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Monday, December 6, 2010

I know this will sound sick, but...

... I love Mondays. :-)

Mind you, I haven't always. Used to groan at the thought of them, like everyone else, until just recently. Ever since I met New Guy and Monday became SpankDay. Now I feel like I have a three-day weekend every week.

We don't even bother with the small talk upon his arrival anymore. He's not in the door five minutes and I'm over his knee. Not that I'm complaining. I never was much for small talk anyway. How was your weekend? Fine. Nice haircut. Thanks. OK, that's enough of that. Spank now, talk later.

And spank he did.

On the couch.

Over the ottoman.

And then later, long after we'd wound down, he got some bug up his butt about something or another and we had an impromptu Round #2 over the dining room table with his belt. Pardon the clutter...

Enough locations, don't you think? Nah. He had to put me in the @#$%ing corner, too!

OK, so maybe, just maybe, I deserved a little of this. Some things have the damndest ways of slipping out at times. He was going on and on and ON with that belt of his, with a very long CCR song playing in the background. (One doesn't usually hear the extended version of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" on the radio. It goes on about seven or eight minutes, I think.) Anyway, I complained, "Aren't you done yet?" and he replied, "Nope, this is the long version." Har har. I shrugged and said, "Well, at least there's something about you that's long."

That might not have been the most intelligent utterance on my part. Who knew. I think I screeched "I'm sorry" about six times in about as many seconds.

But I still giggled. I can't help it. I'm insatiable.

He said I never learn. I pointed out that if one doesn't learn, it's usually the teacher's fault. Funny, he took exception to that. But I do believe he'll keep trying to impart some sort of lessons to me. And trying. And trying.

I sure hope so. :-)


  1. OMG... you do push the envelope don't you? LOL -- Nice to know NG likes to cover lots of territory, cause the pics all over your apt are cute as hell!

    One request.. "Could you please hide that 'corner shot' .. I don't need to be hearing .. "SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! ERICA DID IT.. SO CAN YOU!"...


  2. Zelle -- ROFLMAO! It's because of YOU and that freaking picture of yours on FetLife that I ended up there! :-Þ

    Yeah, he covered a lot of territory all right... oww.

  3. NG is bringing out your sassy best. Giving a spanking without some quick quips is boring. I have never been bored with Bacall.

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I once wrote a post about liking Mondays too, because of the afterburn from Sunday.

    Is that a Chicago behind your bottom on the dining room? Same colour anyway.


  5. I like the Pics , such a lovely shade of red . "Smiles" and yes My lil one spends time in the corner as well . Corners are such great areas for sassy girls to focus and let a lesson set in!

  6. Hello my Erica i agree with our Zelle that your pics are CUTE AS HELL :-) the pic of you in the kitchen bending over the chair is ADORABLE you look so innocent hehehe, my mom used to give me corner time almost everyday i didn't like it anymore than you do. lmao i know your bum must be VERY sore did you sleep on your tummy last night? i sure and hell would of hehehe, that song i heard it through the grapevine makes me think of the California Raisins hehehe, LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  7. You look so forlorn in the dining room. When I read you I can never imagine you being forlorn after a spanking but New Guy is clearly mean ... sorry, impressive.

    I do understand why you like Mondays.

  8. Oh I did NOT just hear you blame moi for your recalcitrant behavior (leaning toward instigation and baiting lil ol' me) under my fetlife pic! .. I believe you brought on your own "corner demise" as only you can do so completely (!!) .. I was just "following the bliss".. oops.. I mean "following your lead".. LMAO!!

  9. OBB -- who could ever get bored with Bacall? :-)

    Hermione -- nope, it's Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. I do have a copy of the Chicago Manual too, though!

    Alan -- he didn't leave me there very long. Just long enough to snap a few pictures and then drag me back out for more! :-D

    Jade -- truth be told, I always sleep on my stomach. It's my favorite sleep position. :-) Figures, huh?

    Poppy -- LOL... I was trying to look innocent and put-upon. Did I succeed?

    Zelle -- Humph! I was NOT baiting you under your FetLife picture. I was baiting Mr. Braggadocio with all his huffing and puffing about how you were gonna get it... pretty tough talk when he's in CA and you're in Florida! LOL

  10. Yeah.. I get ya.. and you're right.. this is where I wanna say.. "All talk, no action".. but I've seen his action.. and he's one of those that.. "takes time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, he stops thinking and goes on in!!... LOL

  11. Well, you got the "stops thinking" part right... (oh crap, I think I just set myself up for next Monday)

  12. OH THAT WAS A CHOICE COME BACK! I love you! hahahhha! You just fueled my fire for my Chicago visit in 10 days.. hahaha!

  13. Lovely photos, Erica, and the zingers sound ever so familiar. But 'innocent and put upon' in the dining room? No one who knows you will buy that, I'm afraid. I'm sure NG didn't.

    Keep up the good work.


  14. Devlin -- (laughing) Ah, come on. It was worth a try!

  15. Note to New Guy:

    Yes. She IS insatiable.


  16. Craig -- and who would know better than you? :-D

  17. Lady, you just crack me up.
    I really like this new blog and I am loving the pictures. keep bratting the NG so I can have some more pics of your magnificent bottom for my collection... ;)

    Now what type of wood should I make him / Errr You, a paddle out of? Poplar I think, strong but stingy.

  18. I need some of that on my Mondays.

    Be thankful it wasn't "Alice's Restaurant". :P



  19. Poppa -- if there's one thing that man doesn't need, it's more implements!! :-)

    pink -- Oy. How right you are!

  20. "Poppa -- if there's one thing that man doesn't need, it's more implements!! :-)"

    Really? Then I shall make him two!

  21. Love that you always have three day weekends now with SpankDay replacing Monday. Congratulations on this post being Chrossed, Erica. Way to go!

  22. Your words + your photos = pure gold

    Congrats and have a great weekend!

  23. Congratulations on getting Chrossed!

  24. Michael -- thank you! :-)

    pink and Poppy -- Looks like the three Bratsketeers made it on the list this week; congratulations, sisters.

  25. Hi Erica

    Great photo of you standing in the corner near the door - great to see your salmon pink bottom on display. Looks very sore..Does it need creaming..?
    Please let me know - will cream you.
    Yes Erica, I can see you laughing hysterically.
    Get You..!

  26. Erica- oh, look gorgeous here!
    I love that pic at the table...must incorporate that posture in my own corrections... I can see someone knows what He is doing with you! :)

    So incredibly cute!!

  27. Weave -- yes, he most definitely knows what he's doing. :-)