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Monday, August 6, 2012

New toys, new top!

Before I start... forgive me, but I forgot who commented, "I hope Mr. Possible becomes Mr. Definite." Well, it seems he has. And because I never liked calling him Mr. P (that makes it sound like he's into golden showers. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but not my thing), I'm going to refer to him from now on as Mr. D.

Last week, I'd heard from my pals at Cane-iac. It had been a while, and they wrote that they were sending me a couple of new items to test. Excellent! They included links to the two new toys: the Yellow and Red Holed Paddle and the Dragon Tail Whip Jr. (I know the word "whip" sounds scary, but if you look at the implement, you'll see that it's made of suede and it's buttery soft. Stings, though.)

The P.O. tried to deliver the package this weekend but I wasn't home, so I picked it up today after the gym. Once home, I was in a hurry to get ready for Mr. D and I didn't open it, figuring we'd do that later.

"Later" came later than expected; he was running late due to work, and then had to leave his place in the peak of afternoon traffic. So instead of getting here at 4:00, he got here at 5:05. I wasn't upset or anything; stuff happens, and he was good about letting me know so I wouldn't worry. But oh my gawd, was I nervous, sitting there and waiting. And waiting. Agggghhhh. But finally, he arrived. This time, he had a backpack with him. Toys! And a new camera.

I told him about Cane-iac and the new goodies I'd received, and he grinned. "I'll tell you what we're gonna do," he said. And he pulled a soft leather blindfold out of his bag.

(He'd asked me beforehand how I felt about blindfolds and restraints. I told him I was fine with them.)

"I'm going to put this on you and then open your package. You're going to feel the new things before you see them." I was game. So he tied the blindfold on. I grumbled about my makeup, but I really didn't mind.

He opened the box, read me the note they'd enclosed to me, then led me carefully to the hallway door. And then put my wrists in soft restraints.

He used a couple of his own toys, plus that yellow & red paddle. That one is made of acrylic, not wood, but good GAWD, is it solid. It packed a wallop! He didn't start out hard with it, of course. In fact, he started out so light that I made my usual crack about starting any time now. Me and my big mouth.

When we were planning our date, I'd emailed him on Friday afternoon. The weekend passed, and I didn't hear back from him. So Sunday, when I got home, I texted him, "Hey! Read your email, dammit. :-) " I put a smiley face on it and everything. Really, you'd think someone would get the message and think, ooops, I didn't check my email, my bad. But noooo. Seems he took exception to my text. I had to repeat those words a few times. Ouch. Clearly, he has a top's sense of humor. In other words, everything I think is amusing, he doesn't, and vice versa. Humph.

He checked in often, and reminded me to breathe. I have a bad habit of holding my breath sometimes. After a while he let my arms down and led me into the bedroom, still blindfolded, where he took my dress off and laid me on the bed. Then he slipped another kind of restraints up each leg, and cuffed my hands to my sides. It held tight, but it was comfortable.

And then I proceeded to break one of his toys. :-D Right out of the gate, first play time! I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell off the bed.

He asked where my toys were -- I keep some in a drawer and some hanging in the closet, so I started him with the drawer (we can use some of the closet stuff another time). He retrieved my hairbrush, plus a leather and wooden paddle, and removed the blindfold so he could see my face and eyes.

Funny how I stopped laughing around that time.

That yellow & red paddle is evil, folks. It's pretty, but it's ouchy. Not thuddy, like a heavy wooden paddle, but it's more solid than leather. When he started with that again after a dose of my other three toys, I groaned, and I found I couldn't keep still under it.

(How about this for the Cane-iac site, huh, guys? :-D )

He paused. "Do you need a rest? Or do you want me to go on?" I had reached the point where I couldn't think straight anymore. "I don't know!" I moaned.

"All right... I'll decide for you. I think maybe a little more." And there was another hard flurry with the paddle.

It was so sudden, I shocked myself. But I burst into tears. The right kind. Not of agony, not of betrayal because someone was too harsh with me, but of release. Just a few more, and he stopped. Came over and knelt down at the foot of the bed, so his eyes were level with mine. Stroked my face and my hair, wiped my tears. Kept whispering, "It's OK. You're OK. I'm here. I'm here. I'll take care of you. I'm not going anywhere."

Which, of course, made me cry harder. Such a short time he's known me, and he already knows my Achilles heel.

Don't go away. Please.

But people do go away, because they have to. Because things happen and people's lives run parallel for a while, then veer off in different directions. It's life. Sometimes, it just @#$%ing sucks. So we grieve, and at the same time, we try to remain open to new possibilities, new friends, new kindred spirits. It seems I have found one.

He stayed with me for a long time, just holding me, talking with me. Gradually I calmed down and soon I was laughing again. But I was also feeling that euphoria, like I could close my eyes and drift off. The most relaxed I've been in two weeks.

I'd say the first scene went well, wouldn't you? You be the judge. Do I look happy?

(And in case you were wondering: Yes, he brought my panties back from last week. The ones from tonight went home with him.)

Thank you, Mr. D. I like you. I look forward to next time. Tonight, I will go to bed with that familiar stinging and soreness, and slide into sleep peacefully.

And thank you, Cane-iac! :-)


  1. Yes you look extremely happy Erica.I'm so glad it's working beautifully for you.You deserve it and more. xxx

  2. Oh, Erica, I had no idea so much was going on in your life--such upheaval! I've been such a busy little bee that I didn't realize I hadn't checked in here for the past two weeks, and now that I've done so, I find that your whole world has been turned upside down!

