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Monday, December 26, 2011

Well, THAT didn't take long, did it...

Yes, I know. I'm obnoxious. :-)

Technically, it's still usable. It was the 26" Junior cane, and just a couple of inches snapped off. ST says he can sand and file the tip and it will be good as new, just a little shorter. But it seems I need to consider getting one of Cane-iac's tougher canes. One of those flexible ones. But I admit, I'm a little nervous about those! Someone on FetLife said I should try a Dragon Cane. I don't even know what the hell that is, but it sounds evil.

However, let's not be hasty. I do still have two other canes, you know. Which ST put to good use tonight, along with the leather slapper and all his other damn weapons of ass destruction. He was rather smug and gleeful about it all, too. "Oh, does that hurt?" Again with that! (snort)

I made it quite clear what I thought of his attitude.

 He then made it clear what he thought of mine.

"If it makes you feel any better," he teased, "I'm not going to spank you again until next year." Oh, har har har.

We then watched our video on my TV, since he burned it to a DVD for me. After that, it was time to load the photos from his camera onto my computer. Of course, my computer decided to be temperamental and completely froze up, and I had to restart it. So we had a couple of minutes to wait...

Yup. Over the chair.

"Your computer was conspiring against you," he said. "It knew you needed more." Oy.

"Are you done now?" I snapped.

"I'm never done spanking you," he replied. "I just take breaks."

The man is insatiable. How fortunate, considering that I am, too. :-)

Less than one week and all this holiday business is over for another year. And can someone please explain to me why they're still showing Christmas commercials when it's December 26th? Feliz Navidad, my ass!


  1. I think you might do well with delrin. I have a delrin cane from Cane-iac and it's not over the top hellish but will (probably) never break.

    Also, your butt is perfect.

  2. Alex -- awwww, thanks :-) Hmmmmmm... part of me wants to try the Delrin cane. BUT -- I just saw that photo of your poor sweet thigh fronts; I have a feeling that your hellish and my hellish may differ! :-D

  3. I can't believe Ericaneezer wants the holidays to be over??? Especially when they've brought you incredibly fun spankings!

    Oh... and your spankings have made the holidays big time BAREable for us less fortunate (TOPless) folks.. dontch'a know?

  4. My Mistress has broken a few canes across my backside and when it happens I always get a strange sense of satisfaction. Haha,I think, my bottom is much tougher than that cane. Unfortunately she normally just selects another and continues the punishment. I think that with canes as in so much else in life there is a trade off. Do you buy a lot of cheap canes which will last a short time or do buy a few expensive high quality ones which could last for years. The recipient will hardly notice the difference as in the end (haha)it is how the caner delivers the stroke that is important.
    Great pictures by the way and I look forward to many more over the New Year.

  5. Ah I love the sight of a broken cane in the morning! Especially when it's not broken over my bottom. Thank you for making the world safer by have one less cane in the world.

  6. Opps that should be "Thank you for making the world safer by having one less cane in the world." That's what happens when I try to leave a comment in the wee hours of the morning.

  7. They were still playing all the corny Christmas songs on the local radio station yesterday, then at around 4 pm it changed to normal programming, thank goodness.

    So, was the cane flimsy, of is your bottom just too durable for the junior cane? We have a senior cane, and I hope it doesn't meet with the same fate. It seems pretty strong.


  8. I think that you should team up with cane-iac so they can develop the Erica Scott signature cane, bottom of steel approved, anti-bratting system included. I mean, guitar manufacturers like BC Rich, Fender and Gibson all have models inspired by famous guitarists, it should work with canes, too.
    Maybe someone with a talent for Photoshop can make some funny advertising for a cane like that.

  9. That's happened to us too, where just a few inches breaks off the end.

    Good post!

  10. Erica, the rain, in Spain, that brought you pain, may have broke the cane, that drove you insane. But I still have the guts, to say I am nuts, about you. XXX Love you.

  11. Oh Dear! It looks like I may have to recommend the more durable Dragon type canes for ST to take to your rather formidable rear, Erica.

    I am not sure about the Delrin ones. My wife prefers non-synthetics on her rear. But, if you are curious, give it a shot. "All knowledge is worth having." is a quote from one of my favorite novels. And this is definitely knowledge that you must have.

