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Monday, November 8, 2010

Who's Sorry Now?

Who's sorry now, who's sorry now,
Whose bum is throbbing, I'm sobbing, and how,
Who's black and blue, who's sniffling too,
My makeup's smeared over you...

Yeah, it's an old song. Deal with it.

Wow. I do believe Mr. New Guy outdid himself. He knew what I needed and he delivered. No nonsense tonight.

Oh, I tried sassing. I mean, I'm still me. He thought it was disrespectful in the beginning that I was giggling. "I don't think you're listening. None of this is registering."

"Say something worth registering and I'll register it," I tossed back blithely.

"I'll just let my hand do the talking," he growled. And he did. Then his belt. A lot. Fast and hard, until I was breathless. I shut up then; he meant business.

He didn't bother with the toy bag tonight. It was just his hand and his belt, fiercely. And I had to answer his questions. I refused to at first, but I quickly realized that wasn't going to fly. "You need this, don't you." Silence. THWACK! "Don't you!" "Yes!"

He struck low in the sweet spot and I buried my face and shrieked into the cushion. "That registered, didn't it?"

"Well, yeah!" I hollered. "That was my leg, stupid!" Oh no. I didn't really say that out loud, did I? Yup. I'm afraid I did. Damn, I'm pretty stupid myself sometimes.

That was the last time I said anything like that. Ouch.

I had to count. I had to say thank you. I had to promise that I'd publicly say I was sorry. I was angry... but I wanted it. I loved this strict side of him. I crave that.

I was so close... but not quite done. So when he said, "Have you learned your lesson?" I whimpered, "Not yet."

"Not yet? Do I need to paddle you?" I didn't answer, just cringed and buried my face. He took that as a yes.

I felt that horrible thing rubbing against my inflamed skin and I knew it was going to hurt like hell. He took his time, teasing me with it, and my legs trembled. "No," I whispered.

"Did you just say 'no'?" I nodded. "You don't really want me to listen to you, do you?" I shook my head.

It only took a few. My resistance shattered, all the stress of the past few weeks gushed forth and I wept. He stopped, sat down next to me, quietly rubbed my bottom and back. I cried for a long time.

My first words when I could speak? "That was so... fucking... HOT." He laughed. "I'm so glad you feel that way... I thought the same thing."

I couldn't look up at him for quite some time, though. I feel so embarrassed and silly after I cry. He didn't push me, just let me keep my face hidden. Said that my tears were beautiful.

For this moment, I am at peace. Well attended to, cared for and de-stressed. Thank you.

I had my way, then had to pay,
I'm glad that I'm sorry now...


  1. Oh I so love a good bedtime story! This one was great! I actually think I can go to sleep now and have my own delusions of grandeur dreams .. via your little blog here!
    Thank you Erica!

  2. ps... that's a gorgeous bra and panty set! (women notice stuff like that!)

  3. Zelle -- you're so welcome! And thanks for noticing; I find the greatest stuff at Kohl's! :-D

  4. Happy Monday to you indeed! I do have a newfound respect for leather, it REALLY seems to get the job done. I hope you made New Guy's hand sore too. :)

  5. good on you girl!!!!

    even though i have a
    "thing" for underwear i must confess my mind was elswere with those snaps. does kohl's have gift certificats??

    you're to young to remember connie's ressurection of that old chestnut. it was good though.

    glad you got what you needed when you needed it.



  6. Hello my Erica hehehe i love your remix of the song who's sorry now by Connie Francis that was so funny i laughed my butt off, it was funny for me but not for you :-( i know your bum is in some serious pain OUCH,after me telling you about all the naughty things i been doing i think it's time for me to sing your song while i get spanked, do you think i would of cried my eyes out from the spanking you had last night? i love your pics i agree with Zelle what beautiful bra and panties :-) i can hardly see out of my right eye i did lots of crying about that my dad is trying to get an appointment with the doctor today i am scared as hell :-( i will let you know more later i promise, thanks for being there for me through my very difficult time i couldn't make it through this without you, i am happy that John is doing much better and you got your stress off of you, i Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  7. It's great to see the feisty side of you resurface after these last few stressful weeks with John. I'm so happy for you. (And I also noticed your bra and panties set and think it looks great. I've found some of my favorite things at Kohl's myself.)

  8. "smiles" I am glad that you got what you needed/wanted and the stress is cleared out . I understand your need to cry , my baby girl does the same manytimes . it always amazes me how "clean and refreshed" she feels after a well spanked bottom and good cry . Kuddos for you today , im sure that your rest of the week will be much happier .

    Beautifull pics btw

  9. Kelly -- a good leather belt, and a good belt wielder, are a force with which to be reckoned!

    ddon -- Actually, I do remember that song, and Connie Francis, quite well. She had an amazing voice (born Concetta Franconero).

    Jade -- hang in there, sweetie. And try not to cry; it will irritate your eye. I know your dad will take care of you and make the appointments you need.

    Pam -- yes, it felt good to post this sort of entry, after all the heaviness.

    Alan -- very tired and drained today, but feeling peaceful and clean. :-)

  10. Sounds like another fantastic, much-needed scene! Glad you were able to experience such catharsis with such a great guy!

  11. That was somewhere swirled up in sexy, beautiful and fulifilling. I know just what you mean about strict. I think after trauma a-very-strict-and-really-quite-insistent-on-sorting-a-girl-out-deeply-and-utterly kind of guy is just what is needed.
    And I agree about the underwear, lovely. And as one girl to another, may I say you have the most amazing figure?

    Onwards and upwards!

    (Well onwards and bent over- but it all is much of a muchness in the end)


  12. Craig -- thank you, dear. It was much needed indeed.

    Poppy -- you're so sweet. :-) Thank you. Much of a muchness -- is that a Brit-ism?

  13. I am so happy for you! What a wonderful release! It does indeed sound just like what you needed. I am glad you had the opportunity to receive that.

  14. Erica, its a very special thing to be treated so perfectly when you need it. I'm glad you got the care you needed!

    And there's just something about that moment when you gave to admit you're not done that's humbling and liberating all at once, isn't there?


  15. Laura -- thank you so much. :-) I know I received a lovely gift and I don't take it lightly.

    Em -- you're so right. I knew if he stopped then, I'd be frustrated. My usual MO when I want/need more is to sass, but I'd gone beyond that. Being honest is hard, but rewarding.

  16. Nice story Erica. And true as well, I take it. Perhaps this will be the first of many. Somehow I doubt you've REALLY learned your lesson yet.

  17. Karl -- thank you. Yes, it's quite true. If I post fiction, I'm quite clear about it. :-) As for lessons learned... I do seem to have a memory problem.

  18. Erica, promise me never to learn your lesson. People that learn their lessons are appallingly dull and terrible to bumo into at parties. I always imagine you to be an absolute joy at parties- thus please remain unbowed and unreformed if only for me.

  19. Poppy -- (snickering) Not to worry, my dear. As long as I'm breathing, it's not gonna happen.

  20. Congrats and well done to both you and New Guy. A belt can indeed be a chap's best friend, if not necessarily a girl's - at that moment anyway. ;-)

    Oh, and Poppy must have missed it - don't know where 'much of a muchness' came from, could be Shakespeare, but it's definitely a Poppy-ism if not a Brit-ism.

  21. Devlin -- any man who can wield a belt properly and effectively (without wrapping) is MY best friend! :-D

  22. Yes, I expect so!

    And congrats on getting Chrossed today! :-)

  23. Sounds like a great scene, and this report was great to read. And HOT!