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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Erica's Helpful Hints #4

Just tell him that you were scratching the bridge of your nose. You're allowed to have an itch, aren't you? Well, aren't you?

That's your story and you stick to it. :-)


  1. Craig -- true, but how dull would it be if I did? :-)

  2. Hello my Erica your pic is so funny hehehe, i am going to try that, as you know i am always in some kind of trouble anyway hehehe,my dads good china got broke yesterday cause i slammed the door i wonder whats going to happen next one can only imagine hehehe :-) LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  3. Is that your entry for brat of the year award? :)


  4. Grins , I will say one thing ! Anyone who has the pleasure of being your spanker has to enjoy the efforts you put into making sure that bottom stays red and warm !

    Wish it was me !!

  5. Jade -- just don't do it with your dad, OK? Promise? That wouldn't be appropriate. :-)

    Prefectdt -- Hmmmmm... maybe!

    Alan -- I do like to provide good reasons. But of course, we all know that even if I didn't, tops would make stuff up anyway. :-)

  6. Frankly... I see nothing wrong here! What's the problema?? You have an itch.. you're scratchin' it.. case closed!

    I see this all the time ya know. So Erica, as prevalent as this gesture is.. I'm here to back you up on your story.

    Why.. even famous people like Simon Cowell do this slight of hand constantly..
    (and I've no idea how to make that link active.. so copy/paste it in a browser window... FOR PROOF POSITIVE.. 'shit happens'.)


  7. Erica,
    I believe you; thousands wouldn't.

    Happy Spanksgiving.


  8. Zelle -- HA! Great photo! Gotta love Simon...

    Hermione -- (heavy sigh) Great. A few friends believe me; thousands misunderstand. Mine is not an easy life.

  9. My goodness, an Angelic face like yours, doubted?! Cynical tops, huh! :)

  10. Kelly -- I know, right? Sheesh, what a world.