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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday by the hours

Every Monday afternoon, just about this time, it hits me... I'm getting spanked in 3 1/2 hours. The home-stretch anticipation kicks in, along with the butterflies, the rapid heartbeat, the heightened color in my face.

I need to start getting ready. I shower, blow out my hair, dress. I choose something different each week, so he'll have no idea what I'm going to wear. What color will it be? What style panties? Dress up or dress down?

Time plays tricks on these afternoons. Sometimes it flies at warp speed, and other times it drags on and on until I feel like I might jump out of my skin. But before I know it...

Ack! Getting closer!

I put on my makeup, trying to control the slight tremor in my hands so I won't put out an eye with my mascara wand or swipe lipstick across my chin. Is my place tidy? Gather up the newspapers, throw the clothes in the hamper, straighten up the bathroom. Oh. Yeah. It's nearly 5:30 and I haven't eaten anything since 10 A.M. Make a light snack.

Fool around online for a while to distract myself. Brush my teeth. Make the bed. Kill a few minutes, then another few, and then I look up...

... and the butterflies multiply until they threaten to burst out of my chest. In five minutes, my phone will ring. I won't have to check caller ID; I'll know it's him, waiting for me at the outdoor intercom to buzz him in. He's never late. I let him in, and seconds later, my doorbell rings.

I don't know exactly how the evening will play out, as he keeps me guessing, changes it up a little each week. I will challenge him, and he will meet my challenge vigorously. Perhaps I'll cry, or perhaps I will giggle with sheer delight through the entire session. I'll be OTK for sure, but who knows...

...I might end up in the damndest positions as well.

I know this for sure, however. After the spanking is over, I will snuggle up against him and he will be gentle and soothing with me. We'll talk, after a while of companionable silence. Maybe (OK, probably) I'll get spanked again, since I can't seem to stop sassing for more than about a half-hour. And then...

By now, he's gone. Another Monday has passed. I'm sore, stinging and sitting gingerly. And I am serene, happy, all my rough edges gone buttery soft. The butterflies are sleeping peacefully, dormant until it's time for them to come alive again...

Next Monday.


  1. Thank you, Erica, that had me grinning from ear to ear, which is quite a considerable grin!

    I've always admired your ability to take your readers with you, whether it's to a Shadow Lane party, a video shoot, a raucously hilarious or warmly romantic weekend with John, or your special Monday rendezvous!

  2. That was a great blog read! (so been there with the anticipation jitters!)

    I think your blog could also be called..
    "Marking" Time ... LOL

  3. Thank you for taking us along with you on a Monday afternoon. The anticipation is such an important part of any spanking.

    But, er, shouldn't the bed have been made long before 6 pm?


  4. I always enjoy stories that end happily.

  5. Very well written , and i like the particular position on the chair , keeps ur hand down and out of the way .

    Looking forward to the day you finally learn your lesson and be a good girl ! ROFLMAO like THAT will ever happen !!!

  6. Hello my Erica i look forward to Monday's too because i get to read about your spanking adventures with new guy :-) thanks for sharing them with us all, your so detailed it's like i was getting the spanking myself or its like being right there in your apartment with you both watching for real LOL. i love getting dressed pretty for a spanking its so much fun i remember getting into my mom's makeup and my mom laughed so hard cause i looked like Bozo the clown hehehe that was definately a kodak moment without the camera :-) awwww memories how i miss the way things were :-( I love the position you were in thats so COOL hehehe, LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  7. Wonderful description of anxiety and excitement, Erica. As much as I enjoy being spanked, the hours leading up to it are just as pleasurable. Sweet torment!

  8. That was wonderful. The anticipation is such an important element to "this sort of thing." There is much skill in it, a skill even, I think, in being the one who waits.

    On a side note I am flicking through channels and I have found a program called, "Being Erica" and today's episode says, "Dr. Tom gives Erica the chance to relive a day without any consequences for her actions. Will Erica begin to appreciate the consequences of her decisions?" I am curious but I will not click it because in my head this is about you and would be the most amazing half hour of television ever. I will not pop my bubble with reality.

  9. Loving your *anticipation* ... and your pics! :)

  10. Great writing, Erica. I loved it. I know something about anticipation, though not about getting a spanking. Rats. It has been a looooog time.

    As I read your post, I just seemed to follow you around your apartment and I could sense the jitters of desire with a drop of fear. Always different. Never disappointing. Warm, tender, sensitive. The after glow. Looking forward to the next time when it begins all over again.

  11. Dave -- I can't take credit for that ability. My father bequeathed it to me genetically. :-)

    Zelle -- yeah, except I don't mark! (dammit)

    Hermione -- wellllll... (blushing) I make my bed on two occasions: 1) company is coming, or 2) I'm changing the sheets. Otherwise... it remains unmade. Throwback to childhood and my mother's OCD insistence that the bed be made immediately upon arising.

    Paul -- me too!

    Alan -- actually, I keep my hands forward instinctively. John broke me of the "hands back" habit early on by smacking my hands whenever they got in the way -- ouch!

    Jade -- that position gave me a bit of a head rush, but otherwise, it was kind of fun!

    pink -- exactly! The anticipation is almost as delicious as the spanking itself. And the threats beforehand add even more to it.

    Poppy -- being Erica? LOL! Wonder what kind of "actions" she engaged in? Nothing as fun as mine, I bet! (grins)

    Weave -- thanks! :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- I thought of setting up the camera and taking shots of myself at the makeup table, in the bathroom, fumbling with my clothes... then thought "Naaaahhhh." I was nervous enough as it was without adding the pressure to capture perfect pictures to it!

  12. A great read Erica, thanks.

    I hate that position.


  13. Ronnie -- thank you! Y'know, it wasn't ideal, but there are far worse positions, IMO. I hate hate HATE standing and bending, touching the knees or ankles. Uncomfortable, unflattering, hard on the back, hard to balance, too exposed... FAIL!

  14. Super description. It's funny how the butterflies return for any pre spankings. We've been spanked, we know we LOVE getting spanked and sort of know what to expect at least sensation wise during spankings. Maybe it's similar to the stage fright singers (professional and decent karaoke singers) feel before the first song.

    Oh Erica, I hope NG does NOT insist you start making your bed on a regular basis. But then again, he's not there everyday, so what he doesn't know won't hurt your bottom! Damn! :)

  15. re: what Kelly said...

    Did you guys know... Carly Simon has such stage fright that she gets spanked BEFORE going on stage ... by... she says.. the musician with the heaviest hands! hahahaha! True story!


  16. Zelle,

    I LOVE that about her! I laughed so hard when I saw that clip. You can imagine how much President Clinton would have appreciated the sight and sound, too!

  17. Zelle -- (laughing) Yup, I'd heard that! Wonder if James Taylor used to spank her...

    Kelly -- stage fright; interesting analogy!

    Oh, NG doesn't insist I make my bed. I just always make it before anyone comes over. But come to think of it, he'd probably use the unmade bed as yet another spanking excuse. (rolling eyes)