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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My favorite clip, so far

I hope you guys are liking these! :-) Check out our oh-so-graceful transition from over the pillows back to OTK. But I think the funniest part is near the end.


I know everyone is busy with holiday stuff -- but if you do watch and you like, please tell us! We'll keep doing little vignettes like this periodically if readers enjoy them.


  1. Girl, this is adorable! Thank you for posting, you silly thing.


  2. Yes -- we want to see the face. I have seen all of her movies - she has a firm and cute bottom but I want to see real tears one time on her face. But, with a bionic bottom, I'm not sure new guy can hit hard enough to cause them.


  3. Libby -- thank YOU! :-D

    Hal -- actually, he has brought me to tears several times. But my tears are for trusted tops, not for the camera.

  4. I was teasing -- but this gives me an excuse to watch your movies again. I don't think that I have actually ever saw you in tears in all of your movies. I'm missing one, but I'll check again - Oh check your AOL email. No, I don't watch your movies or the current clips to see you cry. but watching your facial expressions would be interesting. You both need to work on the transfer just a little :-0


  5. Hello my Erica i Love all your clips and vignettes they are the BEST your so funny and sassy just like me hehehe. LOL and hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. Jade -- hugs back at you, sweet girl.

  7. Oh Erica! ROFLMAO!! mm mm mm! ... The two of you are just priceless together.. I so look forward to each and every clip of your play together that you post! It's beyond refreshing to see such out and out FUN in scenes like you guys create for your readers!

    I'm so glad you're an exhibitionist.. as that totally feeds into my voyeuristic tendencies. LOL

    MAN! NG DOES not let up on you.. AT ALL.. and that playful manner of his, AND YOURS..IS what makes this dynamic ya'll have so incredibly entertaining to the masses!

  8. This reminds me of the greeting at the Southern California Spanked Wives (And Girlfriends) Club: "All Spankings Should Be Fun!"

    Thank you for sharing these intimate delights, Erica!

  9. You are the gal with the irrepressible mouth. Here’s to it always being that way.

    Yes, please keep the clips coming.

  10. I really want to watch this but I am with family over Christmas and I dare not watch anything with those sounds on or anything that would make me sit quietly with gaping mouth for half an hour.
    But I will watch and please, please keep them coming.

  11. Yes, I like them, and I think they are just the right length. I have a short attention span :)


  12. Zelle -- I'm so glad the fun we're having comes through. Gotta love a man who really lets you have it and makes you laugh at the same time!

    Dave -- ah, good old SCSW, with our "smidgen of humor." :-D

    OBB -- posting one today!

    Poppy -- you'll watch when you can, dear girl. I think parts of them will make you laugh rather than gape! :-)

    Hermione -- yup, so does the rest of the population, in these days of everything in quick bites! :-)

  13. Erica,

    Love to your clips keep them coming. Also love to see your sexy ass and watching it turn a crimson red. Love you.


  14. Cinndunc -- he certainly gave me the perfect set-up for it, no?

  15. You are a fan of "The Office", aren't you.
    Yes, it was a great setup. I passed this video on to some spanko friends who also love "The Office".
    "That's What She Said" is simply TWSS, to us.

    Thanks for the SF&R forum post of the week!

  16. I love your blog, your musings (funny and serious), and of course these clips, Erica! Since I am such a fan of your videos, this is no surprise. You made a snowy day bearable -- thank you. Happy non-sectarian winter solstice to all!

  17. maggie -- is this your first time commenting? Welcome! :-) Didn't you post that yummy Robert Horton picture on FetLife?