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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Stranger

When my doorbell rang at 6:30, I opened it eagerly, expecting to see New Guy standing there smiling back, ready to give me a warm hug after three weeks of not seeing each other.

But the man at my door didn't smile, only stepped in silently, Feeling a bit thrown, I started to wrap my arms around his neck, and he shrugged them off. Then I felt his fist tightening in my hair.

He spun me around, pushing me toward my bedroom. I nearly stumbled on my high heels. Wordlessly, he threw me onto my bed, then flipped me over, pinning both arms behind my back. He rummaged in his bag and next thing I knew, he was tying my hands together. Once that was done, he leaned down and spoke. "Did you really think you could write something like that in your blog and no one would get ideas?"

"Ah... um... I...." I stuttered, and he yanked my hair. "Did you?"

"No..." I murmured. I thought perhaps I could reason with him. "I couldn't help it," I cried. "Those pictures... I don't know, they just did something to me."

"Yeah, well," he said, "now I'M going to do something to you." My legs were bent, my feet tightly curled up under my bottom; he pulled my legs straight, and unceremoniously yanked my leggings and panties down my thighs and off. Then he tied my ankles together.

"Now," he growled, "you are going to get exactly what you deserve."

The spanking was hard and fast and ferocious -- no warmup here. I squirmed around, but I could barely move, and the ropes bit into my wrists if I pulled too hard.

"Are you scared?"


"You should be. Maybe you'll be more careful about what you put on your blog, won't you? Be careful what you wish for." Then he jerked the rope off my wrists. But before I could sigh in relief, he pulled my hands forward, wrapped the rope securely around my wrists once again and tied the ends to the bedframe just above the caster. He then did the same thing with my ankles, tying them down at the other end.

And then the implements came out of the bag. He brushed them against me, teasing me, tormenting me. I was on sensory overload... yes, it was scary. It was also wildly, almost unbearably arousing.

"Please," I whimpered, "please..."

"Please what?" he asked. When I didn't answer, he snapped the strap down hard once, twice, three times quickly. "Please what? he repeated.

"Please.... don't hurt me," I whispered. My usual bravado and brattiness had completely disappeared. He was someone I didn't know, and yet I did. And I was someone I didn't know, as well.

He leaned down to me once again, his mouth to my ear. "But I want to hurt you," he hissed. I moaned and steeled myself.

Strap, belt, paddle, another strap... it went on and on. He said little, and I buried my face in the comforter, trying to stifle my yelps. I started crying early on, not necessarily from the pain, but from the surges of emotion. But I couldn't wipe my nose or push my hair out of my face. I was helpless, at his mercy.

After a while, he paused and spoke again. "I like hurting you," he drawled, his voice silky. "And you like it too. Don't you!"

God help me, I did. I loved it. I nodded vigorously, even as I cried. And then he finished me off with ten rapid, heavy paddle strokes. I had to count them.

It was over. He untied me, then sat on the bed next to me, gathering me close. Suddenly, he was New Guy again... sweet, gentle and soothing. He smiled into my face, the menacing look gone. I wept and trembled and clung to him. And through it all, I kept mumbling, "Oh God. Oh my God. Wow... Wow... That was... oh my god, that was sooooo @#$%ing hot..." He laughed. Said he was glad I'd liked it, because he sure did too.

I have been tied up before. But I'd never experienced it like this, as part of a roleplay scene, sprung on me so unexpectedly. It was different. It was rougher than I usually play. But I could do it with him. I could go there. I trusted him. I knew I was safe, so I could fully immerse myself in the fantasy.

And don't anyone worry about me. Don't anyone think any of this was too harsh, because I wanted it. Does this look like an abused woman to you?

Didn't think so. :-)  I even recovered enough to sass him. Paid for it, of course.

Thank you, my friend, my evil stranger.


    THAT... was hot!

    --> "Weren't you every told about "Stranger-Danger!"

    NICE PICS!.. holy hell.. wipe that 'chit-eatin' grin off your face you lucky bee-otch! LOL -- AMAZING! As in.. it's amazing what we can do with a trusted partner!

    Way to go NG... that was spot on purrrrfect! (well.. from this end of the country! LOL)

  2. Zelle -- mmmmmmm... sorry, that grin is there to stay for a while. :-) Glad you liked!

  3. Wow, that was damn hot! I loved it. This is the sort of thing that I love. You had me scared at first that you didn't like it. Then I saw the dreamy smile and I knew you were one happy woman. Love you! ~Juju

  4. Juju -- Hi sweetie! Oh yes... I am in la-la-land, never fear. :-)

  5. HERE...
    Satisfaction Guaranteed is definitely your song tonight! (heehee)

  6. LOL! Girl, you find the damndest songs!

  7. Yowza! Awesome! A "take-down" scene in your apartment! Way to go, Erica!

  8. "Please.... don't hurt me

    Yes, it sounds like it you made it all the way.

  9. This sounds like a beautiful scene – and one that shows the high amount of trust between New Guy and you! I love being tied up, too, especially in rougher scenes with my mate (whom I trust 100 per cent). Thanks for sharing! :-)

  10. :-) " you DID cry to when it happened to you " :-)

    Beautifull pics !

