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Sunday, October 19, 2014

How cool is this!!

Last week was certainly a bounty for my little attention-whore heart. First, the release of my video with Pandora Blake (and her lovely write-up about it). And then on Friday, a very special treat was posted.

For those who enjoy spanking videos and clips, you surely must be familiar with The Spanking Galleries ( (And if you aren't, do rectify that.) They have a huge collection of photos, descriptions and links to all kinds of spanking videos, every orientation, with stars from Adriana Evans to Zoe Montana. Recently, the folks who run the site (sorry, but "The Curator" must remain anonymous) contacted me and said they were starting to do "Model Spotlight" pages, and they wanted yours truly to be the first one. Daaaaamn!

He/she/they requested that I go through my photo archives and select 10-12 photos that I thought were a good representation of my years in the spanking scene. Not just the professional film shots, but my own personal play shots as well. This was no easy feat, since I have hundreds of pictures. I lost myself in memories for a while, digging up stuff I hadn't looked at in years. But I finally managed to narrow things down to what I thought was a reasonably varied mix, wrote up a little description/caption for each one, and sent them on.

And, combined with lovely, complimentary words of tribute, those photos became this page.

Go take a look! I'll wait.

* * * *

Isn't that awesome?? I was quite beside myself with pleasure over this; I could see a lot of work went into it and there was a lot of love and appreciation behind it. As timing would have it, the Pandora video came out just in time to get some extra attention in this piece, as well. 

Please take a look at some of the other pages, and if you like the videos/models/etc., take a second and hit the Ratings stars (one through five) at the top of each entry. (Good ratings are not only a nice thing and much appreciated, but they also help cancel out the haters who love to drop in on sites like this one and hit one star, just to be mean.)

So thank you, Spanking Galleries. So much. You're the best, and I'm really tickled to bits. ♥

Thursday, October 16, 2014


... what does a woman really need right after an action-packed spanking video shoot?

(Taking a beat here for some of you to drag your minds out of the gutter)

Two things: Hugs, and a glass of water!

Pandora put up a "behind the scenes" video, along with the finished product, that shows some raw footage of our shooting process along with some bloopers (like when I couldn't get the damn paper to tear). Video shoots are work, y'all! Fun work, but work nonetheless. (Not complaining, mind you. Best "work" I've ever enjoyed.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The frustrations of discretion


Pardon the play on words, but sometimes, this spanky stuff is a pain in the ass.

I am not ashamed of Erica Scott. However, I'm not naive and I'm no fool. I know that, in a great percentage of the population, the Erica Scotts and her fellow kinkoids of this world are considered freaks. And therefore, a degree of discretion and anonymity must be maintained. Out of respect for my family, my friends who have vanilla careers, etc., etc., I have to disassociate from them to a large degree. Names cannot be mentioned, or pertinent details. Because to be associated with me would bring embarrassment to them, and judgment onto me. And no one needs that crap.

But DAMMIT... sometimes, it's so hard keeping quiet. Especially when I'm bursting with excitement and pride over something that is happening with someone who knows and loves Erica [real name], but has no awareness of her alter ego. And I want to keep it that way.

My cousin, the TV producer I've mentioned many times over the years and in my book, has published a bio. I have already read it, since he sent me an advance copy. There's been a lot of buzz about it, and now the buzz is a roar, with interviews and columns and photos. Granted, the millennials don't know who he is, anyway. But still, to many, his name is iconic.

My father is mentioned often in his book; there's even a picture of him. In all the bits and pieces of interviews I've seen so far, my father is in them. So I am doubly proud -- my cousin has had an amazing career, and my father did too. I don't want either of them to be forgotten. I want to do all I can to keep their names and legacies alive.

But I can't. Because if I mention a name just once, it's on the Internet forever, associated with me. The next time someone Googles my cousin, listed in the gazillions of hits will be his mention in a "porn star's blog."

I suppose if I really wanted to, I could build a whole other online presence, with my real name, no pictures of me, and write about my family. But 1. I really don't have the time for that, and 2. who would read it? No one knows who Erica [real name] is. And I don't want the two entities to combine, even in a slight blur. 

