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Monday, December 5, 2011


OK, if people want to put up holiday decorations, that's their business. But I think my neighbor across the hall has gone a wee bit overboard.

Check out what I get to look at every freaking time I open my door:

Is it me, or is this a bit much for one little apartment door? The up-close-and-personal effect is rather cluttered. "Let it Snow"? We're in California, toots. Not happening.

And will you look at the size of those balls!

(yeah, that's what she said)

I wonder if she's rigged her doorbell to play a Christmas carol.


  1. Dear fellow scroogist Erica, I can relate. That is the tackiest thing I've ever seen. I thought Mr. Santa was a Gnome at first when I looked at the picture. I kinda just wanna kick that little statue and fucking smash those balls. Then again...that's just me! : ) ~Juju~

  2. Juju -- LOL! Thank you! Tacky -- that's the word I was looking for. If that's just her front door, I shudder to think what's inside.

  3. My honest opinion is I think the Santa is very cute. I HATE snow! And the rest of the decorations are gaudy. And I can't be bothered to decorate at ALL! lol!

  4. Hi Erica,I agree those balls are way to BIG and all that stuff is too much for one little door,She is NOT decorating a mansion it is just a door hehehe LOL.I Love to decorate but i think my decorating would look much better and not so TACKY like Juju said :-)I am glad i don't have to look at that everytime i walk out the front door :-( I wish you didn't have to either. big hugs xoxo

  5. "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..."
    A bottom with a nice red glow
    Snow shouldn't fall anytime where I live
    And I wonder just how much he'd give...

    "So I'm offering this simple phrase,"
    To kids from 18 to 92,
    Although it's not been said many times anyway,
    Merry Spankings, to you!

  6. She should have just left it at the balls and called it good. Nothing says "Christmas" like big, swollen balls.


  7. Erica, You should decorate your door with festive spanking implaments, maybe you could start a decorating war ..... Think how fun that would be.

    The VBB

  8. Kelly -- the Santa on his own is fine. It's combined with so much other crap in such a small space that I object to. :-)

    Jade -- yeah, I like big decorations in a big space that can handle them, but like you said, this is hardly a mansion.

    Bobbie Jo -- LOL! Nicely done.

    Pink -- yeah, she needs a few blue ones in there. (snicker)

    VBB -- hmmmmmmm. Are you trying to get me evicted, friend? :-D

  9. So hang an electric set of Menorah candles on your door.. (weg)

    Poor lil neighbor.. trying so hard to influence Ericaneezer Scrooge!

  10. Zelle -- I'm not putting any freaking Menorah on my door, thank you! Or a Star of David. Or a wreath of potato latkes. :-D

    Ericaneezer??? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! OK, that's a keeper.

  11. Scrooge!

    Without a house to decorate, an apartment door and a balcony is all one's got to show their holiday spirit. Let 'em at it! Sheesh!

    And for the record the last time someone said, "Look at the size of those balls!" Andre the Giant had just dropped his trousers...

  12. @ Bobbie Jo: You're EVIL, you know that? Now I'm going to have that stuck in my head for AGES! *Goes off in search of some nice, sane, carols*

    I live in a 'share house' kinda thing. My housemates are rather tolerant of my devotion to decorating a little, so we'll have a nice, small, tasteful wreath (from the local $2 shop!) on the kitchen door, and a small tree. (last year, my very sweet housemates got me a set of lights for the tree for Christmas. now wasn't THAT lovely of them?)

    I'm sniggering at this post, by the way. Sorry, but I just find it funny. And Zelle's advice was good, although you don't have to use Jewish symbols, or even any religious symbols. Just put up a small bell and candle sticker. Or maybe a small stocking. (If it's inside your flat, youc ould even include the coal and canes!) Or even a small holly wreath.

    Well, its up to you, and whatever you do, do it in good health, and with all our love.

    Uh, is Domado spanish or something? Cause I could swear it's got SOMETHING to do with spanking, and that was the verification image)

  13. Not tasteful at all. I'd hate to see the decorations inside.


  14. Craig -- they can decorate all they want. But I'm the one who has to look at that effing Walmart display every time I open my door! :-Þ

    Terri -- glad you were amused! I live to amuse. And I'm passing on decorations. The only thing I display is any cards I happen to receive.

    Ronnie -- probably looks like Santa's nightmares after he's had too many cookies.

  15. You're one grumpy Jewess, aren't you?

  16. Haha, I agree it's a bit overboard. One thing I love about apartment living is there is no expectation to decorate. No house to put lights on, no yard to place blown up Santas on, no room for a tree here. Fine with me!

  17. Anonymous -- why, yes. Yes I am.

    Lea -- yup, that works for me too.

  18. At least those balls are shaved...just like mine. ;)

  19. NV -- well now. Thanks for sharing. :-)