  12. I think an Erica Scott signature cane is a GREAT idea!!

    You look so gleeful in the first picture. But, I suppose you could figured you'd safely get away with giving the camera the bird with such feeble implements used! :)


  13. Hi Erica, I Love your pics they are COOL :-)And the pic where you are holding the broken cane is PRICELESS :-)You look so proud and happy YOU GO GIRL,I laughed so hard when you gave ST the middle finger hehehe LMAO :-)I think the Erica Scott signature cane is a VERY Cool idea :-)Feliz Navidad my ass MUHAHAHAHA LMAO you are so freakin funny.Have a GREAT day Love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  14. ...And the bionic bottom strikes again!

    Our cane broke near the handle so D thinks he can fix it with tape. What are we, hillbillies?


  15. Zelle -- Ha! The holiday spankings are just fine. The holiday ads, songs, crowds, traffic, etc.? NOT!

    Simon -- I think rattan is inherently breakable, no matter what one pays for it. But a rubber cane sounds so viciously painful! You're right -- it's all about the caner, really, not the cane itself.

    VBB -- ah, but they will always make more.

    Hermione -- when you think about it, a 5/16" strip of rattan just isn't that durable. The 7/16" is much more solid and I don't see that one breaking either.

    Fenris -- HAHAHAHA! Well, to be fair, I haven't broken anything really thick, just the lighter ones. Anyone can do that. But it's still fun to gloat. :-D

    Spanky -- yeah, I think it's pretty easy to do. That's why I don't really understand why people get the extra-long versions. Much easier for them to snap off, and they wrap, too.

    six -- :-) Thank you.

    Loki -- again with the Dragon Cane. Just what IS that? I tried Googling it last night and couldn't find a picture.

    Sarah -- oh yes. When I gloat, I do it in a big, big way. :-D

    Jade -- I was quite proud, indeed!

  16. Pink -- oops! Sorry. You know, Jay Leno does a bit about fixing things in that fashion; he calls it "white-trash repairs." ROFL!

  17. That first picture shows just how much satisfaction one can get by winning over an evil implement. Brilliant!

    I also agree on having Erica Scott signature cane, as you really seem to have some buns of steel (apart from a bit of shy redness, there are no marks on your bottom!)

  18. Christy -- today, I am sore, but completely unmarked. However, I admit I WAS marked last week after the video shoot! :-)

  19. And another thing... if your legs get any longer, ... I'm gonna need a stepladder to look ya in the eye when I'm talking to you!

    OH HEY.. "SPANKING CLASSICS" had a report on canes.. and even some pics of several types of dragon canes. Click the word "Spanking Classics" to go read.

  20. Zelle -- wow, that guy knows his stuff! Interesting. OK, dragon canes look (and sound) nasty.

  21. When a cane breaks and you smile like that a bond is formed. You guys definitely have that. I liken it to the shattering of the glass at a Jewish Wedding.

    Mazel Tov


  22. G. has broken quite a few things on my butt over the past eleven years. LOL He spanks so hard it's next to impossible NOT to. When we first met, all he had were pervertables, so half those didn't survive our first session. He knows now that we need heavy duty toys!

  23. Jon -- LOL! But I didn't break the cane by stomping on it. :-)

    Jen -- yeah, a lot of those pervertables don't quite cut it. ST learned that when he bought some cheapo wooden spoons!

  24. This is a spectacularly sexy post, and the first picture will have me chortling for days!!

    Here's an idea: a screw-together cane that Tops can carry around in leather cases, like the cue sticks some of the ol' Pool and Billiard Pros use!

  25. (Looks at the pictures again, howls. bangs the table, and his own head with a mallet like the Tex Avery cartoon wolf. Hubba!!)

  26. Wolfie -- (laughing) You're too cute! Don't hurt yourself, for heaven's sake.

  27. The junior cane is the one I just bought. There was a deal going so I got two, though I doubt I play hard enough to need the backup. I'm a wuss! You doing some product testing/creating is quite an interesting idea. "The toy line for the C.I.A. (cast iron ass) in your life!" Bottoms worldwide will hate you! Lol!

  28. Lea -- I think you will like it. It stings more than it thuds. Hmmmm... not sure if I'm up for the intense degree of product testing I'd have to do, but it does sound fun! :-D

  29. You look so happy that it broke.

    P bought me a senior cane for Christmas which is very flexi. Apparently it requires a different technique to use to its best. Not sure how true that is but I'm sure I'll find out soon.


  30. Ronnie -- I'm not happy that it broke. I'm happy that I broke it. Does that make any sense? :-D