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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday potpourri

Today, I'd like to call your attention to one of the funniest blogs I've ever read, and that is not hyperbole. (Oh, look it up. :-Þ) Our friend Zelle has outdone herself, writing her tale of woe over two weeks of, er, a certain privilege denied. The pictures alone will have you falling off your chair. If you haven't read this yet, hunker down, go check it out and prepare to howl. Avoid sipping liquids or eating solid food during this time, unless you have someone nearby to apply the Heimlich maneuver.

Second, a few clips from The Wife and the Prostitute, one of the vignettes I shot with Paul and Sarah, is up on Sarah Gregory Spanking, which is her video pay site. I watched the first three mini-clips yesterday. You know, when you're in the midst of shooting these things and they're unscripted, you don't remember what was said until you see it later. Damn, but it's funny! Sarah is hilarious as the hooker -- I laughed my butt off watching her protest as Paul spanks me, "Yo! I am not getting paid to watch this kinky s*** go down!"

Usually by Wednesday, I'm fully recovered by Monday night's activities. Today, however, I find myself still quite tender, deep into the muscle. Now I don't know if that's because of working out the past two days or that other workout, but it's quite pleasing. :-)

Countdown to the Oscars on Sunday! Who's watching them? Who's seen what? John and I are not big moviegoers, so we've seen a whopping two of the nominated flicks, but they were the biggies: The King's Speech and The Social Network. I'm casting my vote for Colin Firth. Holy moly, that man is yummy. Oh... and yeah, he gave a good performance too. :-D

I'm scattered today. Can you tell? Spending way too much time on FetCrack... er, Life, getting into controversies over icky photos, arguing with asshats and perving on hot pictures... BAD! Focus, Erica. Time to stop babbling and go do something productive.


  1. I am off to Zelle's right away.
    I am going to watch True Grit on Saturday because sometimes a girl just needs a Western- you watch the one about the British King and I will watch the cowboys.
    I have spent a couple of hours hunting down pictures for my site, lots of fun and very inspirational in one way and another. ;)
    I am glad Monday got through to you on a very deep level, sometimes that is the only level that is worth anything.

  2. Poppy -- you always find yummy pictures!

    I am waiting for the DVD on True Grit, I think. I know it's well done, but I don't care for the Coen brothers -- their stuff tends to be so freaking over-the-top violent. But I hear Hailee Steinfeld (Mattie) is phenomenal. And oh, there's a spanking!

  3. OMG ERICA!.. What a sweety you are to pimp out my blog! Also .. I'm glad you gave everyone the "spew alert warning"! I'd hate to be facing a multitude of spankings from those Tops that didn't get the warning label and proceeded to slime their keyboards..... (wait a minute??? I would never hate a multitude of spankings from an annoyed Top! So maybe go back up and erase that warning for me,.. okay good buddy??) .. LOL j/k.. (not) LOL.. YES-really j/k.... ;-)

    THANK YOU AGAIN! - Now I'm off to watch the clips!!

  4. Zelle -- it was my pleasure! As I told you, it definitely deserved pimping. :-)

    Hope you enjoy the clips!

  5. Always more fun to be babbling than to do something productive. And, yes, easy to spend a lot of time on Fetlife.


  6. Hello my Erica, do you have the clips you and Sarah did? if not i hope you get them someday and post them here on your blog so i can see them i know they are VERY funny hehehe LOL :-) YOU and ZELLE ROCK. I Love You big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  7. OMG! Erica! Thanks for posting Zelle's blog writing. It had me ROFLOL.

    @Zelle, very funny and clever. Now when you get to be my age, you will probably not be so eager or going nutso. Hehehe.

  8. Erica, looks like you, Sarah and Paul did some amazing work. You spoke of the Oscars, when are they going to include spanko categories? A little gold man would look great standing on your mantle, and yes, I'm talking about the Academy Award and your shelf. ;)

    Zelle's blog rocks, and that post of her's is outright hilarious. Between her site and yours a person can't go wrong.

  9. FD -- indeed it is... a friend started a new group today. I am doomed! lol

    Jade -- I'm sorry, honey, but I can't post the clips here. They belong to Sarah's site and she sells them.

    Bobbie Jo -- wasn't that just the best? Talk about entertainment!

    Michael -- what would my Oscar category be? Best Supporting Ass? ;-)

  10. Thanks you guys for clicking over to read my blog! Glad you got a kick out of it!

  11. From Annapurna


    Thanks for the tip about Zelle's blog. I've sent in an academy nomination for her role as the funnest sweetheart alive...Envelope please!

    It only takes you a couple of days to heal! Well that's really amazing. I'm still sore from Monday's trifecta, featuring the hand-belt-hairbrush routine. Eek!

  12. @Annapurna.... Thanks for the nomination! I have never won one.. but I do believe ERICA --who has won many such awards, was the inspiration for the new BLOGSCAR award! I'd display this proudly on the mantel if I won!

    CLICK HERE to see it!

  13. The post Zelle put up was so funny.

    Yeah for Colin Firth, he'll win, I'm sure. I saw Black Swan, excellent film and I think Natalie Portman will win best actress.


  14. Annapurna -- I agree with that nomination. :-)

    Zelle -- ROFL!! Damn, I'm buff!

    Ronnie -- Portman is the favorite, I think. But Annette Bening might pull it off for The Kids Are Alright.

  15. From Annapurna


    I did a face plant right into my keyboard with that one! ROFLOL! Stop it all ready!!

    I just might do a screen capture and use that, ahem, fine portrait of Erica on the blog I'm creating; it's so inspirational!

  16. Erica you are 100% per cent right. Zelle, is funny, and most humourous on her blog. Her 'yiddishe koph' like yours, always works overtime.and makes us laugh, in our so called troubled world, these days.

  17. six -- I am happy to pass on anything that produces laughter. We all could use it and Zelle is quite brilliant. :-)

  18. Yes, Zelle's post was quite funny - thank you for sharing.

    Oh, and regarding Colin - I think we may have to fight for him ;)

  19. Em -- you, me and a whole lot of others, methinks! :-)