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Sunday, August 14, 2011


I really don't have a whole lot to say, but given that my stats finally went up this week, I should say something.


OK, now that I got the smartassery out of the way...

I got the prepaid UPS mailer from CreateSpace so I could send back the WIN proof copy and the one of the FAIL final copies. The UPS slip was marked "Urgent Next Day" and attention to the person I spoke with on the phone, so at least it's not going to land on the desk of someone knowing zip about the situation. I covered both books with Post-It notes and I took pictures of them before packaging them. So now it's out of my hands. Stay tuned, once again!

My mother is leaving the hospital tomorrow and going back to her facility. Her kidneys, which appeared to be failing, have started working again. Crazy. To those who would say "Wow, that's great news"... well, no. No, it isn't. (sigh) Yup, some will judge me for that. So be it.

But enough of that. Time to lighten up -- tomorrow is Monday! :-D  It was a fun weekend with John. I swear, no one makes me laugh like that man does. We were in a Chinese restaurant last night and he practically had me in tears for several minutes. The server kept looking our way; she must have thought I was nuts, because I was laughing so uncontrollably. But of course she was far enough away so she couldn't hear what he was saying, and she couldn't see his deadpan face.

It's like I've said -- the man is the Devil.

Oh, and speaking of laughs, I was cruising the weekend blogs, catching up, and I ran across a photo that made me howl so loudly, John came running in from the living room. Sarah Gregory was in town this week and she shot with Clare Fonda. Apparently, Clare's dog gets excited around spanking; damn, that must be one happy pup! :-D

I look forward to seeing both Sarah and Clare in a few weeks at SL. I suspect Clare is going to leave Maxxxi home, however.

Oh, and now that I've been on Twitter for two weeks, I can share my impression so far. Once in a while, there is something interesting/funny/poignant/whatever to read. The rest of the time:

1. a whole lot of conversations going on. Why don't these people just IM? Or text? Or (gasp) talk?
2. a lot of talk about food and drink. Yes, I'm sure your sushi or your Dairy Queen sundae was delicious, but the rest of the Twittering world doesn't really care. No, Craig, no one has mentioned lattes yet.
3. many, many, MANY photos. Fine, except everyone and their kinky mother already has a spanking photoblog, so isn't it getting a bit redundant?
4. some people must live with their fingers permanently on a Blackberry. Their tweets number in the thousands. No one, not even that weird bearded Dos Equis dude, is that interesting.

Hope y'all had a nice weekend.


  1. I'm sorry.. I swear I read the whole blog.. but I got stuck on that pic of John and can't stop laughing.. so the rest of the blog I think had something to do with being "twitterpated"... but I can't be sure cause there is a whole lotta water welled up in my eyes. LOL

  2. Zelle -- LOL! He's such a dork! He's always pulling his hair up into clumps in the shower and then making faces at me. Sometimes, just one big one in the middle, so he looks like Alfalfa of the Little Rascals.

  3. Glad you had a lot of fun and laughs.

  4. Erica,

    I can see why you howled at that second picture. I just have to tell you that I had a female dog that did that to one of the guys that did some work around the house I used to live in. It was funny. When she got older, she quit doing that.

    The picture of John is priceless. I am glad your weekend was full of laughs.

    Oh, and you DID say "SOMETHING." I also liked the idea of being "twitterpated."


  5. Hi Erica, that pic of John is so funny hehehe i can't stop laughing he is such a riot :-) The dog pic is funny too hehehe LOL.I am so happy that your mom is coming home :-) i know that i am so glad my grandmother came home on Friday.Good luck with your book.Clare Fonda can spank me otk anytime SHE ROCKS :-)I LOVE YOU my VERY DEAR Friend your the best sending big hugs your way xoxo from your naughty girl Jade

  6. joey -- me too! :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- gotta love dogs! Between humping people's legs and sticking noses where they don't belong, I would imagine they embarrass their owners frequently. :-D

    Jade -- Clare rocks, I agree!

  7. May I just say again: The Millennial's answer to citizen's band radio. And just like CB, this too is a passing fad...

  8. Craig -- didn't people say the Internet was a passing fad too? I dunno... It IS fun following Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I have to say.

  9. LOL at the dog pic. My dog is a wuss, if he hears any loud sounds including smacks he runs away and hides behind something only to peek out at you from around the corner. He's never saved me from a spanking. Thanks for nothing, Jack.

    I hope your book gets fixed quick!

  10. Lea -- you and me both, darlin'.

  11. Erica,
    Great pictures! I almost spewed my drink out at the dog.

  12. Jean -- wasn't that priceless??