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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Potpourri

I am playing tomorrow. Mr. Possible is coming over once again, and this time, I believe I'm ready to play. Last week, I greeted him in shorts and a tank top. Tomorrow, I'm wearing a dress. Not that a girl can't be spanked in shorts, you understand. But a dress signals "easy access." For spanking, dammit. Get your minds out of the gutter.

NASA just landed on Mars. I wonder if they found a Walmart there. Or a Chick-Fil-A.

Is anyone besides me finding themselves rather bored and disenchanted with FetLife? Don't get me wrong; I still think it's a great place. But because there is no proper topic search function, people start new topic threads on things that have been discussed over and over and over and OVER. There are days when I feel like if I see a new thread with "What's your favorite spanking position?" or "What are your favorite words for the bottom?" or "Which celebrity do you fantasize about spanking/being spanked by?" one more time, I'm going to throw my computer out the window. For Christ's sake, people, at least go back through a few pages in the group before you start a new thread. Oh, and surely we haven't gotten so desperate for topics that we have to do those stupid ".... or Pass" threads. Spank or pass. Fuck or pass. Ban the person above you or pass. Rape or pass (yes, really).

And the flame wars! I know these are scary, uncertain times and people are frustrated. But sometimes, the sniping and snarking and picking at others drives me nuts. Hard for me to rein in my own snarkiness when I see stupid crap arguments erupting over a picture or a thread. So, I've backed off a little bit. Not completely, you understand, because I'm an online junkie. But I'm definitely not posting as much as I used to.

What's up with potato and tortilla chips in all these weird-ass flavors? When I was a kid, potato chips came in two flavors: plain and barbecue. Yesterday, John and I were at Trader Joe's and they were giving away bites of sandwiches with a few Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips. I never eat these samples, but I take one anyway to give to John after he eats his. I was curious about the chips, though, as I've seen vinegar chips before and I know they're popular, so I nibbled on one. ACCCCK! Not only was it thoroughly coated with salt, but the taste was so sour, I thought I'd bitten into a salted lemon. Granted, I'm picky about food, so I thought it was just me. Then John ate his, made a face and announced, "These taste like pee."

(No, he's not into that. It's just an expression.)

I get some bizarre followers on Twitter. One of the latest? "SoCal Family Fun -- Family-friendly events and activities in the greater SoCal area." And they are following me because...? There is absolutely nothing family-friendly about me. :-)

My birthday is at the end of next month. It is one of those godawful mid-decade birthdays and I'm not looking forward to it. I can't help noticing that a lot of scene women, both domme and sub, have "wish lists." Would it be ultra tacky if I had one? I'd just have one item on it: Contributions to the Erica Scott FaceLift Fund.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Stay tuned.


  1. If you say "Erica Scott" and "Facelift" in the same sentence again, I'll... I'll... I'll frown at you. *Frowny face* I think you're absolutely gorgeous! People probably think I'm creepy because whenever I spot you at parties, I'll comment to whoever's around me about how pretty you are.

    *Keeping my fingers crossed for good luck with Mr. Possible*

  2. Good luck with Mr P.

    You and facelift do not go together. You do not need one. Get rid of that silly idea now, you are better looking than many 30 year old women.

  3. I have sort of stopped posting to groups on Fetlife. Of course, this isn't entirely true, because I still post to modeling related groups, and I commented on Pet Peeves tonight for the first time in a long while. But I agree: it's basically all been said and done before, and that's tedious by now.

    One of Malignus' asexuality groups had a thread that really made me giggle though: pass or pass.

    I hope I get to see you sometime in the next week and a half! I have lots to talk about! <3

  4. *shaking my head*

    Sea Salt and Vinegar is a GREAT flavor. So it Dill Pickle, which I assume you don't like. Just saying. ;)

  5. Good luck later with Mr. P. :)

    I don't see ANY reason why you would require a facelift.

    FetLife has definitely lost it's appeal for me in many ways. I do read through alot of the threads and am amazed at the ways people launch into attack mode over some minor subjects as of late. I wisely keep quiet because I don't want to get myself into even more disenchantment by fighting with others there.

