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Friday, February 25, 2011

Correspondence Hall of Shame, 2/25

Yippee! It's Chross and CHoS day! :-D

WHAT did you just say to me?

First up:

well it nice coming accross your profile and i think it really intresting... You want to be treated right. You want to be valued and understood. You want to be free to express yourself and you understand the world around you. You are strong and pasionate, intense and gentle. You are attracted to a man I will like to know more about is my e-mail adres

(yawn) And how many women did we send this to today?

i cant beleave how hot and sexy you are in your photo i love it so much.nothing is as nice as you are like so hot.the pleasure in you is so feels beautyful seem like such a cool lady ,i know im maybe not your typ but i had to say this anyways either way.

(wrestling open the Advil bottle) Maybe not my typ? Honey, you're definitely not my typ.

This one's from a guy who noticed I have pictures of broken implements:

As a hobby I make paddles of different types and different materials. If you look at my pictures is a small sample of what I do. I makes some of birch plywood that won't break, even on the hardest ass....

You makes? Good for you, Popeye. But I yam not interested.

I think you have a great smile and a perfect - - - thought I was going to say "ass" didn't you, great bottom. Would love to be able to caress and feel both, before spanking the ladder.

Ouch! Better sand that ladder first or you'll get splinters.

And if I didn't think I was going to hell before, I sure do now:

wat a desperate look all of u sinful funky its shall all fall oneday for u all are plagues of moral distruction

(laughing) Ah, yes, I am a plague. Every time I open my mouth, locusts fly out. My dear, if you think my li'l old spanking fetish is the cause of moral distruction [sic], you need to get off your knees and get out more. And your first stop should be night school to take Remedial English.

Nothing like a good snark to start off the weekend! I admit, I'm a little out of sorts today, feeling prickly and hard-edged. John was supposed to have today off... not only does he not have today off, but he is working tomorrow morning as well. So I'm not going to his place tonight. It's not that I'm upset about staying home this evening -- it's going to be rainy and cold anyway. But I'm worried about him. All that stuff he said about turning over a new leaf and not working so hard seems to have fallen by the wayside. I guess once a workaholic, always a workaholic? (sigh) I know that fretting over him changes nothing and just annoys him, so I need to stop.

So I try to distract myself and go on FetLife last night, attempting to have some fun, and all I see on the activity feed are graphic, gross and extreme photos, with severely thrashed bottoms, tops bragging about having made them that way, and other bottoms oohing and ahhing over how pretty they are. You know... I wish I could understand this. I wish I knew why it offends me so. I mean, these are clearly consensual scenes and the bottoms aren't upset about them. So why should I be? Ack. Perhaps I should stay off FL for a little while and clear my head. When I'm in judgment mode, I know I'm a bit off and I need to be quiet until it passes.

Tomorrow will be fine -- John and I will be seeing an old friend for dinner and catching up, so that should be fun. And then before I know it, it will be Monday again. :-)

I leave you with a baffling search keyword phrase I found in my stats this morning:


Say it with me, kids -- WTF??????

Have a great weekend, y'all. :-)


  1. I'm seriously laughing out loud, Erica! I'm going to stop wishing for more comments on my bloggie-wog if that's the quality I can expect.
    And seriously, FL is weird. Every time I think I'm going to quit, someone decent emails me and I make a friend. But yes, ick! I'll see you there! ;-}


  2. Deer Erika,

    u R the typ of women I want to makes hapy. Cld U show me how u brake instruments over your but?



