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Monday, December 5, 2011

My first purchase from Cane-iac

I've been hearing about Cane-iac for a long time now; the buzz was good products, good prices and good service. Well, I could use a new cane, considering that ST busted mine earlier this year. And his as well. Remember?

So last Monday, I ordered their Master's Choice SR 28" rattan cane. This is their best-seller, and it was only $9.99. It arrived on Thursday -- talk about speedy! Nicely and discreetly packaged, thoroughly bubble-wrapped. I was impressed. I noticed it was a little thicker than my last cane had been. I know nothing about cane thicknesses, so I assumed this one was standard.

ST and I had a missing week to make up for; I was very glad to see him. We chatted a bit and caught up, and then of course it was time to get down to business. Fortunately, he was kind enough to give me a thorough warmup before progressing to my new toy.

Oh damn, it's cane time.

ST also noticed the cane was a little thicker, so it wasn't just my imagination. It was a substantial, well-balanced cane, strong yet flexible, but a little more on the thuddy side, rather than the stinging. However, that also means it won't break or wrap as easily.

It had been a long time; I'd forgotten how canes feel. Ouch.

ST, of course, was having way too damn much of a good time. "It's been so long, I'd forgotten how much fun this is!" he teased.

"It's only been two weeks!" I snapped. "Longest two weeks of my life," he replied.

Awwwwwww. The big lug.

He didn't stop with the cane, of course. I clearly wasn't done, as my mouth was still running. "You just can't stop wisecracking, can you!" he said.

"What do you want, stupid-cracking?"

No. Evidently not. Out came the paddle, his belt and the big strap. Soon after that, I finally shut up. Isn't that amazing.

For the finale, he gave me a choice: Belt, strap, paddle or cane. I could barely think of my own name at that point, let alone make a proper decision. But I figured if I didn't decide, he'd use all four. So I chose the belt.

This is me after a session with four implements and a hand. Barely anything, and it's pretty much gone now. I swear, I have freaking Kevlar down there.

Also, it seems that the thicker canes don't make tramlines as easily. So, I'm going to purchase the companion to the Master's Choice SR -- the Master's Choice JR. While the SR is 28" and 7/16" thick, the JR is 26" and 5/16" thick. So, a little shorter and thinner, a bit more sting. And only $9.50. At those prices, one could have quite a collection. But I think I'll just have the two, thank you. definitely has a new fan! Check them out; they have all kinds of fun stuff, not just canes.

ST not included with purchase, though. :-)


  1. Erica, you are an inspiration.
    I want a Kevlar bottom and your attitude to canes.
    I am glad you got sorted out- I feel the world is a little safer and happier now.

  2. Poppy -- harrummmph! Are you implying the world isn't safe when I'm in a bad mood?

    Uh... you're probably right, but still. Harrummmph. :-)

  3. Chortle.
    You know it is true.
    ST does a service to humanity. (Please let him know I said so)

  4. I see your chortle and I raise you a snort. And don't go blowing his head up! It's big enough as it is. :-)

  5. Hi Erica,I Love the top pic of you it is so CUTE and PRICELESS hehehe LOL :-)OH DAMN IT'S CANE TIME.I like the expression on your face :-)and ST is too funny LMAO.I hope to get caned sometime cause i never tried it i bet it is lot's of fun.Wish my bum was bionic like your's cause i know my bum would mark from the cane.I am happy that you had a great time :-)love and hug's to you from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. Erica,

    I would be very happy to send you ALL of my wife's canes and one very unpleasant thin whippy cane that Dana owns. I would even pay the shipping cost. I am sure you could have lots of fun with them ( I certainly dont). Of course if I do we would have to keep it between us as I am not sure they would be as enthusiastic about our deal as I would be. Any way let me know if you are interested and I will get them right out to you. BTW If either of them happens to mention anything about missing canes just distract them with a piece candy, ;-) thanks.
    The VBB

  7. You've got me convinced. I have to try a cane. Sr or Jr? Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to have them both and see which one I prefer. Or which one Ron prefers. You can't beat the price!

    I'm glad you had a fun evening.


  8. ugh.. canes .. I don't care if they come loaded with Swarovski crystals hot glued in a candy cane swirl down the shaft... I would not consciously go buy one! LOL Yup, had ST broken mine.. there'd have been nekkid dancin' in the streets! Matter o' fact.. I'd have alerted all of Spankdom.. and told them.. "THE PARTY IS ON! CANE GONE!"

    GREAT PICS! That close up is smokin'!

  9. If you're after tramlines, you know, skipping the warm up is the most effective way...

  10. Erica,

    Every time I see a photo of your hindparts (or see them 'in the flesh'), I am given have one of the most fantastic butts I've ever seen. Amazing!


  11. Good thing I also read you blog or I would not have any canes left. 2 is not near enough when you have Kevlar bums. I personally like using the thinner ones they always make him squirm a little more. Happy spankings , The Wife.

  12. The cane one of my favourite implements. We have the every ready OTK cane from them.

    Great pictures Erica.


  13. Glad to hear that all is right in the world of Erica Kevlar. That sounds like a nice Jewish name, eh? :)

  14. Jade -- welllll... canes are many things, but "fun" is debatable! lol

    VBB -- the sad thing about canes is that as quickly as you ship yours to me, that's how quickly your wife and Dana can order more. I'm afraid your plan may backfire on you. :-)

    Hermione -- I'm sure you and Ron would find a new toy (or several) on Cane-iac. I'll write another report when I get the JR version.

    Zelle -- LOL! You mean to tell me that what with all the arsenal that's been used on your arse, you still have one thing that gives you the willies? I don't believe it! :-)

    Pandora -- yeah, I was afraid of that. Honestly, I don't know if I could take that!

