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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Kitty

That would be me. At least according to my shirt.

John calls me that often. Since I consider myself to have many feline traits (love to sleep, picky eater, hate loud noises, won't pay any attention to you unless I damn well feel like it), it's a good fit, I think.

New Guy, of course, thought the Bad Kitty needed obedience lessons. I hissed at him. He didn't like that.

As soon as I went OTK, he complained about my shorts. "What is this -- you've got buttons on these back pockets. You want me to hurt my hand?" He started wrestling the shorts down immediately.

"What a sissy boy you are," I teased, "afraid of a few buttons!" Oh, he SO did not appreciate that.

He was big on the wide leather strap tonight; I think I got more of that than anything else. As usual, all the toys blurred after a while.

Besides the usual two rounds of spanking, guess what else we did? Yup -- watched a Spanking Court clip! My second one (the one we had to reshoot) went up on their site this morning. It was fun watching it with NG, since (as you would expect) he had a running commentary going through it all.

"I notice you don't count in halves and quarters with me!" (He's right, I don't. That would be really, really foolish.)

"I would have started over at one if you said that to me!" (Well then, I won't say it to you.)

"I would have chosen a heavier paddle!" (Well. How rude.)

Anyway, for those who haven't joined the SC site yet, here's a photo:

Check out Mr. Meanie-Face! You'd think I'd annoyed him or something. And that was before he switched to wood.

Anywayyyyyy... I guess I'm Good Kitty for a while. A brief while. Purrrrrrrrrr.


  1. SO?? I think NG just gave you a case of "Cat Strap Fever" (hahaha!) ... there's no known cure for that .. from what I hear..

    ohhh.. and about old Mr. Meanie-Face there... I think I want to be "Villainated" one day too.. (weg)

    "Mmeeeee-OWWW!" .. sure sounds like the operative word here tonight! LOL

  2. Zelle -- HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, you are in good form tonight. Cat Strap Fever, indeed! (singing) He can make a kitty purr with a slap of his hand...Well, I guess NG will have to come back next week because I'll need some fur of the cat, or something like that.

    Yeah, The Evil One gives good face, doesn't he?

  3. Erica, you are so funny. You really know how to earn a spanking. I am sure Mr. Meanie-Face will be really impressed with your blog and your bottom imp-pressed with his strap. :)

  4. Looks at Zelle's Comments and Ericas Response .

    Are you sure you two werent seperated at birth ?? If so , was a good thing , not sure the world coulda stood both of you in same zipcode ROFL .

  5. You hissed at him? Does he not realize you very well coulda broke out the CLAWS?

    Love the pics. Orange correctional clothing fits you - you know, being how you have to be 'corrected' constantly! ;)

    Love your grin in the first one too. So bratty (yeah I know you dislike the word 'brat', but that's what it looks like -- bratty! MEOW!)


  6. Jeez...go sit in your litter box! ;-)

  7. Hi Erica,I LOVE your Bad Kitty shirt it's so ADORABLE :-)That so fit's your personality since you like cat's so much hehehe, I Love the naughty smile on your face hehehe LOL, I think you should of brought out your CLAWS that would of really been funny LMAO,I agree that the Villain doe's have a mean look on his face hehehe,Look's like you had a fun night with NG last night you Bad Kitty MEOW, Did you have some cat nip hehehe just joking :-) Love and Hugs to you my dear friend from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  8. @Alan.... roflmao... same zipcode? omg, the fur would fly! .. hahahahaha! My Top does call me "ZelleKitty" when he makes me purrrrr... I rather like how he uses his "FURminator".. LOL

  9. joey -- I really do, don't I. ;-)

    Alan -- Ha! Yeah, the fates put us on opposite coasts. The two of us on the same coast might make the country implode.

    Sarah -- sadly, I don't have claws. My nails are dreadful, so I keep them cut very short.

    It's not the word "brat" that I object to. It's the negative connotation created by those who carry bratting to levels that seriously upset people. Clever bratting should be provocative, not thoroughly obnoxious, y'know?

    Craig -- OK, I will, after you clean it. :-)

    Jade -- nope, no catnip. This kitty prefers chocolate. :-)

    Zelle -- oh, FUR God's sake...

  10. Erica.. NG could not have arrived at a more "FURtuitous" time in your life.. you NEED regular "FURmination"! LOL're welcome.

  11. Zelle -- I give up. I'm FURklempt.

  12. Not even gonna try to add to "FURklempt" (hahahaha!) .. as that was priceless!

  13. I will say this , Both of you Have very lovely bottoms . I do so enjoy seeing them both red . Hmmmmmmmm Both red at same time over same couch back ...... hmmmmmmmmmm .... I wonder if I could tell them apart ?

    Ahh well I guess I must just Furgetabouddit


  14. @Alan... here's how ya tell our booties apart.. MINE is every bit of four inches wider than hers, and mine attaches to legs four inches shorter! LOL

  15. However I do love how both sets of legs tend to make and a&& outof them selves !

    LOL grins

  16. I hope you enjoy being a content kitty for a little while. Orange doesn't really look good on anyone IMO, but you are the closest to pulling it off. ;-)

  17. Lea -- LOL! I hate wearing orange, and yellow as well. I don't see why prison scrubs can't come in flattering colors.