I need to mention, yet again, my admiration for writer Jillian Keenan. Because not only did she come out as a spanko online, she did so with her real name, and in an article not for a kinky blog or site or whatever, but for the freaking New York Times. That is bravery. That is conviction. And she's had to deal with a whole lot of backlash over it, too. Her husband was outed in the process and that was very supportive of him as well to be OK with that. I cannot do that. 

So I share things with friends, privately. I tamp down my desires to share details. I don't post the picture of my cousin and me taken two years ago, after my mother passed away and he and I got together. I hint at things, I give sly odds and ends. But never names. Never identifiers.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a belated birthday lunch with my stepmother -- yet another person whose presence I wish I could proudly broadcast. But alas, she must remain anonymous too.

There are costs for everything. I am living my life, for the most part, true to myself and my deeply kinky, rebellious and iconoclastic self. But I pay the price by having to be discreet at times when I wish to trumpet with joy. 

Not going anywhere in particular with this; just expressing a bit of frustration. Because it really is a drag to have to be concerned about offending loved ones if they're associated with me. But, again, that's the price we pay sometimes.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Video released!

You guys might remember that I had the great fortune of shooting with Pandora Blake when she was here last April and staying with Alex and Paul. (If you don't, you can refresh your memory here.) We shot just one video, which was all that time would allow, but it was one of those shoots where I could just feel that it was going to be good. And now it's out!

It's called "The Workaholic," and you can find it on Pandora's Dreams of Spanking site. It's a membership site, but even as a non-member, you can read a description, see some photos and watch a brief clip.

Paul and I have smashing chemistry in this and the camera work/editing is perfect. I'm thrilled! :-D  As usual, I surprised myself with how much I took on camera. Good old endorphins. Not to mention that Paul's hairbrush/strap prowess is spot on and utterly delicious.

Oh, and to the busybody who keeps commenting everywhere that the hairbrush is fake and hollow? 1. it isn't, and 2. go fuck yourself. :-)

Once again, thank you, Kelly, for the plot idea! We had so much fun with it.

Right... speaking of workaholism, back to work for me.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dear FetLife...

As I write this, your activity feed is down yet again. This week, it seems like it's been down more than it's been up. One time, it was down all day, when it was supposed to be down for an hour or so for "maintenance."

Am I complaining? Au contraire. I wanted to thank you for the enforced break. Because it is only during these breaks that I realize what a stupefying amount of time I waste on you.

Yes, you have your moments, and I'm grateful for your existence. You keep me in touch with friends and events. You provide a venue where we kinkoids can support one another.

Or tear one another down, as the case may be, and often is.

Such a mixed bag that is FetLife. A place where one can see some exquisite photos of happy kinky people having fun... or of women with a pound of hot dogs or a deluxe pack of Crayola crayons stuffed in their snatch. Where a woman posts a photo of herself with vivid cane stripes in the vicinity of her kidneys -- and gets 100s of "loves" on it.

A place where I love the connections I make... and a place where, despite how many lovely connections I have, I will fixate on the one person who unfriended and blocked me. A place of support and kindness... and a place of drama, popularity contests and sock puppetry.

A place where one can see a lot of kindness and support, like when the community came together to give financial assistance to a friend who had been felled by a heart attack. But also a place where one can see a whole lot of assholes (both literally and figuratively).

A place where sometimes I read amazingly articulate writings that seem to speak directly from my own heart and mind. And then, the very same day, I see an event called "Collard and Gangbanged." That's right -- collard.

Sometimes I wish I could quit you, FetLife. I would gain so much precious time and probably be spared a great deal of annoyance. But I know I'm hopelessly addicted to you and will always drop back in, even if I drop out for a while. Because your social media siren song is powerful.

So please, do continue to have these breaks so I can get stuff done. But can you do me a favor? You know that stupid page that comes up when the feed is down, the one with all the crappy videos that are supposed to keep us entertained? You know that message at the top?

"Sorry my friend, but our feed is currently down."

First, I'm not your friend. And second, will you please add a fucking comma after "sorry"? Every time I see that, it irks the hell out of me.

Thank you. And now, I have work to do.

Have a great weekend, y'all.