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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Monday....

I'll have you all know that I am totally squirming in my chair as I write this. All I want to do is go get horizontal in front of my TV and stop sitting. My bottom feels like I sat on a beehive. But I have a blog to write. People want to read about Erica getting her a$& beat. Would I let you guys down?

Feel sorry for me? Didn't think so. Pffffffttttttttttt.

New Guy was able to come over a bit earlier (around 5:00) because he had the day off. We sat on my couch chatting for a bit, but then he got up, pulled a chair away from the dining room table, plunked it down in the living room and sat on it, looking at me expectantly. I feigned ignorance. "You want to sit over there?"

"Yes, I do. And I think you should come join me."

I didn't agree and stayed right where I was.

"Are you going to make me come and get you?" Damn right I was. And he did.

Turned out he had some issues with my "proper behavior during a spanking" blog. Gee, there's a surprise. And when he gave me a hard whack with the tawse and I blurted out a four-letter word, he didn't approve of that either. Then, after I screeched, "Jesus Christ!", he said I was taking the Lord's name in vain.

"Geeeez... when I say something right, will you let me know??" I snapped. Pick, pick, pick.

He told me I deserved this; I protested and said I did not. To which he'd replied, "Well then, what do you think you deserve? A cupcake??"

(Yeah! Sounds good to me! Chocolate, please.)

He didn't agree and said I should say I was sorry.

I looked up at him thoughtfully. "You know, you say 'sorry' funny."

Well, he does! I pronounce it sahr-y, and that's the way I hear everyone else say it too. He, however, pronounces it sore-y. Freaking Minnesotans.

After that comment, he stopped talking and commenced walloping. After a looooong stretch of his hand, tawse and one of his leather straps, he asked, "Well, are you sorry?"

I paused, took a deep breath, turned my head and looked at him, smiling down at me. "Not... in... the... least," I hissed.

In response, he picked me up as if I weighed nothing, hauled me across the room and dumped me on the ottoman. The heavy strap and the paddle came out. "I don't want any more smart remarks from you, do you hear me?"

"Yeah," I answered. "From now on, I'll make stupid remarks."

Sheesh, you try to be agreeable...

But soon, I began to weaken and my sharp tongue dulled. And soon after that, I was muffling my screams in the cushion. I tried to be stubborn, tried to resist, but of course, I ended up hollering, "OK, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

He knelt down next to me, gently rubbling my bottom and back. "Shall I go get the lotion?" he asked.

I wasn't ready. Don't know why, but I needed just a little more. "No," I said, "you'll just use it and then start up again so it'll hurt more!"

"Would I do that?"

"Yes, Mr. Fink, you would!"

(Mr. Fink?? Where the hell did I come up with that?)

He shook his head. "And here I thought I was done. Go get that heart-shaped paddle." Remember, folks, I'm not stupid. This was not the time to say "Get it yourself." I retrieved it and handed it to him, resisting the urge to drop it at his feet. I was in enough trouble for pulling my pants and panties back up after I left the room. "You leave those down until I tell you it's OK to pull them back up, do you understand?"

Yup... I asked for it. I brought that paddling on myself. But holy gawd, did it hurt.

He was sweet, then. After I'd returned to Earth and asked, "What would you like to do now?", he smiled at me and said, "I wanna buy you a cupcake!" :-D

I laughed and asked if he'd make it a bowl of soup instead; I was starving. We decided to go to dinner. I first took him to a Thai place near my place, but it turned out they were closed on Mondays. So we went back to the deli where we'd gone before, and I happily chowed down on comfort food -- a big bowl of chicken matzo ball soup. He had a pizza.

Was I well-behaved during dinner?

When we got back to my place, he put me over a chair and strapped me with his belt. Does that answer your question?

Ah, don't worry, I wasn't really mad. We watched a DVD (Shadow Lane's At Your Service), got into a tickle fight (have you ever heard of anyone being ticklish around their knees? He is!) and of course I ended up back over his knee. I got away from him and he was chasing me around the room with my pants down -- and that looked so funny, he had to get a picture of it. Yes, I'm wearing my glasses.

I really don't think he was showing the proper gratitude. After all, he was yawning and I was concerned about his drive home, so I was just trying to wake him up. It worked, didn't it? Well?

Ah, I'm done now. I can go put on some soft jammies and sprawl out, watch the Tonight show, eat some chocolate. The heater is on -- warm body, warm bottom. Happy, happy Monday. :-)


  1. I can't imagine NG had issues with your "proper behavior" blog.. pfffffftttt!.. Tops can be so persnickety! What part of those "C" answers did he really think you were serious about?? Where was his sense of humor??

    Ya know what.. after that little trip over the ottoman, and some muffled screams.. you should have come up for air saying.. "I'm SORE-y! I'm SORE-y! Ya happy now?"

    So glad to see you breaking in that heart shaped paddle he gave you.. I had high hopes it wouldn't stay in the bag till next Valentines Day. (insert wicked grinz)

    I'm wondering how you even SAT DOWN at dinner.. much less ate and carried on a conversation! LOL

    One more thing.. I think YOU were "At His Service" when you gave up your bottom once more for the "wake him up" cause. LOL

  2. Another absolutely beautiful and funny account, Erica! You've really got a way of bratting that makes me always makes me grin and laugh. As I already wrote in my last comment I'm not very cheeky during a spanking (except maybe if Ludwig stops too early and I want more ;-) ), but I love to read your funny accounts, because it is so obvious that this kind of play suits you perfectly.

