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Monday, December 19, 2011

Preview of coming attractions

Tonight, ST and I shot another Holiday Extravaganza! He showed up with his video camera and a fun idea; he even had a few props. I was laughing and clapping my hands like a kid -- yup, Ericaneezer Scrooge took a hike for a little while.

We were a little more ambitious this time, fooling around with different camera angles and shooting/reshooting the same scenes. And ST is going to be doing some very creative editing and special effects. OK, so the lighting wasn't perfect and we were a little off in our angles and we flubbed some lines, but we shot lots of variety and I know he'll have plenty to cut together and make something terrific out of it. It was hard not to crack up through it all -- in fact, I believe I did, several times, as did he. :-D  How can you not laugh when you're being spanked by a demented elf with a speech impediment? (yes, really)

One goof we made -- we shot all the scenes, got all the extra snippets we needed, and then he put the equipment away while I changed into jeans and a sweatshirt. Only then did we realize we hadn't taken any stills! Arggh!

Oh well. You'll just have to wait for the video. But in the meantime...

I gave ST his gifts. I'd made him some brownies from scratch and had them nicely packed in a Tupperware container with a bow on it. Along with those, I'd gotten him the Leather Spanking Buddy from Cane-iac (I'd ordered it at the same time I ordered the first cane). Naturally, he just had to test it, immediately. And he passed the elf cap onto me.

Yeah... we're not too hammy, are we? ;-)

Poor sulky elf...

I love the Spanking Buddy! It packs a wallop, but it's a stinging, slappy, leathery wallop, not a thuddy wallop.

ST felt bad; said he didn't get me anything. I told him his gift to me is year-round. :-)

Stay tuned -- I'm hoping to have the first clip or two up by Wednesday.

And speaking of clips -- forget Clips4Sale. Not only do they have a 10-clip minimum, but someone told me they now require you to update and add new stuff monthly. Screw that! Something will work out. W.D.M.E. will be available again, somewhere. :-)


  1. Hi Erica, OMG you are such a CUTE and ADOREABLE Elf :-)I LOVE The pic's i am VERY EXCITED about seeing your clip's YAY :-)I would love to get spanked with the spanking buddy it looks like a lot of fun :-)The expression on your face in those pic's are PRICELESS hehehe LMAO.I Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  2. Jade -- we'll have something soon, I promise. :-)

  3. Absolutely wonderful. I love the pictures and the hat and everything. Can't wait to see the clips. As Jade said, you're adorable!

  4. That's too cute, Merry Christmas.xoxo

  5. You look awful festive there, Scrooge!


  6. Even the NON-GRINCH can have fun this time of year!! :-)

    I can hardly wait. It really looks like you had a lot of fun there and stills can be edited out you know.

    So glad you guys had so much fun. Especially you!

  7. Mija -- thank you, dear. ♥

    OFG -- same to you!

    Sarah -- festive, shmestive. Temporary insanity. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- ST really does know how to bring the fun!

  8. Hallmark Greeting Cards has met it's match! :)

  9. Kelly -- (snort) More like Buttmark Greeting Cards...

  10. Now there's an idea! Let's start a new card company. Custom cards for eveybody in TTWD.

  11. I recognized the Leather Spanking Buddy from the pic before I even got to the part where you said what it was. I've been looking at the Cane-iac site a LOT lately, hehe. I even ended up ordering myself my first cane! I will keep the spanking buddy in mind for next time. Looks like you and ST had a fun time. Looking forward to the video. :-)

  12. Lea -- wow, instant recognition! That's a good sign. And of course, we'll want to read about YOUR impressions of the cane you ordered.

  13. OMG! Can't wait to see what ST comes up with after editing!!!

    You are cute as hell in that elfin' magic hat!

    Love that little leather Spankin' Buddy! Bet that helps save ST's hand! And it was interesting to hear it wasn't thuddy.. as I expected!

  14. Zelle -- well... ST was able to get the video to me, but now I can't get the damn thing to upload here on the blog. I've tried twice and have gotten error messages. ARRGGGHH!

    Stay tuned...

  15. So ST got it to you in email? IF so, then that means it's not too big to upload here for sure. So, what does the error message say?

  16. Clear as mud -- just said "We're sorry, but there was an error loading your video" or something like that. Weird thing is, ST tried to load it to FetLife last night and it didn't work there either. There's some sort of glitch, it seems. (sigh) He's going to try splitting it in two and see if that works.