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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My heartthrob is... How old???

OK, anyone who's known me for five minutes knows that my (almost) lifelong actor crush is on David Selby, who played the roguish Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows. I was 12 years old when I first laid eyes on him, and his handsome, 6' 4" presence rocked my pre-adolescent little world.

His birthday was this past weekend. He turned 70.


No way. It can't be. He is not 70.

Ah, but he is. (sigh)

But in my mind, in my stacks of Dark Shadows DVDs, he will always look like this:

Oh, the fantasy mileage I've gotten from David Selby and his alter ego. I even wrote a spanking story about traveling back in time and finding myself face to face with his character in Collinwood, 1897. But wait, there's more! My good buddy Dave Wolfe immortalized us both, a couple of years ago:

Wolfie is so freaking talented, isn't he? Swisssshhhhh! Heehee...

Yet another friend paired us again, by taking a cartoon from the amazing Endart and Photoshopping "Quentin's" and my face into it:

I know, I know... does it get any sillier? I'm way too damn old for crushes. But I've had so much fun with this one, it's hard to let it go.

So happy belated birthday, David... I still love ya! :-)


  1. Since it is soon Valentine's Day, Erica, you are allowed to fantasise about your dreamboat David Selby. And maybe my yiddishe koph, is allowed to fantasise about you. So here is a little poem that I wrote dedicated to you. "Beauty is of the heart, and mind. Beauty is what you possess, for beauty has been kind. Beauty is in your hair, and sparkling eyes,
    for Beauty is what you possess, for beauty has chosen wise" So many happy spanks on Valentine's Day Erica, and lots of heartfelt LUV.

  2. Alright... That's it! Enough with this obsession of yours! As your Tops say.. "You've just gone too far again, young lady"!.. I'm afraid someone is going to have to perform a "spankorcism" and who better to do that than "THIS MAN!"

  3. Six -- that's very sweet of you. Thank you, and happy almost Valentine's to you too. :-)

    Zelle -- HA! I'd forgotten about your little contribution to my obsession pile!

    Hey, I was the only one in the long, long, LONG line of women waiting for his autograph to have the nerve to plant one on him. :-D

  4. Hello my Erica the pic of you and David is VERY CUTE and PRICELESS I LOVE IT :-) i read that he turned 70 the other day and the first person i thought about was you i said that is Erica's biggest crush LOL :-) Wolfie is so freakin BRILLIANT his cartoon of you and David is so COOL. I have to have 2 more eye surgeries i have a cataract in the eye that i had surgery in and then the oil that holds my eye in place has to come out, i am VERY strong and brave i will get through this :-) i Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. Nothing wrong with being lovestruck...I always have had a thing for Anthony Hopkins..and erm, a couple of others.
    And let me not even start on youngster Robert Thomas Patterson..I am just ignoring the 20 years odd difference...(GRIN)

  6. Jade -- yes, you ARE brave and I know you will come through, and have two good eyes! :-)

    Raven -- well, if you're crushing on a vampire, then you might have enjoyed Dark Shadows yourself! :-D

  7. Dark Shadows , wow I havent thought about that show in ages !

    You had him right there and DIDNT ask for a spanking ??

    Your slipping girl , your slipping ! :-) :-D

  8. Alan -- LOL... yeah, well, I was pushing it enough with the kiss! I can just imagine him thinking, as he looked at the remaining long line, "Oh, CRAP! Now they're ALL gonna want to do that!"

  9. My, my, my! Erica! Are you ever asking for it! LOl

    Dark Shadows? Well, I didn't know about David. I didn't watch that show. My sil did and I guess she thought some of it was really creepy. I do remember all the buzz about it and how it seemed that Jonathan Frid got all the attention. I knew his name was Barnabas Collins, but that was the extent of it.

    At least you got to kiss David. :-P

  10. Bobbie Jo -- yes, Barnabas was the other big heartthrob on DS. Jonathan Frid is still ticking at age 85, bless his vampire heart. I am the proud owner of a replica of the silver wolf's-head cane he carried on the show.

  11. The little Windows Puppy is scratching fecklessly, trying to find out WHERE I saved an ad to send to you; it was from the back of a 1970 comic, for a glow-in-the-dark Barnabas poster.

    Better would have been Quentin that turns into the werewolf under a blacklight.

    Actually, he turned into a weredouble, huh?

    Didn't you have the "Erica Meets Quentin" story up at "SCSWC?" (Snicker!! Just THINK of all the people that won't know that stands for "Southern California Spanked Wives Club!" It'll drive 'em NUTS!!) If we asked very sweetly, again praising your writing prowess, might you re-post it here? Non Fans could go outside and play for a while.

    Two of my favorite pics of all time are the ones with you and Mr. Selby: the first, with you looking delightfully twitterpated, and then, the one up there! They make my heart smile.

    Wonder if I'll ever get to meet Barbara Eden? Sigh.

    I'm so glad you're still getting giggles from that cartoon! Thank you for the praise, and Jade, you, too-- your eye surgery will go very well! I know lots of people who have had it and are one hundred percent now!

    OK, everybody! David Selby Birthday Dark Shadows DVD Party at Erica's!!

  12. Wolfie -- you remember ALL the trivia! Yeah, Quentin's werewolf wasn't Selby, it was stuntman Alex Stevens, who was several inches shorter than Selby.

    I don't know about reposting that story here. So few people would really get it; you have to be a major Dark Shadows fan. As I recall, the reception at SCSW was so-so.

  13. Well, Phooey to them! I vote, two paws up!

    (By the way, Zelle, how do you link your cool creations??)

  14. I have never been fortunate to have seen an episode of that show, Erica. For shame!

    But your obsession is much better than my inexplicable one...Bill Murray! Bill Murray? Really? Oh yes. I know how strange it is.

  15. Pink -- did you ever see that old episode of Saturday Night Live, where Murray does a news commentary about corporal punishment in school and ends up meandering into a fantasy about spanking a female student?

  16. Hey Erica,

    You got Chrossed again!!! Yea!!!!

  17. Bobbie Jo -- I did, I did! (happy dance) :-)

  18. Erica, I used to watch SNL a lot when I was a kid. I wonder if that scene didn't plant Bill Murray in my head...? It's such an inexplicable thing. Bill Effin' Murray. Totally random.