  11. Hello my Erica OMG WOW this was frickin AWESOME and VERY HOT, i LOVED it, WAY TO GO GIRL :-) i was scared for a minute that you didn't like it but as i read on and i saw that big smile on your face i thought yeah she likes it and LOVES it hehehe :-) I wouldn't mind being tied up either it looks like so much fun. your pics are MARVOLOUS DARLIN LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  12. Oh Erica you had me scared for a mo wondering what the hell was going on. That was awesome. Great pictures.


  13. Erica,

    High-five and fist bump to NG for deciphering your mood and needs :-)

    Fantastic pics again!


  14. Sounds like true love. xoxo

  15. Craig -- definitely a new experience in my apartment! :-)

    OBB -- what did I make?

    Kaelah -- it makes a huge difference, that trust. Then the fear is tempered with "I know he won't really hurt me."

    Alan -- Touché!

    Jade -- no need to be scared; I was in good hands. :-)

    Ronnie -- kept y'all guessing for a bit, huh?

    Rob -- yes... he did a flawless job. :-)

    OFG -- (giggling) Ah yes, nothing says true love like "Tie me up and beat me!"

  16. Electric sparks fly off this post. Really compelling. Love the pictures. What a wonderful smile.

  17. Hi Erica,

    What a hot scene! Kudos to NG again. I love that headspace. Your dreamy smile says it all.


  18. Lorraine -- thanks! I was hoping it would have that effect on readers. :-)

    Bonnie -- and that smile is still pasted on my silly face. I am utterly useless today; might as well just write the day off.

  19. OMG. If this is what posting those kinds of photos on a blog brings, be prepared for a ton of bondage photos on mine.

    I think yesterday made Red Monday history. :)


    (Now we need a new LOL Picture: You make Woofie speechless.)


  21. Pink -- yes, it really did. (beaming)

    Wolfie -- when're you gonna darn those socks already? :-D

  22. You unleashed NG's inner spanking beast! And you made the rest of us all hot and...well-hot! :)

    Without a warm up, how quickly did the sting rise to very painful? Going without a warmup is still untapped territory for me.

  23. Kelly -- when my adrenaline is racing, I seem to process pain differently. That might explain my heightened tolerance in front of a camera as well. However, as well as my befuddled mind can recall, the implements were quite painful.

    Had he started with those, I don't know if I could have taken it. But who knows... those endorphins go a long way.

  24. That was great story telling. Thanks once again for sharing and the fantastic photos.

    You may have never made a Turkey. But seeing you trussed like one was way HOT.


  25. Jon -- LOL! Well, thank God there was no meat thermometer involved...

  26. Yes, as Bonnie up there said, your dreamy smile says it all. I'm so happy for you, Erica. :) To be able to do something new that is powerful and hot with someone you trust...that is entirely awesome.

  27. Bonnie-jo -- thanks. It really is amazing, and I feel very lucky. :-)

  28. You have a great sense of humor.


  29. Jon -- thanks! Always happy to hear that. I'm curious, though, why you say that here. I wasn't trying to be funny with this particular entry. :-)

  30. I was referring to the meat thermometer comment you made.

    Sorry, I didn't make that clear.

    The entry is very sexy.


  31. Erica, the thoughts about trust that came to my mind when I read your account inspired me to write a post about that topic. I quoted a part of your beautiful account as an example for what kinds of scenes become possible if there's enough trust between the participants. Hope that's okay?

  32. Jon -- oh, duhhhhh. Should have read back into the older comments a little. Silly me. :-)

    Kaelah -- absolutely it's OK, and I'm quite flattered, thank you.

  33. Thank you for the inspiration, Erica! :-)

  34. AHHHH.... to live out ones fantasies, life is good!

  35. That was f'n hot, Erica. Damn you know how to take it and you know how to write it.

    Loved hearing about the change in play; seems like you really needed that ...


  36. Sandy -- thank you! Considering that you take it/write it pretty damn well yourself, that's a lovely compliment. :-)

  37. WOW! This was amazing, Erica. Loved the ropes, and so much more.

    Congrats on this post being Chrossed. How could he not? :)

  38. Michael -- thanks. :-D Well, you know, I never take it for granted. It's a huge treat every time it happens!

  39. Tying you up is a fantasy come true, thank you for sharing! Gagging you, however, would be a sin!

    I live to hear and read the things you say during a punishment.

    As a Dom I believe a sub should have respect but, dammit, I'm also a writer and you are brilliant!

    Also, I reside with your twin separated at birth; my own sub has a wit that would rival your own.

    I hope you keep sharing with us. You make our day.


  40. Robert -- is this your first time commenting? Welcome! And thank you. You mean there's another one out there like me? What's this world coming to? :-D

  41. Erica - This sounded wonderful, so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  42. Wow! I'm not into being tied up, but the whole scene was hot! You're right, that takes a lot of trust in the other person. I trust G. that much, we've known each other so long that he knows my mind better than I do sometimes!

  43. Jen -- this scene was in response to my musing about being abducted and spanked (after looking at some hot pictures). I love a top who makes fantasies come true. :-)