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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Erica's Helpful Hints #6

Do not watch spanking videos with your top. Bad, bad move. They'll get evil ideas and you won't make it to the conclusion of the video without getting flipped over.

However, if you must take your chances and watch anyway, then for the love of God, make sure to avoid the following. When the top on the screen inevitably spouts one of those oh-so-familiar lines like "Is this getting through to you?", do NOT turn to the top beside you and ask, "Why do you tops all say the same stupid crap?"

There might very well be a spanking in stereo.

Yes, that is my butt times 2 -- in the foreground AND on the TV!

One more thing, folks: In case you haven't heard, Brushstrokes is doing his annual Spanking Awards, and the list of 10 nominees for Best Spanking Blog of 2010 went up yesterday here. Much to my surprise and delight, I'm among them. This is the first time I've been nominated and several of my favorites are included on that list, so I am honored indeed.

Chross will win (and deservedly so); he's far ahead of the others. The poll is set up so that everyone can submit just one vote, so runner-up remains to be seen. Sooooooooo... if you like this blog, and you haven't already voted for one of my esteemed co-bloggers, show me some love and vote for me? :-) Pardon the Hollywood-ish cliché, but just being nominated is very exciting. Thanks!


  1. I did my civic minded spanko duty and voted. I'm rather ticked though... I didn't get a sticker. (hrrrmmmppph!)


    You always say the damnedest things! NG must have a field day with you! ROFLMAO!!

  2. yoy will get my vote because: it's an intellegent ,thoughtfull, well written, sensitive blog. and... ypu really take time to answer even if you did't like what was written in responce.

    my one cavail, more pictures of this beautifull girl!!! is a small one.

    you may not have the fan base others have but i hope i never see comments like "oh, ericalicious i would luv to spank your naughty little botty". quick, the barf bag!!!

    softly, softly, catchee monkey.

    thinking of you and john,


  3. Zelle -- yes, I say the damndest things, and then he DOES the damndest things! LOL

    ddon -- thanks! "Ericalicious"?? LOL... leave some room in that barf bag for me!

  4. Because I am always one topic behind everyone else, I thought I might like to share some Brozonowski Clapmas traditions. While you all sing "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause", we gather around our Clapton albums and sing "I saw the bellsnickle spanking mommy". Instead of singling "Let It Snow", we sing Clapton's "Let It Rain (Spanks onto Bottoms)." Happy Clapmas everyone, and remember, if you're naughty, the Bellsnickle leaves a wooden paddle in your stocking (what he's doing in your underwear drawer in the first place, I have no idea.)

  5. Now I would love to watch, "Spank thy neighbor" with you and act out the scenes as happened.

    "Did I tell you, you could do that?"

  6. Hello my Erica you got my vote i already voted for you yesterday LOL i think there should be 2 winners and you should be one of them :-)i think Zelle should of been nominated as well :-( she is DAMN funny too, you and John are ALWAYS in my thoughts, good luck i hope you win something you and Zelle are the BEST LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO YOU ARE BOTH WINNER'S TO ME :-)

  7. Bea'ooooty ful my dear !!

    " over the knees and down with the jeans
    spanking erica we must goooo

    " the paddle knows the way, to make her say HEY
    and the smart ass comments floooowwww

    " when her ass is all red, lesson through her thick head

    " we all get to see the nice glooowwwww

    " over the knees and down with the jeans
    spanking erica we must goooo...........

  8. Paul -- yes, you ARE always one topic behind. What's up with that? :-) Hmm... I've never heard of BellSnickle. Sounds like BS to me.

    Poppa -- well now... of all the videos you could have chosen, you picked "Spank Thy Neighbor." Iiiiiiinteresting... ;-)

    Jade -- thanks, sweetie. Knew I could count on you!

    Alan -- don't quit your day job. ;-) Thick head??? Humpph.

  9. I voted for you. Can we do a DWTS Bristol Palin voting thing and stuff the ballot for you

  10. David -- Thanks! LOL... oh, I hope I never get THAT desperate for attention. Nope... people can vote only once.

  11. Bellsnickel, BS. Very good. I suspect you have heard of the Bellsnickel. Or, maybe not. This is a related topic, but sometimes I think German history can be explained by their children's literature. In Germany, there is a child's story about a man who goes around and cuts the thumbs off of children who suck their thumbs. Yikes! Generations of petrified German children resulted fromt that one alone. Anyway, for those who haven't heard of the Bellsnickel, he goes around to all the good German children and gives them fruit and berries. Then he goes around to all the bad German children, and all the good spanko women, and he spanks them. Honest.

    To pleasantly digress, in Hungary and Czech Republic(and surprisingly, Iceland and Cajun Louisiana), we get to run around and spank all the women on the Tuesday before Easter, but none of you want to hear about that...

    Remind me tomorrow to comment on today's topic.

  12. I'm rooting for you to win. NG has certainly been a bright spot (actually 2 bright spots :) in your life. Hopefully he won't get too carried away with a celebratory spanking. You two are constantly outdoing one another in the comedic brat routine. Has he yet asked you to sign any of your "favorite" wooden paddles of his? lol!

  13. Kelly -- wellll, not gonna happen; I'm in fourth place. Out of ten, though, so I'm not complaining. :-) Ha! No signatures... but he was saying he should bring his video camera again, though.

  14. I, too, voted for you! I love rooting for the underdog. ;-)

  15. Dana -- Thanks! Therrrrrre's no need to fear, UberMouth is here! :-D

  16. I am fearless (yet full of fear)! I'm going to have to start checking out Chross--just a little outside my neighborhood. I'm supposed to be getting spanked tomorrow, but I won't know until mid-morning if that can happen... Arrghhh....

