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Monday, November 15, 2010

Erica's Helpful Hints #2

When your top, due to vanilla obligations, can't come over to give you that special attention that you both love so much, it's a nice gesture to send him a little note, telling him that you look forward to seeing him again.

For that extra touch, you could personalize your note with a photo. One option is to attach a sweet and playful picture of yourself and your white behind, and say that you can't wait until he can put some color back into your cheeks again.


You could take the "Ha ha, I'm here and you're there and you can't do a damn thing about it" approach:

Either way, your top is sure to have a nice warm feeling. The "warm fuzzies" type from the former photo, or the simmering "wait 'til I get my hands on her" variety from the latter.

And of course, once he finally comes over, you'll have a nice warm feeling yourself. ;-) Win-win, I'd say.

Guess which approach I'd take?


  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here (and perhaps cut him a switch for a future date)... but I'm gonna say.. in your case... I'm going with THE LATTER...

    LOL.. you are the most adorable spankoholic I know! God I love how your mind works! LOL

  2. Zelle -- I don't think that particular limb extended out too far! (grinning)

  3. You would NEVER send such a photo as the second one. I. Do. Not. Believe. It.


  4. pink -- what can I say; you're right. I'd send a photo of myself in a demure and submissive posture, and write, "Please forgive the intrusion, Sir, but I am missing You."

    OK, I just made myself throw up. :-Þ

  5. Hello my Erica i would send the second pic that one is so funny hehehe, sticking your tongue out is naughty thats why i would send that one just to get him angry hehehe, you know i can be VERY naughty hehehe I wonder if you will take my advice? LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo :-)

  6. Love the caps in that message you would never send, Erica. Yeah, I gagged a little, too. ;)

  7. obviously the second pic is what john will see , however shortly after he gets to your house im sure he will see the first pic with alot more red applied to the posterior region .

    at least that what I HOPE happens lol

  8. LOL, Erica, thanks for the laugh today!

  9. Jade -- honey, I don't really want to make him angry. Just tease him a little. :-)

    pink -- weren't those caps a nice touch? (snort)

    alan -- of course you do. :-)

    Em -- my pleasure!

  10. Photo #2 it is.
    Never a dull moment with you. :) Careful, he may double your spanks since he's depriving you this week. Oh your "poor" bottom. Is spanking day next Monday or Tuesday?

  11. The two pictures are like a before and after -- that is, before and after you heard he wasn't coming out to play. Nice.

  12. Kelly -- probably next Monday (I hope!). And yes, I am deprived, dammit.

    Karl -- good point!

  13. i love both pictures. the saucey sassy one woul inspire me to great things.



  14. I have sat down in my school uniform and with great diligence have recorded your advice. I promise to send such a picture to Dev forthwith.
    I am certain he will be proud of me for learning so well.

  15. Poppy, the lesson you need to learn from Erica is what NOT to do, young lady, especially in this case.

    Erica, once more you have surpassed yourself, setting a bad example wise.


  16. "What has been learned cannot be unlearned." Poppy the Red.

  17. ddon -- great things? Wow... you're going to cure cancer? :-)

    Poppy and Devlin -- oh dear. Have I sowed the seeds of international discord? My bad!

  18. Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if the "punishment" was NOT being spanked....

  19. Craig.. you've seen that booty! Now how could you *in your wildest dreams*.. NOT want to punish that cute patootie?? I think you'd just be hurting yourself more!

  20. Craig -- Shhhhhhh! Don't utter such sacrilege.

    Zelle -- LOL! yeah, you tell him.