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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lights, camera...

...sore bottom! Guess who brought a video camera along with his toy bag tonight?

Since it had been two weeks (and I was in big trouble for my "helpful hints"), I decided to welcome him sweetly and got all dressed up -- black dress (one I can't wear in public, but it's great for play), garters, stockings, the whole bit. How timely, as it turned out I was going to be on camera. He'd asked me a couple of visits ago if I'd like to shoot one of our sessions sometime; I said sure and then forgot all about it.

You know, for an amateur, first-time thing, we got something fairly decent, I think. I should have turned off the stereo in the background; you can barely hear our dialogue as it is. But live and learn. We turned on every light in the room, and it seems the brightness was sufficient. And ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first: New Guy is a ham!! He was totally playing to the camera, ramping things up, making clever comebacks to my sassy comments.

Him: I think it's time to bring out the paddle.
Me: No-o-o-o-o....
Him: No? Who are you to tell me yes or no?
Me: Hey, I still have a voice!
Him: You may have a voice, but you don't have a choice.


The final 20 with the paddle reallllllly pushed my limits. Ow, ow, ow. Had to count them, too. He cut me a little break -- earlier in the scene, with 20 of the big strap, I had to count them and say "thank you" after each one. But for the finale, I just had to count, nothing else. Whatta guy, huh? (I didn't help my case any by saying "fuck you" instead of "thank you" at first. We had a few do-overs.)

He did the last four strokes in rapid succession, and #20 made me thrash around so hard, I rolled off the side of the ottoman and tumbled onto the floor. No, I did not do that on purpose. Came out looking pretty funny, though.

Nothing funny about this, though:

Yikes. Yes, it's as sore as it looks. But amazingly, despite this outrageous manhandling, I'm feeling quite relaxed and in my happy place. :-)

See, don't I look blissful?
Night night...


  1. I'm pretty sure I just overlooked that link to the video ...

    (peeks in paragraph 1...'nope, not there'... peeks in paragraph 2...'nope, not there either'...peeks in paragraphs 3 & 4... 'to no avail either!')

    Uhhhh.. pardonne moi mon ami.. but I believe you've forgotten to post the link to your soiree .. complete with ottoman wrestling in the blog!

    I think I'm "Chross".

    Ho hum.. I guess I'll have to live with the cute as hell photos! I'm sure glad "NG" is such a ham.. as it sure seems to agree with you!

    (you are so damn funny!)

  2. Zelle -- LOL! Patience, darlin'! He has to go home, download it, see if it came out OK, edit it, etc. I don't know if we'll have anything SpankingTube-worthy, but we'll see! :-D

  3. I enjoy your Blog, but I seldom take the time to say so. It's good that you are secure enough to share your spanking life with the cyber world - and look good doing it.

    signed one who's grammar and punctuation always needs help.

  4. I can see why that dress isn't for wearing out in public. Gorgeous!

    I hate rapid-fire strokes! No wonder you left the ottoman in a hurry.


  5. Hello my Erica what a BEAUTIFUL dress your wearing it looks so pretty on you :-) i think you will have spankingtube material every video you have been in was EXCELLENT, i am happy to hear that NG is a ham that makes it that much more fun, i laughed so much when you said you told NG F YOU hehehe you are too funny, i would of told him that too see naughty girls think alike hehehe :-) LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo the pics are so cute

  6. wasn't what i had in mind but if it works for you......i'm just glad you had a little [or a lot of] joy.

    too bad about john. if pills don't give him relief you just might get him to see a hypnotherapist..."what harm can it do, we'll just see what he/she has to can't hurt just to investigate" i wouldn't want to bet the rench but i seen them in action and often the most sceptical doubters turn out to be the quickest to go under. i know if i had bad itching i'd just have to try anything. let your fingers do the walking and talk to several explaining john's reticence and see what they have to say. it makes me itch just thinking about the poor guy. if gets desperate enough...

    i wish you had included a shot of you in your dress just standing and smiling.

    a long time ago it visited spankingtube but i'm such a lightweight i was put off by what i saw. guess i'll have to try again.

    happy trails,


  7. I anxiously await your video!!! Hurry, hurry, New Guy! :)

  8. Ummmmmmmm nice picks m'lady however , as you have learned Thank You doesnt need to be replaced . It causes sever pains in the nether regions ! LOLOL

    My Lil one knows better than use that word with me . She learned hard way as well .

    Glad u had fun and look forward to the spanking tube upload

  9. OBB -- thanks. Well, I'm a ham, too. :-)

    Hermione -- I actually did wear that dress in public once... but I put a vest on over the top part. :-D

    Craig -- yes, but do I look 18? ;-)

    Jade -- saying that word gets me in a whole lot of trouble, though! Glad I made you smile.

    ddon -- yes, I wish that too, but I forgot.

    Bonnie-jo -- I hope it comes out well! A lot of it is repetitive; he may just create some clips from it.

    Alan -- the trouble with lessons is they don't stay learned. Not for me, anyway.

  10. Wonderful dress and such pretty, pretty shoes. Will I have to watch the film through my fingers? Will it make me flinch and my eyes very wide indeed?

  11. Poppy -- thank you, sweetie. Hmmmmm... don't know! It was interesting watching his technique (we looked at it through the camera's tiny picture frame); he throws his whole arm into it. :-O

  12. LOL...I love how you throw caution to the wind when your rear is faced with danger. Imagine how much fun you would miss if you were sweet and demure.

    Gorgeous photos and beautiful dress!

  13. pink -- I figure I'm gonna get it anyway; might as well have a bit of fun! :-D

  14. We both could have been uttering the "EFF" word around the same time Monday night! :) I hope your video is viewable on Spanking Tube. You two put excellent effort into it and he IS a ray of lights, camera and bottom action for sure. Very funny dynamic duo. Have you yet yelled at him, "I HATE you?" Not that I'm trying to instigate here. I am plenty sore tonight still.

  15. Kelly -- I hope it will be SpankingTube worthy as well! Hmmmm... no, I haven't said that particular phrase. However, I've said, "You're so MEAN!" He wasn't too fond of that, as I recall.