  3. Libby -- for the most part, I really do enjoy FetLife, since so many of my pals are on there and there are lots of great discussions. BUT...there are days when I seriously want to gouge out my eyes! LOL

    Michael -- oh, how silly u r. :-)

  4. Hello my Erica, those idiot's can't even spell hehehe, they should go back to school, i even spell better than them :-) i don't like fetlife cause it's to gross for me the bums on there are VERY bloody and bruised, it looks like they came from a horror movie, a spanking is one thing but half killing someone is a totally different issue. i am so sorry you can't see John tonight :-( i feel bad but tomorrow will be here soon and then you will see him :-) I Love You, big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. Jade -- it's OK, I'll be fine. It's FREEZING out... I'm going to stay inside, nice and warm. :-)

  6. Also, big congrats on your "Monday..." post being Chrossed, Erica. Excellent!

  7. Congratulations on being Chrossed. Now I am busy wiping tears from my eyes...OMG, I love it when you are cranky!
    Erm..."you are the plagues of moral destruction"?
    You took the locusts, with my current voice full of bronchitis, can I please, please have the frogs??

    Yours truly
    a.full.epasoad.of,coughings - Raven
    (and you are most welcome to say WTF!!)

  8. And Lo! The Woman of Moral Turpitude didst appear upon the Blogasphere, and within her hands was the Book of Snark, whereby contemptuous wrath should be released upon the unwise, the unclean, and the untutored, and grinning mightily toward those gathered to bask in the Sea of Sarcastic Glee, she lifted her keyboard upon high and brought it down mightily upon the heads and naughty bits of the aforementioned offenders, and they didst cry aloud, "EEP!" so that the heavens rocked, as like the final rooftop concert of St. John Paul George and Ringo, and the multitude rose a great Cheer and sundry other laundry products in great appreciation, whereby a marvelous light poured from their monitors and shewed them a Preview Clip which was a great delight to all peoples.

    And that's what Friday's all about, Charlie Brown.

  9. Wolfie, ROFLMAO! Nobody can top THAT comment.

    Erica, I was going to say something about the plywood guy. Plywood? That's a bit low class. I think you deserve only the best quality hardwood. Canadian Maple, for instance.


  10. While I can only guess what you term graphic, gross and extreme photos, with severely thrashed bottoms. I suspect I would apply the same terms. I really don't need to see parts displayed.

    I know that some mark easy. [You don't] I know that I have marked such women. I know they like to view the marks and feel a little depressed when they fade. Yet I don't want to see them.

    Just an old guy here

  11. Hi Erica, I just found your blog. Thankyou for the an awesome morning laugh! Too funny. Glad I found you. Galway

  12. After power outages, and 10"-12" of snow (not much by mid-west and eastern standards) I am back online.

    Erica, How funny. I love these posts you do with the "wonderful" messages you get. What are they thinking?!

    Congratulations on being Chrossed again! Fabulous! You deserve that and I am so happy for you.

    From what you wrote about Fetlife, I am glad I am not a member of that blog. I don't get it either, but that is the way they want it. Trouble is, they don't get it as to what it is doing to their bodies. Oh, well...

  13. @Wolfie,

    I concur with Hermione! ROFLOL at hilarity provided by those unfortunates who have become spiflicated by making themselves the brunt of the joke by their own lack of decency. Way to go, Wolfie!

  14. Erica, now you almost made me curious to get a FetLife account in order to see what you're talking about... ;-) Joking aside, I can relate to the bad gut feeling you've got about pictures of heavy/bloody marks. I had that as well when I started exploring my kink. But I'm very glad to see that you know that there is nothing morally wrong with playing on the more severe end as long as it is safe, sane and consensual.

    Today I even haven't got a bad gut feeling any more when I come across pictures of severe play. On rare occasions I've played on the more severe end myself and I know that with an experienced top and the necessary safety measurements it doesn't cause any permanent harm. So, as long as the people involved are happy about what they're doing, I think it is of utmost importance to protect their freedom to live out their personal kink.

    There are a lot of kinks I'm not interested in or which would even harm me if I would practise them, for example real life DD, severe interrogation scenarios and so on. But just because it's not my cup of tea, that doesn't give me the right to judge others who want to experience these things.

    Of course on the other hand I don't have to read any accounts or watch any pictures which I don't like or which frighten me. And of course I'm allowed to say that I have a bad gut feeling about some things as long as I don't tell others how they should live their lives. That's also a part of personal freedom!

