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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Preview of coming attractions

Since everyone is posting various Xmas-themed blogs, I figured I'd better get cracking and post the two small clips New Guy sent me from my Grinch spanking.

These are just teasers, y'all -- quite short. And again, if you're looking for polished and professional, great lighting, etc., it's not here. Just us being silly and having a little holiday spanking fun. :-)


Some early banter (I love his little "What am I to do?" shrug into the camera):

He promised he'd send more today. Of course, wouldn't you know, @#$%ing AOL email is down and I can't retrieve anything, no matter which browser I try. AGGGGHH! I am hoping this glitch will be resolved post-haste.

More fun with paddles and straps and belts (oh my) to come!


  1. Its Great the way you fuss with him buying yourself a harder spanking . Looking forward to seeing further clips my dear.

    Ohh By the way , I just Loooove the way your legs make an ass out of themselves :-P ! lololol

  2. OMG! I LOVE YOU GUYS! TOO DAMN FUNNY! (your bottom as red as Rudolph's nose?).. hahaha.. oh I can't wait to see the TOYS good ol' TOPPY SANTA made for his super-sized-Elf to test drive on your bottom! (heehee)

    ON A SIDE NOTE:... I LOVE THE HAIR CUT NG IS SPORTING!... had I known the elves were this good looking.. I'd have written Santa way more often.. and with a whole lot more profanity.. LMAO!


    AND MERRY CHRISTMAS / Happy Holidays (grins) TO YOU BOTH! MUAH!

    LOVE YA!
    ps.. I still can't sit. LOL (Merry Christmas to me) lol

  3. OMG.. still cracking up laughing... And don't think that little whispered "shit!" got by me or him.. hahaha!

  4. Alan -- why thank you. :-)

    Zelle -- is someone a really happy girl? :-)

    Can you believe all that nonsense? Santa deputized him as an elf? Isn't he mixing his metaphors, or some damn thing like that? Since when is Santa from the Old West?

    (and yes, his haircut is very handsome indeed)

  5. I've often wondered why I HAVE NEVER seen Santa or his elves! And then I read the other day... that Santa and the elves are magical and move very quickly.

    WELL SPEW! LOL! The only thing quick about NG (as a deputized Elf no less) is occasionally he gets a really good hand rhythm going!

    I heard long ago.. whilst reading that same article .. that if I was very good, then I "MIGHT" catch a glimpse of an elf!

    Well hells bells... I can see right now by these videos that I shoulda been naughty as hell all the time.. then maybe Toppy Santa or an Elf like NG would show up at my door and test toys out on my bottom!

    I heard.. (yeah, same article..haha!) That the best way to BECOME an Elf was to do well in school and be good. Frankly Erica.. I'm still wondering how YOUR ELF got deputized considering those guidelines....!

  6. Zelle -- just what the hell kinds of articles are you reading?? LOL

    Fine, keep throwing your zingers at him; he'll take it out on ME! :-Þ

  7. What? You didn't hear? I was deputized as an elf too, and they specifically sent me here to stir up some mischief... ;-) job is done here... muhahahaha!

  8. .. it was a real article.. FAQ's about Santa!


  9. He's too tall to be an elf and I suspect he doesn't spank like one, either. Have you seen those little elf hands?

    Can't wait for the next installment...

  10. pink -- exactly. Some elf!

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, yet another reason for me NOT to get married. If I married John, my initials would be ELF.

  11. I love the spanking videos Erica, especially while wearing garter-belt and stockings, because they make you look to me, most erotic. Erica will you ever make costume spanking videos, such as when first saw you like the "Puritan". You were so deliciously sexual, in them.

  12. six -- unfortunately, the company that produced those elaborate period pieces (Spanking Epics) is no longer filming. The price of making those kinds of films was too high; just renting those authentic costumes cost a fortune.

    Believe me, making Puritan and nun costumes look sexy is no easy feat! :-)

  13. Hello my Erica OMG you and new guy are so funny hehehe i laughed so hard when you said KISS MY ASS, hehehe, i am on santa's naughty list as well. i like new guy's haircut he looks handsome, i wish he could spank me that would be fun, i don't think he would like my smart sassy mouth he would surely spank my bum good and red. i am looking foward to your other clips, i agree he is too tall to be an elf. Zelle is VERY funny too i LOVE you both so much :-) LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  14. Jade -- more laughs coming, I promise!

    Weave -- thanks, and welcome! :-)

  15. I found this picture and thought of you and your mistletoe. :)

  16. pink -- that just made me howl!! LOL

  17. The mistletoe is just it