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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The ABCs of Spanking -- Erica style

I wasn't going to join in on the latest meme floating about in the spanko blogosphere (your favorite spanking terms from A to Z). It's a fun one, but I figured that all the best words had been used already. Then I thought, why not put my own sarcastic spin on it? :-D

So, I present to you, my ABCs of spanking -- snarkastic phrases A to Z.

A -- And your point is?
B -- Blah blah blah.
C -- Can we wrap this up sometime today?
D -- Don't hurt yourself, darlin'.
E -- Even the sides up; my left cheek is being neglected.
F -- First time doing this, hmm?
G -- Ginger? I don't think so, pal.
H -- Have you started yet?
I -- It's not rocket science, honey -- hand up, hand down.
J -- Just get on with it, OK?
K -- Kiss my a$%.
L -- Let's review E; I have TWO cheeks, dumbass.
M -- Mercy. (NOT!!!!!!)
N -- No, I don't think I'm smart; I know I am.
O -- Oh no, your hand is bleeding.
P -- Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker's man...
Q -- Quit making so much noise with that smacking, I'm trying to take a nap.
R -- Riiiiight. I'll be a good girl from now on.
S -- So sorry...No, not really.
T -- Too bad about your hand, honey.
U -- Up yours.
V -- Very nice implements; call me when you've learned how to use them.
W -- Whatever.
X -- X marks the spot. See if you can aim accurately with visual aids.
Y -- Yes, I'll probably say something like that again.
Z -- Zzzzzzzzz....

Feel free to make up your own, of course!


  1. Love it! Particularly E, L, O, T, and V.

    I was thinking about doing this meme but mine will never top yours.

  2. Erica, I wonder if us spanko's were taught our ABC's this way, when we went to school. If we would be PHI BETA KAPPA's by now. Send this idea to the Board's of Education, in each state. with a 'paddle' attached. You might win a 'Booty Prize'. It certainly is worth more to us 'spanko's than the PULITZER PRIZE. Would'nt you agree?. XXX luv ya.

  3. LOVE H, I, K and X especially.

  4. Beth -- I was particularly pleased with V. :-D

    Six -- oh, I don't know. I think the Pulitzer Prize (or the "pullet surprise," as one student called it) just might have more credibility. ;-)

    Kelly -- X was not easy, as you can imagine.

  5. Loved them - thanks for sharing. You always make me smile.

  6. Angel -- and that just made ME smile. :-)

  7. Hi Erica -- I liked all of it :-)I Love your spanking style :-)I laughed about some of it cause it was funny especially K R U X HEHEHE LOL :-)Thank's for making me laugh i needed that.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  8. Jade -- it seems X is a favorite! :-D

  9. Hahaha! Love it! I really had to stretch on the X and Z with mine. If you want to do it Scrabble style for extra points, A could also be "Aah! Another annoying Asshat message on Fetlife!"

  10. Lea -- I figured you'd appreciate this! I loved what you did with it. :-)

  11. I'm glad you found something good for X. Now I have to take a look at what Lea did.


  12. I love this. I am not sure what I would come up with. You are truly talented. :-D

  13. LOL. Brilliant Erica. V my favourite.

    I couldn't think of anything for X and Y - I came up with Y fronts, how I don't know.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  14. Hermione -- I do believe that was one of my finer moments, yes. ;-)

    Bobbie Jo -- thank you!

    Ronnie -- you too. :-)

  15. It must be getting close to're ramping up the bratting.

  16. Craig -- purely coincidence. :-)