    I hope ST's new girlfriend won't come between you too much--hopefully she will understand and not feel threatened or jealous of you. I know how difficult such changes are for you, and how you feel about people who suddenly drop out of your life.

    I'm glad that things went well for Mr. D. Hopefully, he won't be jealous of the relationship you've built with ST. So many changes in your life! I'm here rooting for you, as I hope that all these changes bring good things to your life with a minimum of heartache.

  3. Yay!!!! Erica has a sore bum! :)

    Another winning spanking duo. I'm really happy for you.

  4. I am glad that you have a new spanker. That plastic paddle must deliver a mean sting.


  5. Mr. D sounds like a keeper. He was so creative in his use of the package of new toys.

    How do you feel about a new man on Monday? I thought maybe you would have wanted to choose a different day for him to avoid old memories of your Mondays with ST.


  6. Oh wow, for a FIRST play session? Holy crap...this is the stuff that dreams are made of. How lovely for you.

    Ouchie ouchie ouchie re: that paddle!

  7. Hi Erica -- Reading this put a big smile on my face :-)I am so happy for you.I am so glad everything went well for your first session :-)that paddle doe's look OUCHIE.Mr.D seem's very COOL.I Love your pic's you look so CUTE in that blindfold it remind's me of Zorro the masked man hehehe LOL.YAY FOR YOU ERICA WAY TO GO :-)Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  8. You certainly look like you enjoyed the evening Erica, happy for you.

    Ouch on the yellow paddle.


  9. Wow, look at all those smiles. Erica, you look so happy. Congratulations on finding a fun, thoughtful playmate. Mr D sounds like a keeper!

  10. It's wonderful to hear that you had such a great time, Erica! And you don't only look happy in that last picture, you also look very sexy indeed. :-)

  11. Margita -- thank you, sweetie. I have to say the timing was amazing.

    Dana -- yeah... you know me. You know how I've been. Mr. D is very sensitive and respectful of my relationship with ST and is not trying to replace him. That means a lot to me.

    Kelly -- oh, do I ever!

    Joey -- it really does. Pretty, but deadly!

    Hermione -- valid question indeed. I am a creature of habit. I hate change. Keeping the play date on Monday, which feels safe and familiar, is helping me make the adjustment to a new play partner. If it were a new man AND a new day, my poor little inflexible brain would explode.

    OBB -- I believe you're right.

    Ana -- I think all our talking beforehand helped a lot. He also read a lot of my blog. He was well prepared! :-)

    Jade -- happy to make you smile!

    Ronnie -- thanks! And yes, my sentiments exactly.

    Anonymous -- he really wants to make this good for me. I hope I can do the same for him, too.

    Kaelah -- :-D Why thank you, my dear.

  12. Ohmygosh.Ohmygosh.Ohymgosh.

    Super hot! I loved the restraints! I'm so happy for you!

  13. Beth -- aren't those lovely? I'd never experienced restraints like that before. It was hot, not being able to see and wondering what he was putting on me.

  14. Once again you have added to the men I am jealous of who get to spank you.

    Thanks for sharing your evening and the incredibly sexy photos. I look forward to more. And that is one beautiful happy smile you have there. I really don't understand any of this face lift talk.


  15. Jon -- I could take pictures that highlight all the reasons why I want one, but I'm far too vain for that. :-) Thank you.

  16. Erica I totally understand. It's not easy maintaining this "open canvas look" I have.


  17. Erica,

    I'm so happy for you! It sounds like a great opening scene! ;)

    I love the reivews on the toys... I'm always interested in adding to the collection. I also love that you were able to break one of his... sort of like a bottom's initiation to her top. I have yet to break anything but I'm sure I'll die laughing when I do!


  18. SC -- I heartily recommend toy breakage. It's SO much fun. :-D

  19. Mr. D sounds awesome! I am happy for you, and I love all the pics! :) Yay for you!!!!

  20. Oh my! Poor Mr D! Already you've broken his little croppy implement! So sad.. what a shame.. (NOT.) LOL

    I should mail out.. for him to borrow to see if he likes it (you will!) my new London Tanner Crop! You won't break that one. It's soooooooo sweet! The end is wider than most crops, and so one would think it would "thud" some.. but it just covers more territory and stings like a bitch! OOOH WHAT FUN! You'd like it!

    And so.. another pair of panties walks out the door, and the previous pair returns.. I hope he laundered them for you after all that! LOLOLOL

  21. Aren't guys who can read just amazing? One of the first few times I played with a particular person, I playfully complained about how hard he was paddling me. He quoted to me something I'd written on my blog about sometimes needing my limits to be pushed. I thought damn man, you read what I write, remember it, and now are going to use it against me? Lol! Tops!

    I'm glad everything went well with Mr. D, it sounds (and looks) like it was quite a session! Those new toys look really interesting. I haven't bought anything from Cane-iac in a while but it IS my birthday soon! ;-) And I love that bra and panties, very cute.

  22. Zelle -- I do like crops! As for laundering, oh hell. I don't care if he does... as soon as he hands 'em back to me, they go right in the hamper! :-D I'd rather do it myself -- I know how to treat my fine washables.

    Lea -- believe it or not, they are separates. I had a pair of panties that matched the bra exactly, but they disappeared sometime last year. But then I found a red-and-black pair with the EXACT shade of red as the bra -- that almost never happens!