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Friday, August 26, 2011

I can't wait

I meant to, I really did. I was going to wait until I had pictures and a link for y'all, but I can't. Some news demands immediacy.

I had a visitor yesterday. An intruder, who pushed his way into my front door, who dragged me into my bedroom with his hand over my mouth. He was quite sinister and I was scared half to death. I offered him money and my jewelry, but he didn't want any of that.

It seemed I was done for... but this particular intruder was kinky. He didn't want to kill me, or even rape me. He just wanted to spank me. And record it. How twisted is that?

I never got his name, but he left his calling card.

That's right, V. For Villain.

This one will be free on Spanking Tube. As soon as I have a link and some photos, I will post them. I guess I'm a little kinky too. :-)


  1. Very kinky and hot.

    Also, I love your book and Zelle's cover is awesome.


  2. joey -- thank you! Isn't her work beautiful?

    Yes, the video promises to be hot indeed.

  3. Wow a free video. I will have to check this out when nobody is around.

  4. Daniel -- I guess that's how many of us watch these things. :-)

  5. How hot is that??? That put a big smile on my face!

  6. Hi Erica, I can hardly wait this is TOTALLY AWESOME :-) My imagination is wild and crazy to me it look's like the Villain wrote the V in blood or is it just VERY dark red paint? hehehe LOL, Wishing you and John a nice relaxing weekend,Love you, big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  7. Jade -- LOL! No, honey, it's not blood, I promise.

  8. GEEZE LOUISE! .. I just read the UPDATE... my god.. I think I just gave you a ....


  9. Zelle -- (snicker) I get the feeling you didn't mean Ovation.