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Monday, December 12, 2011

My second purchase from Cane-iac

OK, I confess -- I didn't get a new cane from Cane-iac.

I got two new canes. The Master's Choice JR 26" cane, and the OTK cane, which is 18". So now I have three total.

Some of you who find canes a bit horrifying are thinking, "WHY???" Others didn't even blink. John said, "Why didn't you order a whole bunch more? They break!" Oh, please. I'm breaking my own rule here as it is! What is it I always say? "If a top wants to use implements on me, he can damn well buy them himself!" Ah well. I guess ST shouldn't have to foot the bill for everything.

So tonight I got all three. Of course, two of them were the same thickness, so they felt similar. But the longer one was whippier. Overall, I'd say the 7/16" one is a bit thuddier and the 5/16" versions sting and bite more. And the 26" version whips more than the 18".

Oh, that's too damn specific for overall, Erica. OK. They all effing HURT! Is that better?

I confess, we didn't go for the "no warmup, more stripes" caning. In fact, we almost forgot the canes altogether, as ST went to town with his usual bag of tricks. But after I'd recovered a bit, I went to my bedroom and retrieved the canes. Yes, I'm insatiable. And I was curious.

ST had a grand old time doing the Three Bears routine with the three canes. Or should I say, the three bares. Although there was just one bare (mine).

I think the 5/16" version shows the striping a little better, don't you?

"Oh!" I said when we were winding down, "we need some product placement shots!"

No, this is NOT what I meant, smart-ass.

Sheesh. Everyone's a comedian.

Let's try this again, shall we? Here I am, happily showing off all three of my new toys.

As with the first time, quick delivery and excellent packaging. I am singing their praises once again. In fact, I posted something on Twitter about becoming a "Cane-iac Maniac," and Ms. Zelle happened to see it. Her latest creation:

(giggles) I'm quite the muse, aren't I?

I had a gyno appointment this morning (always a barrel of fun) and while I was there, they told me I should get a flu shot and a "dtap" shot (combination of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, AKA whooping cough). Ugh. I got one in each arm, and they warned me that I would have a fair amount of soreness, because they shoot directly into the muscle. Holy crap, they weren't kidding. Here's the good news: thanks to ST, I'm not thinking about the pain in my arms at the moment. :-)


  1. Yes... you are quite the muse.. LMAO!

    I've had more damn fun running with scissors when you write than I can shake a sti-- 'cane' at.. (not discounting the fact you make me end sentences with prepositions so I can make you lean back in your chair and sigh as you shake your head at me... ROFLMAO!

    On a side note: "It appears ST is entirely TOO enthusiastic when it comes to product testing!"

  2. Hi Erica,

    It all sounds like lovely fun. We've had the same short cane for years. I would figure it should have broken by now, but it hasn't. However, you've convinced me that it might be time to try more formidable rod. Or maybe not.

    Thank you (and ST) for testing these fine products. :)


  3. Erica,

    My offer still stands I will be happy to send you all of my wife's Cane--IAC canes to include the blasted loop cane. That's five canes in all and I could even wrap them in festive Christmas wrapping paper for you! But you have to let me know quickly so I can get them in the mail before my wife reads your blog again and sees my offer. I'll try to distract her a bit to give us some time. You would be doing me and my bum a great service! Opps got to go she just woke up.
    The VBB

  4. I love the analytical assessment of each cane. They seem too well-made to break, but if they do, there are plenty more where those came from.

    Canes are definitely on my bucket list.


  5. Sounds like a fun evening.

    We had the OTK can from Cane-Iac, I loved it but sadly it broke. I'm hoping there will be one in my Christmas stocking.


  6. Hi Erica,I am happy that you had a GREAT evening i guess the cane was whippy after all hehehe LMAO :-)I laughed so hard at the pic of the cane tucked into your pants LOL,ST sure is a comedian hehehe.I Love Zelle's latest creation of your name with the cane's that is totally COOL :-)caning sound's like so much fun i really want to try it :-)Your bum look's nicely caned and very sore :-)much love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO By the way i love the pic of you showing off your cane's it is so CUTE :-)

  7. Zelle -- he sure as hell is! :-D

    Bonnie -- I confess, those rods scare me. As do the flexible rubber canes. Major, MAJOR pain! But who knows.

    VBB -- I'm Jewish. You'll have to make that Hanukkah paper. But seriously -- who are you trying to fool here? Don't you know that resistance is futile?

    Hermione -- hard to be analytical when your a$$ is on fire, but I managed. :-)

    Ronnie -- awwwww. I hope you get a new one too.

    Jade -- thanks! :-) Yes, you were right, it certainly was whippy.

  8. I have two of the three, but I haven't used the 18" one yet. They're great stuff, though!

  9. Also, you are correct to fear the flexible rubbery canes. Ugh. Horrible!

  10. Alex -- yup, just what I thought!

  11. You in the chair pic - adorable!

  12. Canes are something not in my personal collection as of yet because we don't really have the experience to use them. I wouldn't mind owning one though and Cane-iac is where I'll head to when the time comes. Thanks for the reviews! You and Zelle crack me up. ;-)

  13. Lea -- Shadow Lane has a video called "Spanking 101" that includes a demo on caning. Of course, I'm a bit biased, since my dear friend Danny made his debut in that film. ;-)

  14. I've spanked and slapped my wife's butt with my hand, straps, slappers, paddles, and floggers, yet she still fears the cane so much I've not obtained consent for even a light caning.
    best wishes,

  15. Michael -- well... since you asked. If she's that afraid of it, then there's your answer. I would enjoy all the other implements and consider the cane her hard limit.

    I used to be terrified of the cane too, so who knows, she may come around. But if not, I would let it go. Sorry. :-(