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Thursday, August 11, 2011

On balance, I've had better weeks

It got off to a great start, with Monday night's festivities. And it was nice to get an early Chrossing on Tuesday. Kinda went downhill from there, however.

Ready for the latest snag in the book saga? Nothing tragic in the overall scheme of things, just more frustration. When we last left off, I'd received my proof copy and the cover looked 100% perfect. The interior copy had a few minor tweaks, so I made those, resubmitted the file and they approved it last week. I could have made the book available to buy then.

Buuuuuuuut... I didn't want to, just yet. Instead, I ordered five copies for giveaways. Figured once I got those and was reassured at how perfect they were, I could make the announcement.

The package arrived yesterday afternoon. I eagerly tore into it, plucked one of the books out, then another... and my heart sank.

In this printing, they'd shifted the entire cover image down about 1/4 inch. Not that big a deal, right? But it was. It ruined the cover.

On the back, the end of the copy was now just hovering over the bottom edge, plus the portion of the copy that wrapped around the ISBN box was practically sitting on top of the box. And on the front, at the bottom where my hand rests, two of my fingertips were chopped off. Unacceptable.

I didn't get upset or angry. I just sighed in resignation. Sure. Of course. Murphy (and his law) is alive and well.

So back on the phone I went to CreateSpace support, explaining what had happened. They are sending me a prepaid mailer so I can mail back the proof copy plus one of the new copies. Then they can compare the two and see what happened. (sigh) More delay, folks.

Hey, since I'm experiencing all this aggravation at the outset, does that mean that once this damn thing finally goes on sale, all will go swimmingly and it will sell a million copies? Well, one can dream.

In other news... had a dental checkup this week. The good news: my teeth are in great shape. The bad news: my gums are a mess; portions of them, anyway. Had a lot of bleeding during the cleaning. Also, for most of my adult life, I've had recession on my lower front teeth, and they've been monitoring it. Apparently, it has progressed to the point where they're concerned about it and they want me to have oral surgery.

It's called a gingival graft. Briefly, they cut a piece of gum from the inside of your cheek or the roof of your mouth and graft it on the receding area. Lovely. Not cheap, either.

I scheduled it for mid-October. I'm going to need some healing time and I don't know of anything happening around that date. I didn't want to do it next month, because I don't care to wreck my birthday. It's waited this long; it can wait a little longer.

Oh, and my mother is in the hospital, yet again. Renal problems this time. I spoke with my stepfather last night; he told me she has been unresponsive for the past two or three weeks. Just kind of stares at him. Her head lolls forward, as if her neck can't bear the weight of it.

Why do people have to go on like this? It's such a travesty. My stepdad said he feels so guilty about giving DNR instructions; says he's "signing her death sentence." I told him no, you are not. Her body and her brain gave her a death sentence years ago.


Sorry, kids. Don't mean to be a downer. I'm actually feeling quite calm, kind of rolling with things. And I do have some fun things to look forward to, for balance. Must have balance.

Hey, the Dow is back up again today. What a roller coaster ride that's been, huh? Kinda like life.



  1. Erica... oh man.... (sighs) .. I've had a week from hell myself.. unbelievable week.. today, was especially stressful.. we should talk..

    Anyhow.. So sorry about all that must be going through your head reguarding your Mom, and with reassuring your Stepdad about things. (sighs)

    I was reading to my Mom about the book issue right now that you are having.. (she can't wait to read it -- OMFG.. guess I built your vanilla side up a skosh. LOL) Anyhow, Mom says..
    "OH DEAR GOD! Don't let Erica do the gum surgery! She's gonna have to do a book tour, right? (I was kinda silent here!)..Your Father said it's the worst thing he ever ok'd the dentist to do! Please tell her to find other non-invasive actions to take."

    - so there ya go.. message relayed.

    I'm off to feed, water, and pick litter pans for 28 domestic bengal show cats. LOL - AND YOU THOUGHT YOUR LIFE was a precarious balancing act right now!

  2. Zelle -- oy. I'm sorry about your week. Why is it after we experience a period of such incredible bliss, as you did at CM, we have to get slammed?

