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Friday, August 24, 2012


Yup. That's where I'm at right now. I am angry and frustrated, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it.

Why? I can't tell you. Because y'all will think I'm the worst, most self-centered and unfeeling bitch on the planet. And I'm not going to subject myself to judgment, even though I know the ones nearest and dearest to me would understand.

So suffice it to say, I am upset and very tired of feeling like this. But in the face of other people's issues (a lot of sad stuff this week), I feel like mine pales in comparison. So I will rant about it without specifying. And hope that it makes me feel a bit a relief so that I won't lose my temper and say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Happy Chrossing to my fellow bloggers who made the list. At least something good happened today. This is most likely not going to be a good weekend; in fact, it will probably be incredibly stressful. But at least I have Monday to look forward to. (How perverse is that; dreading the weekend and anticipating Monday? Who does that??)

Sorry for being vague, folks. But I knew I had to release steam somewhere. When I found myself blowing a gasket over someone's poor grammar, I knew I was in trouble. Classic overreaction and transference. I'm not angry at the improper usage of a pronoun. I'm just angry.

Thanks for listening. And I hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. BIG HUGS!

    We all need to let out some steam one way or another. Rant away! It's your blog. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Rant away Erica. We need an outlet for stress. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Beth -- thank you, sweetie. I appreciate it.

    joey -- I hope I do too. Thanks.

  4. You have to do what it takes to cope with suckage. Venting is always appropriate to save yourself internal sickness.

    Here's to a better start to next week.

  5. Hi Erica -- I agree rant away.You know that i am one of your friend's that listen's and never judge's you :-) I hope you feel better. Sending BIG HUG'S <3 and Much Love from your naughty girl Jade :-)

  6. It's ok to rant as we all need to do that sometimes. I'm glad you got Chrossed today and that is a bit of a bright spot.

    Hang in there!

  7. Kelly -- good point. I don't need any internal sickness. :-)

    Jade -- thanks, dear.

    Bobbie Jo -- yes, that did cheer me up. It always does.

  8. Hang in there sweetie. Next week is full of fun and possibilities!

  9. Hold on thar pilgrim

    I'm the worst, most self-centered and unfeeling bitch on the planet.

    At best you are only in second place. Mentioned you on my blog, it may not have the weight of being Chrossed but the topic was inspired by your recent posting.

    XX OO


  10. Congratulations Chrossee. This past week did nothing but blow barf. If it wasn't for blogs and email I don't know what I would have done. I'm hiding this weekend. You keep your head down too and let us hear from you :)

  11. Hugs! For whatever cause.
    And yes - congrats!

  12. SS -- I hope you're right.

    Emanuele -- what a nice surprise. Just went and commented! :-) So, who's in first place?

    Emen -- blow barf. Yup, I know those weeks well. Hang in there.

    MrJ -- thank you. :-)

  13. Congrats on being Chrossed! Everyone needs to rant sometimes, that's why the pet peeve thread is so massive. Lol. Hope things start looking up for you with whatever is going on. And hey, only a few days until Shadow Lane!

  14. It is Sunday night now so I hope some of your rage is dissipating in the face of tomorrow trotting towards you.
    I am here if you want to rant.
    And however you feel is ok, good people feel some emotions that make no sense to others- you just admit it, that is all. You don't go around being mean to people or hurting people so the emotiOnal wringer you put yourself through is no one else's business or problem .

  15. Lea -- true, that. I noticed that someone had tried to balance the "Pet Peeves" thread by posting a "Happy Thoughts" thread... and that barely got any attention. How sad is that?? lol

    Poppy -- you know how it is. At times, I have thoughts and emotions that make me feel ugly. But I'm probably my harshest critic. Thanks for the kind words. ♥

  16. Hey, you're allowed to be self-centered sometimes. Sometimes, we just need to beslf-centered. we need to vent. and no matter how damn petty our problem is, we need to tell someone. we've all been there, or in a similar place. Just don't forget, it has to get better eventually.

  17. So you where ranting...
    IMHO your showing that your Human...
    So rant, trow it al out..

    And of course I hope
    that each day
    wil be a better day

    until you wil be smiling again

    Regards, Monsieur Fessee

  18. Monsieur -- thank you. :-) If ranting makes me human, I am the humanest human there is!

  19. Sorry for being absent! (damn Hurricane and 18" of rain interrupted my fun)

    Hope you're just thinking about Shadow Lane now.. (hugs)

  20. Zelle -- please don't apologize; I'm just relieved you're OK!