    I gag from the taste of vinegar. It is one of the most overwhelming tastes and smells to me. LOL!

  6. Our grocery superstore has a whole range of flavoured chips from around the world: Moroccan Spice, Greek, Canadian Burger, Sicilian Lemon, Sweet Chili Thai, Jamaican Jerk. They mostly taste like barbecue or sour cream.

    Have fun on Monday.


  7. Erica, When NASA, landed on the planet Mars, they found ERICA there. Because your BEAUTY, is 'OUT OF THIS WORLD'. XXX Luv Ya.

  8. LOL on the crisps. S&V are quite popular in the UK. Me - I hate them then again I don't like crisps very much whatever the flavour.

    Enjoy this evening.


  9. "But a dress signals "easy access." For spanking, dammit. Get your minds out of the gutter."
    I thought this line was wonderful. Yeah, it's only for getting spanked, get your mind out of the gutter. It's stuff like this that makes crossing between the vanilla world and the spanking world so... so surreal.

    I say go for the wish list. Set up a donation/Amazon page/PayPal account and see if anyone goes along with it. Why not?

  10. Erica,

    I agree with Beth and everybody above: YOU do not need a freakin' facelift! You will never need any such thing! So there!

    Now a wish list for some goodies and toys you might want, go for it.

    Have some good fun tonight with Mr. P.

  11. Hi Erica -- You do NOT need no freakin facelift.YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE :-)I like BBQ and sometime's S&V chip's they are good for a sore throat hehehe LOL.I even tried BLT chip's which wasn't too bad.Have a fun time tonight with Mr.P :-)I can't wait to read all about it.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  12. Beth -- what a coincidence. That's the same thing I say about you. ♥

    TLB -- I live in California. It's pretty hard NOT to have that idea in my head. :-)

    Alex -- Pass or pass?? OK, that's funny! :-D Yes, absolutely, drop me a PM and let me know when your schedule is open. I would love to see you and catch up! Weekdays are fairly flexible.

    Ana -- I love dill pickles. But I don't think I'd like the chips, no.

    Kelly -- I love balsamic vinegar, because it's sweet and mild. But the other vinegars, notsomuch. Yeah, it's too easy to get sucked into an argument on FetLife these days, and I don't want any more freaking restraining orders!

    Hermione -- yeeeesh. Burger flavored chips?? Is that for the vegetarians? :-)

    Six -- giving you a kiss.

    Ronnie -- that's right, it's crisps for you guys, and chips are French fries for us. You and me both; I don't care for any flavor of potato chips.

    Anonymous -- I would if I had the nerve. But I don't think I do. (sigh)

    Bobbie Jo -- nahhhh... the little stuff, I can get for myself. OK, how about if I call it the Fountain of Youth Fund, is that better? ;-)

    Jade -- Really? S&V chips are good for a sore throat? I wouldn't have thought that! :-)

    1. Erica, I was just wondering out loud. If they find Martians, do they have the same type of 'bare bottoms', like we do. And are some of them 'spanko's'. Does Venus, sing that popular song. "Ive got the 'sun', in the morning and the father, at night". Do they make MARS BARS, and MILkY WAYS, that taste as good as on Earth. And do they have a television show, called "Dancing with the STARS, at the MARS BARS".

  13. Really? Salt & Vinegar? You've not had these before? They've been around for AGES here and came from the UK where they've been for ages more--because for DECADES (if not longer) they've been putting vinegar on their "chips" with their fish & chips.

  14. Good luck tonight in your dress!

    If you want a facelift go for it. A facelift makes a woman look like a woman her age with a facelift. Doesn't mean you can't work that though.

    Don't eat chips much but love french fries with vinegar. I'm not British just Eastern Shore.

    Happy playing!

  15. Salt and Vinegar crisps in the US do seem to be extremely vinegary, try the Boulder brand which are much more muted that most I've encountered here. The best ever crisp flavour is, of course, paprika, which is damnably difficult to get hold of over here, but try them if you get a chance.

    There, of all the things I'd ever imagined posting on this blog, the topic of crisp flavours wasn't a front-runner.