  17. Erica,
    That picture is beyond cute ... I know you might not have FELT cute getting your bottom warmed ... but from that perspective your lovely bottom is as cute as a ... well... cute bottom!
    And, yes, I've already voted for you. :-)


  18. "Poppa -- well now... of all the videos you could have chosen, you picked "Spank Thy Neighbor." Iiiiiiinteresting... ;-)"

    I thought this movie blended spanking and erotic action wonderfully. Loved the script and scene lay outs. Most of all you don't really seem to be acting, just reacting naturally as Erica. Which is what good acting is anyways I suspect.
    Very sexy and fun to watch.

  19. Is it counted as voting twice... if I vote here for NG to bring the video camera again for next Monday??

    I think I could come up with a trophy as an award.. with you and your music parody's I'd need something similar to a Grammy award.. and with NG and his skill set at attacking your cute 'BAMM', I'd need something, uhhh.. similar to .. errr, uhhh ...... OKAY I GOT IT!

    I'll make ya'll a combo and call it the "WHAMMY AWARD!"


  20. Dana -- I hope it happens! And do check out Chross; he has some really cool stuff on his site.

    Spenser -- aw, thank you. :-)

    Poppa -- thanks. You know I was just yanking your chain, right? :-)

    Zelle -- you are always cracking me up! I would love a "Whammy" award. Do I have to share it with New Guy? Don't wanna!

  21. Now Erica... you know it's always the one that is doing all the work.. and considered "The Lead Singer" that gets to put the award on HER mantel.

    (I can hear him stomping his foot as we speak.)

    But seriously.. YOU ARE the one doing the "SINGING".

    By the way.. I'm sure you've come up with a name for your Dynamic Duo right? Cause I bet ya'll are gonna become a household word before too long!

    Hmmm? Instead of "Seals and Crofts".. you could be "Squeals and Swats"... Or instead of a name like "Hall and Oates", .. you could be "Tall and feelin' her oats" ... but frankly.. you two do remind me a lot of a duo where she dishes out the wisecracks and he takes it.. ala "Sonny and Cher" fame - But I'd rename you guys to "Funny and I Dare ya".. hahaha

  22. Zelle, you're killin' me here! LOL! Yeah, I can just hear him too -- "She's doing the SINGING, but I'm doing the SWINGING!" Pffffft.

    Hmmm... never thought about naming us. I'll have to ponder that a bit...

  23. Congratulations about being nominated - I think you are right about Chross! :)
    I can hardly watch any spanking videos - I get so wide eyed that I need some kind of special soothing. They tend to make me well behaved so I think it best to avoid that kind of thing.

  24. Poppy -- awwwww! We certainly cannot have any of that well-behaved business. Oh, but please please please tell me you watched the one with Devlin and me? ;-)

  25. One more thing...I totally LOVE your butt pics. Not at all from a sexual or spanker standpoint. This admiration comes from one fellow workout buff to another. You're super trim but have the great bottom roundness...and fullness. YOU suck! Kidding!!! Seriously, can you share all of your lower body exercise tips besides lunges and squats?

    I have the mega firmness, and some roundness but JLO I am not.

  26. Kelly -- well, I'm not either. I have a compact car; she's got a luxury sedan back there. :-)

    (Oh, don't everyone shoot me for that.)

    Honestly, I can't recommend lunges, squats and leg presses enough. Other than that, it's camera angle and back arching (nothing like a deeply arched back to make your bum round out).

  27. Duly noted... besides the Cybex Arc Trainer which has 100% resistance and high stepping, I faithfully perform all three exercises in addition to the "Butt Blaster", (kneeling on a padded bar with 1 knee, kicking opposite leg backwards on a weight machine.)

    I'd love to be a fly on your gym wall hearing you curse the good name of NG post spanking workouts! :)

  28. Watching you in stereo would be awesome, but you know what we fans really look forward to next: Erica Scott is 3D. That would be tremendous.

  29. Erica and Kelly,

    Boy! Listening to you two talk about exercises makes me cringe. Well, not really. LOL I am not sure I can do a lunge right now. I used to when I took fencing, but I was in my 30's so I don't think I could do that now. I'll give it a try and let you know. :-) I guess I need to get back to the gym!

  30. Paul -- uh... no. It wouldn't. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- truth be told, I hate lunges. I have poor balance and find them very hard to do. I prefer stationary lunges; just staying in one place and then dipping down.

  31. Well now, Ericalicious (HEE! Thanks, Don!!) you got my vote, bot only because of the fine work you put into your blog, but because you and I go a ways back, and who else would have stero bottoms in view?!

  32. (Hmmm... is "bot" a mere slip of the right index finger or one'a them Freudian Slip things??

    Not to mention, "stare-o!"

    Wolfie, off for an afternoon meeting with Maxwell House.)

  33. Erica, I did watch the one with Dev and you.

    I have to write about it sometime- I think knowing how much it affected me would make you chortle.

  34. Dave -- thank you for making me smile, as always. :-)

    Poppy -- I would love to read about it!

  35. @Erica,

    I guess the key to lunges is in the back foot. To to a lunge for fencing, the back foot is perpendicular to the front foot. That gives better balance than if both feet are facing the same direction. I CAN lunge both ways, but not very well and not very fast. Certainly not as fast as I could when I was fencing! My right leg doesn't like it very much at all.

    Anyway, that is my tritise on lunging.

    BTW, how do you know a video of you in 3D wouldn't be good? I just might be great. ;-D