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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One more clip! :-)

This was the finale to last week's Christmas spanking.

It could have been over; he was winding down, and I was plenty sore and worn out. But despite that, somehow, I didn't want it to be over. I needed that final push. And so, I opened up my big yap one more time...

What you don't get to see, because the clip ends before the aftercare, was the part where I'm kind of curled around him with my head resting on his leg, and I voluntarily smile up at him and whisper, "Merry Christmas." No persuasion necessary. Amazing.

Guess you'll just have to imagine me being sweet. :-D


  1. Oh, Erica, this is beautiful. Thank you for posting.

  2. Libby -- glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  3. ahhhhhhhhh.... that gave me a case of the warm fuzzies! :-) -- what a wonderful way to end!

  4. Zelle -- yeahhhh... it was. :-)

  5. (I have no problem imagining you being sweet, Erica, but I've been priviliged to get a peek backstage! And a lovely backstage it is!)

    Watching these clips, I keep wondering if one of the neighbors is thinking, "Gee, I don't remember that particular percussion in those songs before! Must be onna them new remix things!"

    Many thanks for sharing your spanks!!

  6. Dave -- you know, I was really pushing it, shooting in the bedroom like that with all the noise and someone RIGHT THERE on the other side of that wall. But no complaints! (whew) :-)

  7. soooo....[ re: the last post]

    all these years you thought "jelly roll" morton got his knickname 'cause he had his morning coffee at dunkin donuts????

    look for some you tubes'. one a fantastic mr. B.

    they'll set you straight.

    the video was a little rough for me but then i'm such a lightweight.



  8. Neighbors hate to hear those faint spanking noises through their walls. So, to be mindful of them, please make those noises loud enough so they may enjoy them.

    Thank you for inspiring me to blog again. The blogosphere may not thank you, but I do.

  9. Hello my Erica OUCH OUCH OUCH HEHEHE i loved your clip thanks for sharing, you are the bravest and most toughest girl i know. wish i could be more like you but lately all i do is cry about everything i was told that i can't handle life anymore :-( i don't have to imagine you being sweet i already know that you are a sweet and WONDERFUL person, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being such a loving and caring friend to me i don't know how i could make it through my tragic ordeals without you, my kitty cat chester is resting and ok at the moment i will give him a hug and kiss from you OK. I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  10. Erica,

    Yeah, you did open your big yap as you said, but I liked it.

    I could never take what you can, but that is ok. What I don't like to see are bruises all over the place.

    From one of the other treads, you mentioned that spanking is supposedly degrading for women. We know it isn't, but in my research I found some posts where a person said they hated John Wayne because of the movie "McClintock." I thought how foolish to hate someone because of a movie. I happen to like "McClintock"! I think it is too bad the person didn't know the real John Wayne. He was a very close friend of Maureen O'Hara and her husband and would often go to their home in the Bahamas to visit. Her husband had a plane charter business there. He also set up a cancer research center and they have done good work. I think he was a good man that cared about people.

    Well, I just had to spout off about that even though it was a bit OT. ;-D

  11. I am begginng to wonder if we have met the Man who may finally tame the wild Erica ? "grins"

    If not , then she is certainly getting her wild side warmed to close to that point !

  12. So that's how we get a Merry Christmas out of Erica!


  13. Re: "McClintock"

    It has been quite a long time since I saw the movie, so someone I am sure will correct me if I am wrong, but don't the two characters wind up together, in fact, agree to do so right after the spanking?

    I wish to note that in a number of pre-1970s movies, a guy spanking a girl was a vehicle for the man to indicate he liked the woman and it often ended in their beginning a relationship. Audiences back then seemed to understand that.

    Our perceptions have changed, and rightly so, that women are not property to be beaten and to serve what men desire. Yet, at some time, the spanking aspect got caught up in these changed perceptions.

    To me, the issue is clear. Abuse is wrong. Any hitting is wrong. Consensual spanking is fine and, unfortunatley, I believe too many hide their interests because of the confusing messages. No one should ever be hit by anyone they don't want to be. Yet, if you want to be, it is fine with a consenting partner, and we shouldn't have to apolgize to anyone for it.

