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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Villain Strikes: Erica Scott

V and Dana had a very busy Friday/Saturday. They got the video completely edited, then went to put it on Spanking Tube... and it was too large a file. We just kept going and going and going, and it was jam-packed with spanking action. So they had to find another place to put it, and then created a one-minute teaser video for Spanking Tube. That one, you can see here:

V also blogged about it here (go give the man some blog love, will ya?), tweeted about it, and posted pictures on FetLife. So, some of you have already seen the video in its entirety.

For those who haven't, you can find the full-length film here. Even for this site, they had to edit it down a bit. Tough call, deciding what to snip out, because we loved it all.

They did a fan-freaking-tastic job and I'm thrilled to pieces with it. John liked it, and it's very hard to impress him, since he's seen so much spanking content over the years.

When V first told me about doing this and described everything he was bringing, I thought, holy crap, he's going to have a carload of stuff, the parking is terrible on my block and it's over 100 degrees out -- what a nightmare! I told him, park in the red zone, call me from your car and I'll come down and help you. Not necessary, he replied, it all fits in one bag. Huh??

Sure enough, he showed up with one big duffel bag on Thursday at noon. Remember in Mary Poppins, she had that one suitcase, but kept pulling one thing after another after another out of it? That's what it was like with his duffel -- out came a camera, three tripods, huge fluorescent bulbs, umbrellas to filter the lights, a microphone, power strips, cords, other odds and ends. We sat and talked for about 20 minutes while he set everything up.

I think we had five, maybe six camera position changes. For one quick portion, we had to set up the camera and a light in the hallway outside my front door. Fortunately, no one came down the hall or opened their door. That would have taken some 'splaining. Once we got to the spanking action, then it was all one wide-angle shot. You could see all of him, all of me, and I made sure to keep my head craned around so my face was visible. (It's no coincidence that I have a stiff neck after every video shoot!)

He thought it was going to take five-six hours, but we banged it out in four. And had so, so much fun doing it, lots of laughs and silliness. My apartment's A/C cooperated for once and it was about 73 degrees (couldn't get it any cooler), even though it was triple digits outside. Still, V drenched his shirt by the time we were done. Fortunately, he had a spare.

We didn't have anyone to take stills for us, of course, so he said he'd pull stills with frame grabs. Every now and then as we were shooting, he'd whisper "Hold this for a few seconds, for a still," and we'd freeze in position. I think that worked well.

Anyway, just like in the video, he was here and gone, and I was left sort of stupefied and giddy (not to mention a little tender). I put an oversized t-shirt on so I could go get the mail, and when I came back, I glanced at my front door, at the site of the doorbell, and noticed the black Labelmaker sticker with my last name on it. My real last name. Oh, crap. I'd completely forgotten about that.

So I wrote to V, asking if there's any way they could blur that out. He wrote back, saying they'd already seen it and they were going to put an overlay on it to cover it up. I have no idea what that entails, but they did it. All you see is a white square. Amazing.

I would say both V and Dana should have a round of applause for how well they put this together, and how quickly! :-)  I do hope y'all like it.

And apparently I'm going to be punished tomorrow for letting strangers into my apartment late at night...


  1. Oh that video was just a hoot! Loved it! Amazing what ya'll accomplished on your own! That was so nice of "V" to take the time to edit so quickly and put it up as a free video for us to get to watch!

    AND TOMORROW! Oh holy hell! I fear a firestorm about to be started! I've missed me some "New Guy" here lately! I'll just bet he's got something up his sleeve that will put you back on the straight and narrow path to recognizing.. "Stranger Danger!"

    (ps.. LOVING THE BOOK BY THE WAY! I'm reading the one I ordered! It finally got here! You are such a great writer! Big time page turner on this end!)

  2. Zelle -- from what I've heard, Dana stayed up all night Thursday editing! So she did a lot of it.

    Oh, thank you... your autographed one should show up soon too! I'm so happy you're liking it. :-)

  3. "Why don't you just steal my computer like a normal intruder?" ROFL! Going to check out the full version now. Great job to you, V, and Dana!

  4. Lea -- (snicker) Ah, yes. One of my better ad-libs. :-)

  5. I know you were enjoying it by your grin. Talk about an iron bottom. Next time, more wise ass dialog. Please.

  6. Very nice video , loved all 14 minutes . Th ONLY thing i saw wrong with the whole produsction was ............. It wasnt ME spanking that lovely bottom .


  7. OBB -- well, I wasn't really supposed to be a wise-ass in this one. More like a damsel in distress... who comes to realize she's not so distressed after all. :-)

    Alan -- glad you liked it!

  8. I, too, enjoyed the video! You definitely had a glow about you after that spanking, and the Villain seemed to enjoy himself mightily too.

  9. Dana -- (giggling) What tipped you off on that; his maniacal grinning, or his hearty rendition of "Babalu"? :-D


  11. This was a fantastic video! I love how it really added the element of surprise to a spanking, something that seems to be a lost art in many videos these days.

    The camera angles were great too! That's definitely hard to do.

    Thanks so much for sharing! Have fun at Shadow Lane! I'll be in touch later this month.

  12. Cali -- You know V, so I know you can imagine just how much goofy fun we had with this!

    I look forward to hearing from you. :-)

  13. I love this! Lots of fun, and I didn't see the end coming from the outset... although once you started to get that mellow glow around you, it was obvious that you were having too much fun to be *really* in distress.

    Love V's performance as well. It's funny, you see some spanking porn with guys trying to be stern and coming across as kind of sleazy - this is one of the few I've seen with a clearly nice guy deliberately putting on a creepy act!

  14. Pandora -- thank you! Yeah, we kinda pulled a switcheroo there, huh?

    I adore V, and it's a tribute to his acting that he can come off so creepy, 'cause as you've figured out, he's anything but. :-)

  15. Where can we see the full length version?

  16. Anonymous -- scroll back up to the blog text. Go to the third paragraph, and you'll see the sentence, "For those who haven't, you can see the full-length film here." Click on the word "here," and it will take you directly to the video.

  17. Happy New Year, Erica!

    Three years later, this post comes up directly under your URL in a Google seach EricaScott blogspot. They could tell you what that means, much better than I could, but you know what I mean already.

    Let's do this again soon. I've still got that duffel bag. Just so you know, I walked from Ventura Blvd., to get to you...'cause you're worth it. :)

  18. Anonymous -- ha! Glad I read this thoroughly. Usually the comments on old posts are spam! This was a fun, fun time. I wish the video were still up for all to see, but at least it's available on my Spanking Library. Happy 2015 to you, and yes, it's time for more fun.