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Monday, December 13, 2010

New Guy's Theme

(Sung to the tune of Eric Clapton's "Layla")

In case anyone doesn't know this classic, here ya go:

What'll you do when I've been naughty,
And I'm waiting by your side
I've been sassing, and bratting much too long,
Now you're gonna tan my hide!

Newww Guy
You got me o'er your knees
New Guy
Your hand, it stings like bees
New Guyyyyyy
Darlin' won't you ease up on me pleeeeeeaase?

"Won't be givin' you consolation,"
You tried to warn me, with a frown
Like a fool, I made a fool of you,
Now you've turned me upside down!

Newww Guy
That hairbrush makes me burn,
New Guy
Will I ever learn?
New Guyyyyyyy,
Do you really have to be so stern?

You got control of the situation,
As I writhe around in pain,
Then your belt, imparts another welt,
My tears are fallin' just like rain!

Newwwww Guy
I'm lyin' on the bed
New Guy
My bottom's crimson red
New Guyyyyyyy
Oh my god, the paddle's still ahead...!

Newwwwwww Guy
Now the spanking's done
New Guy
I have to say "you won"
New Guyyyyyyyy
Finally sent the bad girl on the run!*

*well, until next week, anyway. ;-)

Despite those daggers I'm glaring, I had another spectacular Monday night. But you guys already knew that. :-)


  1. (Stands at awed attention, cap over his heart, then throws it in the air with a wild cheer!!)

    Bravo!! Brilliant!!

  2. Ohhhh I have always LOOOOOVED that song - especially that unplugged version! Don't ya just love that sultry sound of the tune... It has a good spankin' rhythm don'tcha think?

    Great lil parody there woman! Loved singing along to it using your words!

    ♫♪ "Newww Guy... ♫♪
    ♫♪ You got me o'er your knees"

    Oh yes he did!! Great pics-as usual! Can't wait to have my own Monday night next weekend! I get to squeeze in some of my own back to back Mondays.. (yipes.. that's gonna hurt!)

  3. I love that song too. Doesn't Eric look old, though.

    It's a good thing he's called New Guy and not Christopher or Patrick Henry. They wouldn't scan as well.

    Great parody! Keep them coming!


  4. Erica,

    This is fabulous, even by your standards! You're obviously inspired. :)


  5. "He won". Holly Molly

    Nice to hear it's working out for you.

  6. If I could, may I please ask for a related continuation of the previous discussion. Why are most spanko videos and fiction disciplinary? One seldom sees a scenerio that---to many, not all---is more realistic: a consensual act between a caring couple. You almost never see it portrayed as "I need a back rub, I need a massage, I need a spanking." It is almost always portrayed, at least on film, as an act of discipline.

    Now for the irony that leads to confusion: with the proper, caring warm up, one can take harder blows than without a caring warm up. That is why it can look like someone, say, with a beautiful bionic bottom is taking a really harsh spanking. Plus, as many know, one feels that subspace, pain-pleasure experience more intensely during those moments. Yet, one usually must build up to it. This is far different from harsh blows meant to hurt, which is not, in my opinion, what our scene is about.

    So, what do others think?

  7. Absolutely splendid, Erica! Eric would be so proud. Well, fascinated at any rate.

    But if you don't mind, I hear the Derek and the Dominoes "plugged" version in my head. ;-)

  8. Stands by and waves my lighter back and forth in rhythm to the music . ...... Woulda paid top dollar in my youth to see a concert where a pretty lady was being spanked to the music !

  9. Hello my Erica i like that song and your version of the song was AWESOME hehehe the pic of you sulking is ADORABLE :-) i just voted for you on the spanking spot YAY i got my fingers crossed that you win your blog is the GREATEST, for new spankee i voted for Sophie Grey. EVERYONE VOTE FOR ERICA SHE ROCKS, i checked her votes if i read it correctly she is ahead YAY YOU GO GIRL.I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  10. Dave -- thank you, thank you. :-)

    Zelle -- I love that song as well, and the story behind it!

    You are going to have sooooo much fun next weekend...

    Hermione -- well, ya know, ol' Eric's led a wild rock-star life. I forget how old he is, but it seems like he's been around forever, no? Dating all the back to the Yardbirds.

    Bonnie -- indeed I am. ;-)

    OBB -- thanks; yes, it's been quite lovely.

    Paul -- these are good points, but we're on a different topic at the moment. But from what I've been told, the whole point of the discipline spanking is NOT to have a warmup, NOT to have subspace, for them to feel pain and punishment from the getgo. It's not supposed to be fun. This is where you and I have a disconnect, because it IS fun for us. HOWEVER, for me and many others, the fantasy involves discipline to make it fun, which is why I find the disciplinary scenarios in books and videos so hot. There's no logic to it, but fantasies aren't about logic, I guess.

    Devlin -- I actually prefer the original version myself! But I chose to embed the unplugged version simply because it's a little easier to hear the lyrics clearly.

    Alan -- perhaps at some of those wild 60s concerts, that did happen! :-)

    Jade -- you're sweet; thank you for voting for me. Chross will win, and deservedly so. But perhaps runner-up? I voted for Sophie too. :-)

  11. Very impressive! (I'm a big EC fan, especially of his unplugged and blues songs--I saw him play last time he was in the Bay Area, and he's due to come back soon, but it's not in our budget to go again).

    So NG is coming by every Monday now? What a treat for a sassy lass like thee.

    There's a song by Feist, "My Moon, My Man" that I always associate with spanking. There's rhythmic drum beat (spanking) and lyrics, "take it slow, take it easy on me..." that I imagine as a plea to her spanker

    Tis the season to be spanked, and so I shall be on Thursday. I have a new guy of my own! (a little lacking in experience but eager to learn).

  12. Dana -- yup, every Monday, 6:30, rain or shine! I still can't believe my good fortune. :-) And YOU! congratulations, and have fun!

  13. oooh Dana! I love that song!

  14. Eric is one of my favourites. Love the song and your version is great. More please.


  15. Since we know Clapton is God, why do people stare at me when I wish them a merry Clapmas? Or I tell them to enjoy their Clap? I just don't get people sometime.

  16. Now for the flip side:

    "Red bottom blues, you make me cry
    I don't want to lose this feeling.
    And if I could chose a place to lie,
    It would be over your knees."

    OK, needs work, I know.

  17. Hi Erica

    I saw Eric perform this song at a private party in the South of France in the early 90's.
    Do like your version, can imagine you wriggling on top of knee, this playing.
    Will cream you to music playing Imagine.

    OK - can see you laughing.

  18. Paul -- lol... does anyone call it "the clap" anymore? I seem to recall an old skit (was it Saturday Night Live?) warning about the dangers of venereal disease, and the slogan was "VD: It's Nothing to Clap About."

  19. Ronnie -- ooops! Almost missed you in the Paul avalanche. :-) Well, when the Parody Muse appears to me once again, I will certainly deliver.

  20. Hi Erica

    Oh - Gosh, do like your sense of humour,amid the Paul avalanche. Yes, will cream you to take the sting away..and with cold cream.

    (Other Paul.)