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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So, SO close...

So I heard from the CreateSpace folks yesterday; specifically, my contact, Laura. She'd gotten my package and given the books to Technical Services, and now she was contacting me on their behalf.

Apparently, whenever you resubmit the interior (which I did), they reprocess the cover. (And they do this because? That makes no sense, if the cover was already perfect. Why not just reprocess the interior?) The cover has now been shifted back up so that my fingers are no longer cut off. As a courtesy, they're sending me a copy of the revised book; it's coming to me via UPS.

OK, that's all fine, but... I had ordered and received five copies. I don't want to give out copies to my friends with covers that are screwed up. (sigh)

Back on the phone with CS customer support this morning. 1) Is the cover, now supposedly fixed, going to stay that way? and 2) don't I get four more replacement copies?

Laura wasn't available, but Brandon was helpful. He assured me that the cover file will not be tinkered with any further and if it's right now, it will stay right. He also told me that he's putting four more copies in UPS, and I should get those next Monday.

So... I am waiting for the first copy to arrive, the one Laura sent, which will come before the other four. If that one is perfect (and it better damn well be), I will post THE ANNOUNCEMENT. Since there have been so many glitches, I need to see the revised cover first, just to be sure.

It's so close. I feel like I've been teasing y'all, and I don't mean to. Just sharing the process. I know once it's done, all the delays and frustration will be worth it.

You know, I've been so focused on the book, I haven't thought at all about Shadow Lane, which is in two weeks! The pre-party buzz is starting on FetLife and last night, I had my annual Shadow Lane dream. I swear, before every party, I have a dream in which something goes wrong. Last night's version had me wandering around frantically searching for the room parties, and I couldn't find any of them, because the usual folks who have them didn't show up. Yes, I know. Stupid. But despite my subconscious mind playing tricks on me, I'm not all wound up about this party. Not yet, anyway. I wish Danny and Sophie were going; I will miss them so much. The folks from Northern Spanking aren't coming this time either. But... many others I want to see WILL be there. And who knows what surprises and treats are in store.

Re. the book: For the last time, I hope -- stay tuned! :-)


  1. I sure do hope they have it right this time! You have had enough nonsense lately.

    Shadow Lane will most likely be just fine, even though some people you want to see will not be there this time. That part is a bummer, but just enjoy yourself anyway. I bet you will get some good spankings and be very happy with them.


  2. Hi Erica, I agree with Bobbie Jo that i hope they have it right this time. Thank's for letting us all know about the progress of your book your AWESOME :-)Wish i could go to the Shadow Lane party so i could get spanked and i could meet you :-)Which friend's are you giving a copy of your book to? Big Hug's to you from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  3. I so, SO wish we could go, too.

    Stupid jobs.

    I will miss seeing you, but I'm hoping you'll have enough fun and get enough spankings for the both of us. ;-)

    And congrats on your (almost) finished book!!

  4. Bobbie Jo -- if they don't have it right this time, I.... I guess I'll ask them to do it again. (sigh)

    Jade -- John will get one, of course, and New Guy. And Zelle, for doing my beautiful cover. Also the gentleman who prefers to remain anonymous, but who proofread the book for me.

    Sophie -- Hi sweetie!! Ugh... stupid jobs indeed. I will miss you both so much.

    Please give Dumbass... er, I mean Danny, a big hug and a smooch for me. :-)

  5. You're so close, I hope this will be the final screw-up on their part. I had a last minute offer to go to Shadow Lane and share a room with a friend, splitting the cost. Unfortunately I had to decline due to money and I have a party trip planned 2 weeks later already. I'm not one to do things last minute. I'm sure it'll be a blast though and maybe someday we'll meet. :-)

  6. Lea -- I'm not good with last minute either. Maybe next year? :-)

  7. Keeping fingers crossed they have it right this time Erica.


  8. joey -- thanks.

    ronnie -- yup, and toes, too.