    So, thank you for your insight and for differenciating so clearly between your gut feeling and moral judgements! That's something which one unfortunately doesn't always find in our community. I cross my fingers for you to find a space on FetLife where you feel good and happy without having a bad got feeling about other people's kinks. :-)

    BTW, my word verification is "strap". Isn't that nice... ;-)

  15. Raven -- yes, you are welcome to the frogs! Hope I didn't make you cough too hard. :-D

    Dave -- I agree, there is NO topping that! LOL for real! I had no idea that preview clip was on Spanking Tube, so thank you for that as well. Cheer and other laundry products -- you are too much! :-)

    Hermione -- uh, no, no, I am not worthy! ;-)

    OBB -- it's very true that some people want those marks. Truth be told, I miss mine. But I don't want that kind of damage. It's very hard for me to wrap my head around actually wanting that, but I know I must, because some do.

    Galway -- welcome! Hope you stick around and enjoy.

    Bobbie Jo -- sorry you had to deal with the power outages; that is the pits. FetLife... what can I say. There's a lot I enjoy about it, truly. Just now and then, something sets me off.

    Kaelah -- thank you for acknowledging and appreciating my struggle. I really don't like myself when I'm being judgmental. I think it was just a last-straw kind of thing the other night. Someone had pulled up about a dozen different photos of bottoms that looked like raw meat, and commented on each one, "I did that!" "I did that!" "I did that!" etc. With grin emoticons. That upset me, and I really shouldn't have paid it any mind. It's not my business.

  16. LOL! I think that FetLife needs to make a spelling group that everyone is required to join.

  17. Lea -- I do believe they'd lose about half their membership if they did that. (snark)

  18. Well, you sure won't see me over there! (Brookland cheer).

  19. Talk about --- a.full.epasoad.of,CHoS -- YEE GADS!


  20. Zelle -- thanks! and you had yourself quite an "epasoad" this weekend, didn't you. :-D

  21. rofl.. uh huh.. I did.. LOL .. I wonder how many "epaToads" I have to kiss before I find that prince? LOL

  22. Erica – now I can relate even better to your negative gut feeling! I already assumed that it was caused rather by the comments and not by the pictures per se. Of course the “I did that!” comments don't say much about the attitude of the top in question (it could also be “tongue-in-cheek”), but to me it doesn't sound very adult and not like the top cares much about the bottoms he or she plays with. I assume that this might have caused your bad gut feeling. This story (in combination with a post written by Leia-Ann Woods) inspired me to write a post titled “I Did That!” which is about the selfish side of sadism and the question if and when this can be a danger to a bottom. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  23. Fetlife scares me. I used to think that was because I am the world's most useless wimp and then I realised that maybe it is just the place where people can go to to push the limits and it is like walking in a film right at the climax when it is loud and people are being emotional. Nothing makes sense because it is out of context and is a bit bewildering.
    Congratulations my little, Chross buddy.

  24. @Poppy... I ♥ Fetlife... It is what you make of it. You are in control of your own remote there. Over 373 spanking groups you can join to converse and get to know other like minds. I own 5 eclectic groups from Spanking, to ALPHA women, to Equestrians and bdsm, etc. I also help moderate 4 groups with some other ladies (and rarely do I have to do anything but read) - and, I belong to over 75 groups that interest me (not all about spanking of course) - as there are "local groups", so I know what is going on locally.. I belong to a "vendor and website reviews" group -- I'm a member of the "True Blood Fan Club" - I'm a member of "The Male Mind", and of course "The Female Mind" -- I'm a member of the "Sensual Players" group, most cause my "kink" if of the romantic variety.. -- I'm a member of "Movies, Kinky or otherwise" - I'm a member of the "Dominant Men that Like Submissive Women with Dominant Personalities" group, "The Quote of the Day" group.. on and on an on. You only have to surround yourself with spanko friends on your friends list.. that way.. you don't see what the other 800,000 people are doing in this kinky world we live in. :-) -- I've made incredible friends there.. and all my play partners were people I've met via Fetlife.