    Btw, don't worry, I wouldn't ever feel offended by your wonderful post about how to take a spanking, just because I'm a bit more obedient and quiet during a spanking. I don't live in a D/s relationship, anyway, and only play for fun, empowerment, relaxation or, well, in combination with other happy activities couples (and others) do... ;-)

    Most of the time I'm just too happy about being spanked or too much focussed on a more severe spanking and the feeling of empowerment that comes with it to make lots of cheeky remarks. But maybe there'll be a light-hearted scene one day during which I can use some of the helpful things which I learn from your posts! :-)

  3. i knew that post was gonna bite u in the a$$ . LOL Looks like u had a good time and i bet slept quite well on your tummy .

    And i will hae to admit , those are very nice pics of a sexy sack-a-potatoes , I would say sweet potatoes but we know better.

    Kind look more like "twice baked " to me !! ;-D

  4. Always nice to check your blog and see your sexy ass cheeks glowing. Much better red than white i think.

  5. Bahahaha hehehe you are so funny my Erica you have VERY good comebacks :-) i laughed so hard, your pics are ADORABLE LOL. i agree with Zelle how did you even SIT DOWN during dinner and eat and have a conversation? OUCH they don't call you BIONIC BUTT for nothing hehehe :-) if it was me that got spanked super hard like you did, i would be standing during dinner and i couldn't concentrate on anything else but the pain hehehe i would try to sit down but i would jump back up clutching my bum hehehe. I Love You big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. Zelle -- well, it helped that we were in a big round booth that was soft and cushy. :-D Plus, I was freezing and concentrating more on trying to get my hands warm. I should have sat on them!

    Kaelah -- believe it or not, sometimes I'm more focused and serious too (although that tends to come later). I really am glad I didn't offend you -- there is a fine line between having some fun and stepping on toes, and I don't like to do the latter. :-)

    Alan -- I yam what I yam. :-)

    Anonymous -- thank you. I guess red is my color.

    Jade -- New Guy gives me very good setups for comebacks. ;-)

  7. Erica,

    I'm new to your blog and have only read a few posts so far, but I admire your creative and clear writing style and your sense of humour. It's both entertaining and interesting. Thank you!

  8. Anonymous -- welcome! I hope you keep reading and enjoying. :-)

  9. Hi Erica,

    Even if NG can't make you sahr-y, he delivers a fine does of sore-y! The running, chasing, catching spanking is a particular favorite of mine. You sure know how to start the week on a positive note!


  10. dose not does, ugh!

    I'm not dyslexic. My fingers just don't work.

  11. Bonnie -- true, that, because SORE-y I am! :-D Sorry? Eh... taking the fifth on that one.

  12. You're so cute, Erica. I've met a New Guy of my own...wish me luck!


  13. Honestly...You treat the man to dinner and he has the nerve to return to your place and spank you AGAIN?! :) Some gratitude HE shows.

    Your pants are very cute and bum flattering. I'd enjoy receiving the implement spanking over them as much as bare bottomed.

    I feel exactly like you that if a top wants a bottom bared the TOP is responsible for that. I hope NG never wastes either of your time commanding you to do it. :)

  14. Libby -- OOH! How lovely! Yes, absolutely, best of luck, and if things go swimmingly well, perhaps blog about it?

    Kelly -- uh, well... he bought ME dinner this time. I bought him dinner last time we went out.

    Oh, no worries -- he never tells me to bare my own bottom. Yanking down panties is one of his favorite things! :-D

  15. So! Taking the fifth on this, eh? Well does that mean you need more inducements to say sahr-y? :-P Not Erica. Even if she may be a bit, um, not so eager to sit down. LOL

    Love the interaction there, Erica. And, yes, the running away around in circles adds a bit of hilarity to the situation. Fun stuff. Love it.

  16. @Bonnie,

    Just blame the keyboard like I do when those typos happen. After all, it is the keyboard's fault isn't it? LOL

  17. Bobbie Jo -- sometimes, TTWD can have a very goofy and playful side. I do enjoy abandoning myself to that now and then. Fortunately, NG does too!

  18. From Annapurna


    I'm so "sore-y" you got you bottom whacked! What did you do over dinner to get another round when you got home? You didn't steal his pepperoni did you or call him "Mr Fink?"

  19. Annapurna -- nope, I hate pepperoni. :-) I don't think it was any one particular thing; probably just my overall sass!

  20. Your overall sass my foot! :-P You MUST have done or said something! LOL Glad you had fun anyway whether you actually did something or not. I guess that really isn't the point, is it?


  21. Oh, BTW, Erica, who says we have to DO something sassy or, or, well, you know, to get a spanking in the first place? How about just one for the road? ;-D

  22. Whew... thanks, Erica!! You bring out the slightly-hidden voyeur in all of us... especially with these cleverly disguised guys.!

  23. Dave -- (laughing) How is it that I've never seen that picture before? Funny!

  24. Erica! Here I was coughing, spluttering, using copious amounts of tissues, shivering under blankets, stripping off dying of heat, in a continious cycle,...and you were having an absolute great time!
    Good for you!! It is so lovely to see, even with a bottom quite red, your enjoyment of life in the photos.
    And I have taken note of all your "comments" used. I might be slightly under the weather right now, but there will soon be a moment where I can put them into practise. (GRIN)

  25. Raven -- ohhhh, you poor thing! Ugh! Sorry you've been so sick.

    I do have my fun, don't I. One would think I kinda like this spanking thing. :-)

  26. Erica -- Now, there's a "girls who wear glasses" picture I wish I could have used! Just lovely....

    And remember: "Sorry" is just a board game.....

    Dr. Ken,
    another Minnesotan

  27. This got Chrossed and quite right too!

  28. Dr. Ken -- thank you for appreciating us bespectacled girls!

    Poppy -- and the same to you, fellow Chrossite!