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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stop the presses!

This just in... New Guy gets Erica to shut up! :-)  (well, for a few minutes, anyway)


  1. very cute Erica ..

  2. unbroken -- thanks, hon.

    Carlyness -- indeed we do! And it's a lot of fun to share these with everyone. :-)

  3. NG is in great shape but he will always be tested by the mouth and bottom of Miss Erica! :) Thanks to your influence, I can't help it. The more the spanking hurts, the more I mouth off. Do you think your spanking behavior is more of the norm or a very welcome irregularity of spankees?

  4. Kelly -- believe it or not, I do shut up eventually. :-) Hmmmm... not sure how many spankees are like me. Depends on their particular scene orientation, I suppose. If they're into DD, for example, then probably not. But partygoers tend to act more like I do.

  5. Oh gawd.. I love this! I think because I see a lot of how you behave and react to the (ahem) "stimuli".. in my own style of "Top interaction" during play. I really do like to (as I call it)-- "engage" a Top like you do - by giving him a little sass. I like it.. BECAUSE it gives them something to work with... while they 'aim' for a "fleeting moment" of reflection on our part with our wise-azz banter .. hahahahaha!

    YOU TWO JUST ROCK! - Please keep em' coming!

  6. Yikes! Some of those were pretty hard. You had definitely moved on past pink and crimson.


  7. Zelle -- that's one of my favorite parts, the banter and the engaging. And I love love LOVE a top who knows just how to push back when I push. :-)

    Hermione -- and that is precisely why I finally shut up. (grinning)