  14. Jade -- I find it very easy to be sweet to you. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- well, my friend... we will agree to disagree here, which is perfectly OK. John Wayne was a racist and an anti-Semite, and I have nothing good to say about him. And I hated McLintock. A coal shovel?? UGH! I liked the chase scene, though -- we spoofed that at Spanking Epics.

    Alan -- I'm tamed for about five minutes. Then I come back to my senses.

    Rob -- yup, pretty much!

    Paul -- I'll agree with Zelle and simply say AMEN.

  15. Erica,

    I had no idea John Wayne was a racist and anti-Semite. How did that get out and what was the source? I'm blown away by that.

    I know a lot of people didn't care for "McClintock" and that is their preference. I thought the chase scene was hilarious. It is sort of a western take off of Kiss Me Kate.


    There were actually two spankings that took place in the movie. The first one was the young man that spanked his girl friend and they got married after that. Then McClintock spanked his wife after the chase and they stayed together after that.

  16. BTW, I will also say a big AMEN to what Paul said!

  17. Mmmm...nice strap! I'd mouth off, too, if that was the reward.

  18. Bobbie Jo -- If you Google "John Wayne" + racist, you'll get a ton of hits, and probably most of them are speculation. However, my dad was in show business... he knew a lot of tidbits. People are hesitant to besmirch the reputation of Marion Morrison (John Wayne's birth name) because he's such a symbol of apple-pie Americana.

    In McLintock, I did prefer the first spanking with Patrick Wayne (John's son) and Stefanie Powers, although I could have done without the damned coal shovel in that one too.

  19. pink -- yeahhhhh, that strap is delicious. :-)

    The paddle? Notsomuch.

  20. Bet your bottom felt nice and toasty at the end. Hope you enjoyed as much as I have watching.


  21. Bob -- oh, believe me, I enjoyed. :-)

  22. Loved all those vids you posted. I'm jealous of the men who get to spank you.

    When it comes to being spanked you are the Perfect Brat.

    Thank You


  23. Hi! Glad I found this. Great read!
    Dyna :)

  24. Erica,

    Thanks for sharing these great scenes with us.


  25. Happy New Year 2011 Erica. I am pleased that you wear garter-belt and stockings in some of your videos. Because these feminine undergarments turn me on when a naughty lady is spanked. Thanking you for making my New Year a most happy one.

  26. Erica,

    I may be very new here and not know you very well, but I know I can side with Jon about you being the "Perfect Brat." :-D

    I'm glad I found your blog!

  27. Wow Wee! As a lover of both wood and NOW leather implements, I'm willing to bet you saw stars from that wooden paddling. The color of your bottom on my computer looked like you could have been bruising. NG''s sooo serious about his work, huh! :)

  28. Dyna -- thank you, and welcome!

    Rich -- nice to see you! Glad you liked them.

    six -- I do like the look of garters and stockings, although I admit to being a bit clumsy with the clips. I much prefer it when someone else clips them for me. ;-)

    Bobbie Jo -- I'm glad you did too!

    Kelly -- nope, no bruising. Not a single mark the next day. Scary, huh? That wooden paddle (he made that himself, BTW) is NASTY.

  29. Now that was a nice little warm-up. He wasn't done was he?

  30. Hi Erica: you loved every moment of those extra spanks... that's why you so sweetly asked for them.
    Hoipe you had a happy holiday season.

  31. Red -- Sweetly? (looking around to see who he's talking about) :-D And yup, I sure did love them.

  32. I have just found your blog and I am seeing it for the first time.
    I should say that this is really great.
    Thank you very much!

    Happy New Year and best wishes!

  33. Seal -- welcome! Hope you return, and happy New Year to you too. :-)

  34. New Guy is becoming Veteran Guy, especially when it comes to "mastering" the integumentary real estate known as your lovely bare bottom. This was delightful, Erica, and thanks for sharing.
    Also, thanks for demystifying another Hollywood jackass.

    Here's wishing you a healthy and wildly adventurous New Year!


  35. L -- I'm always going to think of him as "New Guy," though. The name stuck. :-) Thanks for the kind words!