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Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh my... you SHOULDN'T have...

Being that today was Valentine's Day and I was getting my Valentine spanking, I dressed up for New Guy, with stockings and red garter belt, and another red dress (I have three of them. Just like LBDs, you can't have too many LRDs, either.) He showed up on at my door, all smiles, bearing a sweet bouquet of white daisies and red carnations.

And a heart-shaped paddle. A wooden heart-shaped paddle. Which he made himself, just for me.

Talk about confusing. On the one hand, I was quite tickled and touched at his efforts on my behalf. But on the other hand, the phrase, "Oh my, you shouldn't have" was quite apropos!

Guaranteed not to break, he crowed. Oh, joy. Wouldn't want that little @#$%er breaking, would we?

So here's the "before" picture, happy me with my flowers and my, er, special gift:

He was hoping he could get a perfect red heart on one of my butt cheeks. But alas, the paddle was too large (or my butt is too small) to get that imprint. He tried his best, though. Oh, did he try. But he settled for overall RED. Big of him. :-)

He used his other old faithful paddle too, and two straps. I was in feisty mode tonight and I couldn't seem to stop giggling or being snide. When he referred to himself as an evil genius, I said he was half-right.


When he stopped, I tried to catch my breath, and he knelt down and smiled into my face. Or was it a smirk? I couldn't tell. I glared back at him, then, very quietly and deliberately, said, "You bastard."

That was good for another round, until I said I was sorry. Then he piled all four implements onto the coffee table, saying he'd leave them within reach in case I needed a refresher later.

After we relaxed and chatted for a while, he left to use the restroom. I immediately whisked the implements off the table and shoved them under the couch.

Hey, I thought it was funny. But my glee was short-lived, as he put me back over the ottoman and fished another weapon of a#$ destruction out of his bag. "Where are they?" he asked.

"They got bored and left!" I hollered.

"You better get 'em back, then," he said, and laid into me with whatever the hell that thing was, until I gave up and crawled over to the couch, retrieving the four hidden toys.

I got ten hard ones with all four, rapidly, no break in between each one. Holy moly.

"You going to hide my implements ever again?" "NO!" "I guess that wasn't the best idea, huh?"

Guess not.

OK, so I sorta kinda maybe asked for that. But really. Tops can be so damned mean, giving us consequences for our actions. Humpph.

I did get some sweet aftercare with lotion and snuggles, though.

And remember the "before" picture? Usually when you see a "before" picture, you know an "after" picture is coming, right?

Here ya go.

Did I have a happy Valentine's Day? You be the judge. :-)


  1. OMG! YOUR AFTER PIC TELLS THE WHOLE STORY! You little glutton for FUNishment you! If I didn't know better.. I'd say you looked like ya just tied one on... (but then.. you tied one on last week!) LOL

    What a good Top NG is... making sure there are consequences for when your 'good girl' goes on temporary hiatus.. hahaha!

    ((yaaaawn - deep sigh)) I can go to bed now.. since I've just once again lived vicariously through you... and I might add.. Good lord you exhaust me! LOL

    6 more sleeps and we're back here again! WooHoo!

  2. OH NG!!

  3. Zelle -- LOL! Don't encourage him!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... you know, I'm kinda exhausted too. Sleepy tiiiiiiiiiime... :-D

  4. NIGHT! I'm sure you'll sleep well! OH! And some great pics of you too by the way! Cripes.. you look 35! SMACKS! (grins...)

  5. What an awesome way to spend your Valentine's Day! I agree, you can never have too many LBDs or LRDs.

    That paddle looks very... solid! Jeez! It's kinda cute though... ;)

  6. Erica, the law is that if a Top leaves a room with a half spanked* woman and a load of implements in it- she has to hide them.
    It is the law.
    How could New Guy not know that?

    Had you not hidden them you would have broken all the laws of girls like us. We would have had to have called a meeting and have a vote and all kinds of stuff. It would have taken ages and been terribly complicated.

    New Guy needs to have all this explained to him. Very slowly. In a lot of detail.

    I think you are the lady to do that. I know I would in your place.

    I am very glad you had a wonderful night. You deserve it and you look amazing as ever.

    *Any woman left alone with implements becomes half spanked.

  7. That paddle is sweet! Our heart-shaped wooden spoon made an appearance recently. What is it about wooden hearts and Tops, hmmm?

    Lovely post. The pictures add just the right touch!


  8. Hi Erica,

    Your celebration sure looks like fun, especially the after photo! Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a... wooden paddle? Sometimes you just have to go with the moment.

    I'd wish you a great week, but you're clearly already well on your way.


  9. "They got bored and left!" LOL, Erica. That was a great start to my Tuesday morning. I'm glad you had such a fun valentines day!

  10. Wow, nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a heart shaped paddle :-)
    (wish I would have thought of that)


  11. Hello my Erica looks like you had a GREAT Valentine's day :-) the heart shaped paddle is so CUTE NG is VERY talented. i wish i could get spanked with the heart paddle, i want to see what it feels like. when you said they got bored and left i thought that was so funny hehehe, you come out with some good ones :-) i would of threw the implements out the window, hehehe am i naughty or what. you looked BEAUTIFUL in your dress :-) the pics were VERY COOL too. I Love You big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  12. Every picture tells a story and yours did. Lovely post Erica.


