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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday mash-up

I'm all over the place today. First, to wrap up my Gym Rant post from earlier this week -- I swear, the Gym Gods read it and punished me. On Wednesday, when I was in my usual class, a man came in late and 1) stood right in front of me, blocking my view of the instructor; 2) proceeded to do nearly everything incorrectly and with horrible form, and 3) was out of sync with the rest of the class. Can't people tell when 30 people are moving a different way than they are?? Then yesterday, in another class, the microphone wasn't working and the instructor didn't like having to shout, so she was off her game. She still blasted the music so you couldn't hear her, and since I'm blind as a bat and don't wear my glasses when working out, I couldn't see what she was doing either. Arrrrgghhhh! I give up. The things I go through to beat back the ravages of Father Time. Some days, I wish my vanity would take a hike.

On to more positive things: Happy Chross Friday! And congratulations to all the co-bloggers who were listed today as well. Is it my imagination, or is Chross's list growing longer? So many great choices!

You know, some might get sick of my exultations every time I make this illustrious list. But I can't help it -- it's fun! It's flattering. And it's such a kick to watch my hits soar. Yes, I am an attention whore. I admit it. I joke about it. I invite people to giggle at it. It is what it is. But I know I'm not alone. :-)

Checking my stats yesterday, I notice I was getting hundreds of hits from a bondage blog. Huh? I went to look, and sure enough, my "Stranger" entry had been quoted in a blog about various aspects of bondage. Interesting note: The blog author had set up the entry by saying that I'd posted my blog about Abduction Guy's pictures to put ideas into New Guy's head. Actually, I didn't. Not consciously, anyway. I was genuinely bewildered and rattled about my reactions to those photos, and I wanted to talk about it. But I sure am glad it turned out the way it did. (beaming)

And finally -- anyone want a giggle? Go check out the mischief that Poppy is up to. Apparently the Princesses are in revolt. Feel free to join in throwing me under the bus (or under the moat, as the case may be). (And yes, I was consulted beforehand and heartily gave my approval.)

Another weekend upon us... off to John's later, and then will be celebrating a spanking good President's Day on Monday. Happy, happy me. :-)

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. HAPPY CHROSS DAY TO YOU! AND.. POPPY'S BLOG.. omg.. that was too funny. They sure shoved you under that bus for sure! LOL ..

    ps.. the older I get.. the easier it is to say.. "Hey! BUCKO! DOWN IN FRONT!"... LOL

  2. Zelle -- and to you too!

    LOL... our poor instructor, she was coming over to that guy every few minutes, trying to correct his form. I would have been telling him, "Give it up, Buddy, you're hopeless."

  3. CONGRATS TO MY ERICA WAY TO GO GIRL :-) I am very happy for you.OMG THANK YOU so VERY much for the surprise birthday chocolate pretzels i had one already it was YUMMY, you made my birthday VERY special i want to thank you a million times over :-) you made me see that more good out weight the bad and they are still some good decent WONDERFUL people left in this world and your one of them your the GREATEST LOL, i had a friend come visit me today and she brought me gifts i got money in the mail and someone else sent me a big stuffed tinkerbell doll with a pretty tinkerbell blanket you were right surprises do happen you are magical my Erica, i LOVE YOU BIG HUGS ALWAYS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  4. Jade -- see, I told ya! :-D Happy birthday, sweetie. Enjoy your special day.

  5. Erica! No good anagrams for Erica Scott?!? Did you look here

    "ECSTATIC OR"...and that's just in the top 5 of 708!


  6. Libby -- How cool! I had no idea that site existed. But most of my anagrams make no sense. "Tacos Trice"? LOL

    I am partial to Ascetic Rot, though. :-)

  7. Chrossed again, eh? Is this becoming a regular thing here? :-) Congrats! And, yes, the perfect Valentine gift.

    Are you "drowning" in Poppy's Blitedom yet? I thought that was just hilarious. You do have a nice bum you know. Very spankable and I know NG like to take care of it and give it some nice color. John probably likes to add some color to the scheme, too. Of course, THEY would be jealous of any earls, lords, or DUKES, having their way with your, um, their bottom.

    Anyway, have a wonderful weekend with John. Hope it is nice and comfortable for both of you. You deserve it and so does he.

  8. Sorry about the gym snafus this week, but next week is another, um, week. Yes. ;-)

    Anyway, thanks so much for helping us out with Poppy's silly Princess riff. It was great fun, and I'll pay for any dry cleaning of bus tire tracks on your clothes.

  9. Bobbie Jo -- well, I'll never expect it to be a regular thing, but one can wish and hope! :-)

    Devlin -- all in good, silly fun. Your princess is charming. :-)

  10. Congratulations on getting Chrossed (again!). Hope you have a splendid week-end.

  11. From Annapurna


    Hang in there with the exercising. You're doing a fine job if you ask me. You're in great shape. I'm sorry to hear about the giant toad of a man who blocked your view. My god, where was his manners?

    As for the attention thing, well you're worth paying attention to; you certainly make me smile.

    Happy weekend to you!

  12. Yes, there are indeed people who are out of step with all the others, don't know and don't care. Wait a minute. Who am I describing here? Let me rephrase that: there are people in areobics classes who are dancing to the beat of a different drummer :)

    The thrill of Chrossing never lessens for me either. Being competitive, I want to be one of those thousands of hits a day bloggers too.


  13. I'm thinking the answer is a Taser gun. One quick ZAP and suddenly the problem is prone and out of your way.
    Come to think of it, that's probaly the answer to a lot of problems.....

  14. "Mash-Up?" Wow, for a second there, I thought you might have changed your mind about the notorious quick-shutter-speed squashed bottom photos! :-D OK, no I didn't.

    Chross Congrats again!!

  15. Raven -- I hope you are feeling much better! :-)

    Annapurna -- thank you! I promise I will keep exercising. I'm far too vain to stop.

    Hermione -- isn't it fun watching the stats spike? :-D

    Poppa -- that would work for me!

    Dave -- nooooo, I will never change my mind about the dreaded mush-butt shots! :-)

  16. I could have sworn I had commented here!
    I am sorry. Thank you a million times over for playing with us. You are so lovely and you made that the most fun we have ever had!
    I was away at a party and I kind of regret leaving the house because everyone had so much fun.
    And Zille came to play too! I missed her and was then too shy to shy anything but how cool was that?
    You are allowed to kick people that disrupt your work out- that is the law.

  17. Poppy -- it was my pleasure. Glad everyone had fun with it.

    I AM? Really? I never knew this! Oh, the years of aggravation I could have prevented!