roll, maybe not in that order.



  10. ddon -- pastrami with cheese? You wanna KILL him?? LOL No, no... we're going for lots of healthy food here.

  11. Very sad about that adorable cat. That's what keeps me from getting one, I'd get too attached then devastated when it would pass.

    You and John are probably two of the most relieved people on the planet right now. Your dedication was just what he needed. I'm no medical expert but heart operations seem almost routine now so when that time comes, he'll do just fine.

    Now on to you and your mischief...curious about how your play times with New Guy evolve going from exchanging profanities. :) Do you role play or does he order you over his knee, etc? I think you already mentioned he wants discretion but it would be a treat if you could tape a session.

  12. Kelly -- who knows, we just might sometime (although he'll wear a mask or something). So far, no roleplays. He comes in, puts down his massive toy bag, we chit-chat until I annoy him (which is usually about two minutes), and then we're off. :-D

  13. i think euell gibbons died not from eating healthy but from lack of joy.

    i forget [often] that people don't know what i do.

    don's pistrami special:

    bring a large pot of water to a boil, while doing this toasr a hard roll under the broiler, butter or not, your chlice.

    dip a strainer full of cheap paper thin [not plate] pistrami [it's pink] in the pot and let come to a boil.

    slather good mustard on both sides of the roll and put a thin slice of onion on the bottom half.

    mound all you can of the drained boiled pistrami on the bottom half and cover with a slice of swiss. a few seconds back under the broiler to melt the cheese and......

    serve with tossed salad, cole slaw, and spears of half sour pickle.

    so many people and places serve fried pistrami.....yuk!!!

    this is a treat....not everyday fare.

    i swear, people who make a religion of healthy eating die from a lack of joy.

    how in the name of sweet jesu did this get into a spanking blog???

    sorry but my love has wierd ways of showing itself.



  14. ddon -- Euell Gibbons??? Yes, I remember who he was. He ate trees, among other strange things. I wouldn't be joyful either, if I had bark in my teeth.

  15. OMG! I just love Dave Wolfe's caricature! That's priceless! And for sure the way you're feeling now that John is really and truly on the mend! (sends smooch out to John!)

  16. Zelle -- isn't Wolfie talented? I have a nice little collection of drawings he's done for me. Hell of a nice guy, too. :-)

  17. Oh yes he is! VERY TALENTED! I followed Wolfie on the "spazz" (myspazz).. but I rarely get over to my page there.. just not enough hours in the day..

    That caricature though.. it really is adorable.. you should bring that over to the side column as well since it's so damned cute!