  13. Erica,

    Did you ever figure out what other "fun" little instrument he used on you before you retreived the others? :-) Must have been effective. LOL

    I am so glad you had a fun evening and you do look beautiful in red. Yes, "The Lady in Red".

    BTW, do I see a bit of a devilish look in your eyes in the last picture? Hmmm? Hehehe.

  14. Zelle -- I will take 35, thankyouverymuch. :-D

    Beth -- it's quite solid! (making face) But I must say, it's well made, nice and smooth. He does good work. (don't tell him I said that)

    Poppy -- I heartily agree, and I really don't understand why he couldn't get with the program. Implements are meant to be broken, hidden or thrown across the room.

    Hermione -- I don't see why they can't find a heart-shaped leather implement. I know they exist.

    Bonnie -- well, you know. Flowers. Chocolate. Jewelry. Heart-shaped implement. A spankee's dream. :-D I think this will go down on record as my best Valentine's Day EVER.

    Em -- always happy to start someone's morning with a giggle!

    Rob -- I'm sure your contributions to Valentine's Day were equally delightful. :-)

    Jade -- I'll tell you what it feels like. It HURTS! lol

    Ronnie -- thanks! :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- I didn't think to look. It stung and bit like hell; maybe it was a tawse.

    Devilish, moi? LOL I sure am glad that these sessions take place in my apartment and I don't have to go out looking that. Talk about a Walk of Shame.

  15. (Impersonating Teddy Roosevelt) DEEEE-lightful!!

    The only problem here is that the photos I voted My New Favorites before have that sash removed so I can bestow it upon the New Ones, and they seem a little disappointed to have basked in the glow for such a short time.

    And now I will bask in your glow, too.

  16. Dave -- Sash? New Favorites? Whatchoo talkin' about, Wolfie? Am I so completely mush-brained today that I'm missing something obvious?

  17. What a sweetie you are! A lovely red dress, a pink bottom, and a heart-shaped paddle—these are the elements of a passionately lived Valentine’s Day with New Guy. I’ll try to muster sympathy for your sore bottom while restraining my envy! Your devilish smile says it all. What a perfect day for a beautiful woman like you!


  18. I hate to say it, but I think that paddle is ADORABLE.

    I agree that what you did was VERY funny and I would encourage you to do so again. But then again it's YOUR butt on the line, not mine! :)

    I did push Chelsea's hairbrush out of reach when she asked me to hand it to her. I sure thought I was funny too, at first. THEN I had to add very sore and funny into the mix! Oh well, Tops would lead very dull lives without bratty bottoms to discipline.

  19. Annapurna -- thank you! :-)

    Kelly -- sometimes, these stunts are irresistible, no matter how much we have to pay for them. :-)

  20. " Grabs my popcorn and brandy and sits down"
    "turns on computer "

    AWWW DAMN !! Appears as though I have come in on the "assend" of another love story !! Sheesh ! :-D

  21. Alan -- oh well. It's Tuesday night, you could always watch Glee.

  22. Imho, Best Line of the Night:

    "I'm an evil genius"

    "You're half-right."

    Many subs rely on the old 'hide the implement' trick. Few can come up with bon mots like that, Erica! Well done, miss (as was your deserving bottom, when Mr. Paddlemaker got through with you, I presume...

  23. Mr. BlistHer -- welcome! Yes, you presume correctly. I guess I really don't need pranks; my big mouth gets me into all the trouble I need. :-)

  24. Well, if one has to explain his Clever Metaphors, they weren't really so well crafted after all.


    I'll try again: Every time I think I have my Favorite Erica Pictures, brand-spankin'-new ones immediately take their place! I LOVE your expression in that last pic!

    How's that?

  25. Dave -- (laughing) Got it. Sorry to be dense. :-D

  26. You do look absolutely lovely in the before, and especially in the after photos!

    And I totally agree with Poppy's Law. Actually think that I should be making a sign - so that there is no confusion.

    "Spanker Beware. The Spankee will not assume any responsbility towards any spanking implements left behind. No claims in respect of hidden, lost, burned, destroyed, or damaged implements will be entertained.
    By order: The Spankee"

    Oh, will have to add another line - "and this sign cannot be used as an implement either!"

  27. Raven -- I like it! Spanker Beware -- that's perfect. :-)

    Would you believe some top on FetLife actually suggested that if an implement is broken on a spankee's bottom, that the spankee should pay for it? (Not with her hide, but with cash.) The nerve!

  28. Now that is just plain wrong, in so many ways. Think that hangman thingy should apply - if the rope breaks - sign of innocence, not to be repeated.
    If implement breaks, sign of it is enough, cuddle and erm...(and praying that he is currently experiencing a cash flow problem) (GRIN)

  29. The very nerve of some top saying the spankee should pay for an impliment he/she broke in the first place. Spankee's don't break the impliments! Tops do. So there!! :-P

  30. whatever you do dont break that paddle lol

  31. Zelle -- and the same to YOU, my dear! (clinking glasses)

  32. THANKS! OMG.. I'm so blown away.. cause you guys so totally rock these blogs.. I'm so wet behind the ears still! LOL