    Good luck with the new prospect :-)

  16. Over here, 'way back, salt & vinegar was the alternative to plain. None of that exotic barbecue flavour for us!

    What I find ironic is that smoky bacon crisps are "suitable for vegetarians" but cheese & onion aren't.

    Then there's the cautionary tale of the woman addicted to facelifts who complained of bags under her eyes. Quoth her doctor: "Those aren't bags. And if you have one more facelift, you'll have a beard!"

  17. Craig -- nope, never tasted them before. But then again, I'm not much of a chip eater.

    Emen -- actually, when they're done properly (which, sadly, many aren't), they make a woman look well rested and fresh, and it's not readily obvious what she's had done. But I can't afford it anyway.

    Lancisto -- I like to discuss meaningless trivia on occasion. I once talked about how annoying toilet paper commercials are. :-) Funny thing is, the trivial stuff is what gets the most comments!

    Al -- that IS a bit strange. I guess because it's bacon "flavor," but the cheese is real? Vegetarians can have cheese, but vegans can't. Personally, I don't understand vegans. Nothing died to make dairy products.

    1. Something like that - maybe some other animal-derived ingredient as well as the cheese ;-)

  18. part of Phyllis Diller's routine was that with the number of facelifts she had, if she wore a dress with a low neckline she sould be arrested for wilful and obscene exposure.


  19. John -- LOL! Not to worry, I'd stop at one.

  20. Perhaps the tendency for what you describe as trivial stuff to get the most comments is linked to the topic of your 3rd & 4th paragraphs. After a while one has rather read, and indeed said, all the on-topic stuff one can meaningfully both do. This means you end up seeing the same stuff over-and-over again, participating in which is stunningly uninviting. In the meantime, we're human beings which means we're social animals so a new topic gets the interaction going. Or something.


    (OK, "which means sometime we're social animals...").

  21. L -- or maybe we all simply enjoy some mindless nonsense now and then. :-D

  22. Ok, make it all simple, then ;-p

  23. Happy early birthday, Erica! I say it's all about doinng minor upkeep so you don't have to do the major Joan Rivers-esque lifts where you look surprised at everything!

  24. You want weird flavors of potato chips? Go to the UK! They have prawn cocktail, Worcestershire, roast chicken, tomato ketchup, Branston Pickle, Marmite, lime (loved those!), English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pud, and the list goes on. Tried a lot of them, but I kept going back to good old Lays! Well, not Lays over there, but the closest thing.

  25. SC -- oh please, can we talk? LOL That poor woman looks ridiculous. I don't get celebrities sometimes. They have the $$$$$ for the absolute best cosmetic surgeons and procedures, and yet so many of them get botch jobs.

    Karyn -- aaaaaaand there goes my breakfast...

  26. oh wow! you get to play tomorrow! Here's hoping that goes well! :-)

    Food today... sucks. (LOL -- damn.. seems everything sucks this yr!) LOL

    And I don't even want to get into birthdays.. I'd just as soon they go away - cause one day I looked up.. and the damn birthday present I opened up was menopause.. which brought an ext 25lbs to the damn party! OMG they are the WORST lbs to take off too (struggling with that).. and I REFUSE to take hormones... (hey.. don't feel like I need em, as my libido is just fine thank-ya-very-much -- too damn good actually.. for NOT having a damn partner to wax poetic all over! But who wants a partner when your packing extra poundage??) Damn catch 22 -- HATE CHANGE! But .. you knew that. LOL

  27. I know when your birthday is so expect a snarky ecard! ;-) You actually share the date with another spanko friend of mine. Salt and vinegar anything disgusts me, but I'm admittedly a really picky eater. I'm trying to stay active on FetLife and post here and there, especially with SL coming up and I don't want to absolutely know no one.

  28. Zelle -- yes, I'll stipulate to menopause blowing all to hell. I didn't have the weight gain, but, well, other things happened. Blech.

    Lea -- snark away, I love it! :-) I think you'll know more people at SL than you think. And you'll be with M, who knows lots of folks!