    LOL... your mom is in for a shock with my book, I'm afraid. As for what your dad said about the surgery... that might have been a long time ago, and maybe the procedure has improved? I don't know of any alternative procedures to fix receding gums, and letting them go can lead to tooth loss. (sigh)

  3. Erica,

    I'm so sorry about your book and your mom. It's your book, and I hope you can get it exactly the way you want it. Sending you hugs and good thoughts.

  4. Beth -- thank you, dear. I appreciate it. :-)

  5. Dear Erica,
    My thoughts are with you. Your book will be awesome, I hope you will be selling autographed copies.
    I so hate going to the dentist. i would rather be spanked with a cane. yuk.
    I am so sorry about your mom.
    You have many, many friends who care and are thinking about you. I hope some of those positive vibes help.
    Big Hug,

  6. joey -- thank you; that's very sweet.

    I am a big squeamish baby when it comes to the dentist. I briefly read about what to expect after gingival graft and I nearly threw up. Yup, cane me instead, please!

  7. Erica,

    That procedure doesn't sound like fun at all and a long recovery. I hope it won't be as bad as you have been told. If I had to choose between the cane and the dentist, I think I would run away! LOL I am not sure which one I would run from faster.

    Boy they sure messed up with your book cover. Some yo-yo didn't cut the cover right in the first place and it's a good thing you ordered five of them because now you know what they are about. Boneheads!

    I hope your weekend is nice and peaceful.

  8. Erica, I am really looking forward to your book. It must be so disappointing to deal with all these small snafus. But I'm sure the end result will be terrific. Really.

    You're scaring me about the dental work. I have a feeling that I am going to need gum surgery at some point, as there has been significant recession. Unfortunately, I have to find a new dentist, as my regular dentist is not on our insurance plan. I'm procrastinating.... Someone should spank me for that (and for all the other things that I procrastinate about), but unfortunately there is no one on the horizon. I wish I could get it regularly, as you do, but I'm happy to read of your adventures in spankland.

  9. Bobbie Jo -- what ticks me off is that the proof copy was perfect, and then the finals were changed! That's not supposed to happen, dammit.

    Dana -- it's probably not that bad; it's a fairly routine procedure that's been done for years and years. I'm just a big baby; I don't like anything that involves cutting.

  10. Ugh, sorry to hear about all the troubles you've had this week. Why can't those book people just get it right? Sheesh! As far as the gum graft thing, I know exactly what you are talking about. My dentist suggested I do it a few years ago due to recession on my lower gums but I've avoided it because it's expensive and I don't care to deal with the pain. Blah.

  11. Lea -- I have a feeling a lot of people avoid it. John wants me to see his periodontist for a second opinion.

    Why can't they, indeed! It's not rocket science.

  12. Hi Erica, I am so VERY sorry about your book and your mom and your gums :-( Wish i could make thing's all better for you. My day SUCKED my grandmother has been admitted to the hospital tonight with pneumonia and other stuff my nerves are totally shot and i cry alot :-( some things are just not fair, I wish you lot's of good luck with everything, Love you and sending big hugs your way from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  13. Jade -- try to get some rest, honey, ok? It's very late where you are.

  14. Oh, Erica. I know what you're like when you're like this. Chin up, darlin'. Things WILL get better and you'll feel better, too--eventually. You always do. Look at it this way, SL isn't that far off and you'll be over my lap in no time...

  15. Craig -- like I said, fun things to look forward to. :-)

    Actually, you'd be surprised at how calm and even-keeled I am. I know I'M surprised!

  16. Hi Erica,

    Too bad about the dental problems. I hope you have a dental plan, but even so, it's expensive! And your poor mother has been through enough. She needs to let go, and your stepdad needs to help her.

    But the bright spot was the Tuesday Chrossing. I missed it again, and my stats are worse than Christmas. I'll bet yours are into five digits!


  17. I don't know what it was about last week, a heck of a bad week for me as well and everyone I speak to seems to have had a bad one.

    Sorry to hear about the book Erica, I hope sorted soon. Be interested to hear about the dental op as I have receding gums and my dentist said I may have to have some work done but she didn't go into it.

    Was glad to see the Dow up as our markets follow US and my shares were looking a little shaky:(

    Hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend.


  18. Ronnie -- there was definitely something in the air, I agree. And you guys had those awful riots too. Hope it's a good weekend for you as well.