  25. Zelle, I really did not mean to be rude. I am so sorry if I sounded like that. It is just when I was a member really scary people (who were so hardcore) would write to me all the time and say things that just freaked me out. One guy kept sending me vile messages for daring to pick my own name and I had to resort to being horrid to make him go away. I don't have lots of spanko friends, I don't have your support group. I am just me and it is not as easy when you are just one person. I think I did not know how to represent who and what I am. I just seemed to be fodder for aggressive men that wanted someone to push about. I know there are wonderful people there (you and Erica for a start) but I think I am all wrong for it. I am really sorry if I sounded like I was being horrid about a place that is good and people that are your friends. You see? I should not even talk about Fetlife! :)

  26. Sorry, I made a cup of tea and just thought about something else. For me, in my vanilla life I am really tough. I am in charge of lots of people and deal with tough situations all the time- I am pretty Alpha. But in this part of my life I don't want to be dealing with people where I have to be all hard nosed. I want a bit of my life to allow me to be a bit more gentle and I found that hard on Fetlife. When I read about you and Erica I am sometimes in awe because I think you have such different approaches to TTWD than I do. You are far more confident than me in this area. I have never even been to a party. My boyfriend is 3,000 miles away and I can feel alone in that big place.We are so different that maybe it can be true that Fetlife can be a wonderful place for some people, a source of much joy and friendship but for other people it can be overwhelming and exposing. So I stand by what I said but I will qualify it by saying that it was a personal, subjective perspective and I respect the views of other people who find the opposite is true.

  27. @Poppy,

    I can understand where you are coming from. I am alone, too, and just me. I took one look at the main page of Fetlife and decided it was not for me. It is ok for those who want to be there, as Zelle and Erica do, and that is fine. It is also ok for you to not want to be there as I don't want to be. Some of the people are a bit scary, to put it mildly. And there are the neat people there, too. I am new to all of this, though I did do some investigating years ago, but there weren't any blogs then. I am careful about who I correspond with and that is ok, too. Just be you. As far as I am concerned, you have just as much right to be yourself as any of the rest of us do. Right now, I think I have one, maybe two friends in this spanking world and I am beginning to slowly develop more. I hope you will be able to find some more friends that treat you like you should be all of us should be: with respect. I can sometimes rant about what I think is straight abuse when it was consentual between the people involved. I have to remember that. I may not like it, but that is the way it is so I chose to avoid as much of it as I can in my research.

    Yeah, I am still in research mode. Probably always will be. :-) That is another part of me; in my head. Achedemia. I didn't go to college for 16yrs for nothing! ROFLOL

  28. Poppy -- listen up, sweet girl; you were NOT rude. Not in the least. So don't even fret about that. You are entitled to your opinion, you stated it politely and yeah, sometimes FetLife IS kinda scary.

    Zelle and I have found our niche there, I guess. We have lots of buddies, we participate in several groups, we post pictures and get comments, we comment on other pictures. It's definitely a case of "you take what you need/like and you leave the rest."

    Some days, I find a lot more to like than to dislike. But other days, it's the reverse.

    If you felt preyed upon or uncomfortable there, then there is no reason for you to try to force some sort of fit there. It isn't for everyone, for sure.

    Anyway... you're very safe here, so always feel free to be your lovely self. :-)

  29. Oh Poppy.. I didn't take it wrong at all darlin'! Don't fret there! You stated what you disliked, I brought the opposing view to the table. I was just stating why it was I love Fetlife.. and were it not for Fetlife.. I'd have not met most of my good friends and play partners I have now. I too have to be in control in 3 different jobs in vanilla life, and when I want to let my hair down.. I feel I can go to fetlife and find a release of sorts - whether by reading what others have to say, or by voicing my own opinion.

    I can totally understand how you don't want to deal with buttheads.. nor do I.. but you get them all the time in every day life.. luckily, unlike real life.. on Fetlife I can just hit the BLOCK button! Hooray for that. LOL

  30. With Google searches like that, how many hits does one get? Two or three?

  31. Craig -- good question. I didn't notice, but it can't be more than that.