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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Erica's Helpful Hints #3

Sisters, you all know this moment. When you can sense an instant sea change, when you've taken that One Step Beyond and you're in big trouble. You see the telltale color rising in his neck, his eyes stopping you dead in your tracks, the pulse jumping along his tightened jawline.

When your butt is on the line, remember this: Tops have very short attention spans and are easily distractible. Try disarming him with your sweetest, most innocent smile.

His poor little mind will cloud over. He'll remember how angelic you can be, even though you were the devil incarnate mere minutes ago. Chances are, he'll completely forget why he was piqued with you in the first place.

There are bottoms who take the pouting/pleading route, but I don't recommend it. Granted, some girls look irresistibly adorable when they pout...
From Shadow Lane's "Keith's Girl Friday."

...However, others (raising hand) can't quite pull it off. Also, pouting can backfire. ("I haven't even touched you yet, and you're pulling that face? I'll give you something to pout about!")

But practice and perfect your best "Who, me?" face, and you may very well hear him say, "Aww, you're so cute. I just can't bring myself to punish you."

Or not.

Hey, it's worth a try.

**Bonus hint to the tops: If your spankee is anything like me, giving her that Keith Jones-esque Steel-Eye with the fingerpoint (or its companion, the solemnly beckoning finger, commanding her to come hither to her fate) will make her melt like chocolate in the sun.


  1. Gee, great advice, Erica. I'm sure that'll go over well!

  2. Craig -- so glad you see it my way!

  3. sound like things are getting better.

    just rmember eddie lawrence and never give uo that ship.

    all of the above techniques would work on me, but then i'm the original old softy.



  4. I hope the smile route works for me before my spanking on Monday. I'm counting on the short attention span safety net since my huge troublemaker's mouth got me in a precarious situation where I "accidently" taunted my newest spanker saying the previous one left me unable to sit comfortably for 5 days after. Did SHE have it in her, too? The response was, "Of course I do! Do you?"
    Wish me well. :)

  5. ddon -- most men wouldn't want to confess to being a softy. ;-)

    Kelly -- accidentally, my butt. :-) This Monday, we're both toast, girlfriend.

  6. That innocent smile doesn't work on me, I know what's up. Also, don't try the fake tears. I know the difference. Yet, to be fair, while I understand many roleplay a disciplinary scene, I still know it is for pleasure. So, as I fingerpoint, be prepared for pleasure and, no, I'm not a softy about it. Enjoy all.

  7. yup.....that's what sets me apart. i'd just as soon hug as spank but either prevailing condition can get things hard in a hurry.

    hope you enjoyed the lawrence.



  8. I would have to say erica that I believe your smile and pouty look and doe eyes are no match at getting you out of trouble as is your sass for getting you IN trouble ! lol

  9. Paul -- I shall!

    ddon -- I remember hearing that bit, but I didn't know who it was. Funny!

    Alan -- maybe... but that's OK, too. :-)

  10. The more innocent you try to look: the more I want to spank you

    The more adorable you try to look: the more I want to spank you.

    The more vulnerable you try to look: the more I want to spank you

    The more defiant you are: the more I want to spank you

    The sassier you are: the more I want to spank you

    The more truculent you are: the more I want to spank you.

    Maybe I'm just unreasonable ;-)

  11. Stephen -- Youuuuuuu, unreasonable? Nah. But just so we're clear -- you're saying you want to spank me, right? :-)

  12. You are always ready with the helpful hints, Erica. This blog is practically a community service.

  13. Hello my Erica i agree with everything you said :-) i like to pout and be bratty and sassy and i am good at it too, Stephen is so funny hehehe i loved what he wrote :-)what he wrote sounded like something someone would say about me, good luck to you and Kelly i am happy that its your two butts that is going to be toast instad of mine right now cause i am going through some severe pain at the moment and thats all i can handle right now, Love you and big hugs always from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  14. Danny -- so glad you recognize my efforts! :-)

    Jade -- I will check MS messages later and see how your surgery went, OK? Hope you're hanging in there and all went well! (hugs)