    Dana -- between Spanking Court and your world travels, you've seen many of them, so that's quite the supreme compliment. :-) Miss you, woman!

    Ms. Wife -- uh oh. Looks like the VBB is screwed!

    Ronnie -- I have sort of a love/hate relationship with the cane. I can't say it's a favorite, but its intensity is quite welcome sometimes, and in the right hands, it can make me swoon.

    Dana -- actually, my name for the month is now Ericaneezer Scrooge, thanks to Zelle! LOL

  15. I agree with Zelle, why the heck would you willingly buy a cane? I do like them SOMETIMES but leather is so much easier.

    I have an acrylic cane thingamajig from Cane-iac that I won at the FMS raffle, and I hate having in my home but I can't give it away because then I know it's going to be used on me. Yes, I could toss it, but that feels akin to throwing out a picture of Jesus. (No, I'm not religious, but I still feel weird...)

    How in the H do you not mark? If I played like you, I'm sure I'd look battered.

  16. Beth -- you DO play like me, and sometimes harder. I remember Craig's scenes well! :-)

    Acrylic is NASTY. I bought the cane because every now and then, I like how different it is from the other implements. But I'm sticking with rattan.

  17. Hi Erica.

    You know there is something very comedic about the fact that you did not know the difference between the senior and junior canes and wound up with the heavier senior one. I think it goes under the "Ooops! This is not what I meant!" category. Could make a good video in the future.

    I am glad you enjoyed your purchase. I love canes. I have a small collection, including two Dragons. You should ask Richard about those one day. Of course he may describe them and then give you a demonstration with one. They are exquisite!

    Thanks for the tale. It is good to see you in better spirits. I am going to have to look into purchasing a couple of Cane-i-ac canes myself now. It is a good price and I am curious.

    Take care!

  18. We have a tawse from Cane-iac I had the same experiance you did with them, Quailty product, good price and very fast service! I like their website to, I also have a kevlar butt and almost never mark and if i do it is healed in a matter of hours But I think you have me beat on that score after 4 impliments and other than a few faint tramlines just a little redness remarkable!

    Quick comment on your Christmas decorating post I agree with you that is a bit much for a apartment door! My pet pevee is hoilday car ads "Happy Honda Days" give me a break

  19. Loki -- well, the SR version is their best seller and it was listed first. :-) I ordered the JR today so I will have both. I'm happy to send business their way; I was very impressed with them!

    Glen -- I don't mind the Honda commercials so much now that they have the handsome and deep-voiced Patrick Warburton as their spokesperson. But that shrill blond hag in the holiday Target ads has got to go!

  20. AH HA! "Patrick Warburton"!!! I've been rackin' my brain for days trying to figure out where I've seen him before! OMG.. he's just too damned funny--and a cutey pie too! I remember when he did the M&M commercials! But I knew I'd seen him recently.. and couldn't figure out where. Then the other night, channel surfing.. I found him! He's on that TV program "Rules of Engagement"! Plays a macho man husband. Anyhow, I don't watch much TV.. but I'd caught him in that before and couldn't remember the program name OR HOW TO look him up! LOL

    SO THANK YOU... you've just calmed the ferrets in my brain down a bit.. finally the wheels have quit turning.. at least on this puzzle.. now that you solved it for me! THAT GUY HAS HAD QUITE THE CAREER (yeah.. had to google him)

  21. Zelle -- ha! My pleasure! I know all that sort of useless trivia, you know. I kinda like "Rules of Engagement."

    He also played Elaine's boyfriend "Puddy" on Seinfeld.

  22. I've heard great things about Cane-iac too but have never purchased from them. I'm interested. Good prices make me happy. I actually don't own a cane at home though I wouldn't mind adding one. The problem is, J has never used one and I have no local top friends to try to teach him, so it's a bit of a quandary.

    You really are made of kevlar. I still bruise from a hand sometimes! Arggh!

  23. Lea -- there is definitely an art to caning, and it's an implement that doesn't allow as much margin for error. I know there are instructional books (including one called, appropriately, "Canes and Caning), but I haven't read any.

    I've heard of tops practicing on a pillow. Probably a good idea!

  24. Erica. you just purchased my very favorite corporal punishment implement. May who ever cane's that voluptous bare bottom of yours, use's it with loving care. Yes Erica, as you can guess, I wish it was me. Love you.

  25. Six -- you'll be happy to know I ordered the second cane yesterday. :-)

  26. Thank's Spank's.

  27. We actually own two from them - the otk delrin cane:

    And the 32 in mc jr:

    I've never heard the term tramlines but I'm assuming it's the vivid double lines canes leave? The delrin one definitely leaves those on my skin although I haven't noticed it nearly as much with the thinner one. I have found I bruise vividly from the thicker cane but have yet to come away with more than a teeny poke-bruise from the thinner one. So I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the next one! :)

    And appropriately, my word verification to post on Ericaneezer's blog had to do with coal. -laughs-

  28. ekho -- yes, tramlines are those distinctive cane lines. I would think that a 32-inch thin cane would wrap horribly, but I guess in skilled hands, that tendency is curbed! :-)

  29. Hi Erica, Thank you for all the kind comments about Cane-Iac. We do try hard to bring the best quality we can at an affordable price. Our best to you for a Happy Holiday Season. When you have a minute drop us an email sometime,

  30. CaneMaster -- my pleasure! :-)

  31. Hi Erica - I've just discovered your blog and I wanted to tell you that I love the picture at the top of your page! You look absolutely gorgeous... x

  32. Sweetsong -- welcome! And thank you. :-)