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Friday, January 31, 2014

54 Things

Borrowing this meme from Hermione, I challenged myself to come up with a list of 54 random things that make me feel happy. I liked reading her list and could see how compiling it would be a pleasant exercise in appreciation. So, here goes:

1. Silly, couple-y things between John and me, like our pet names and nonsense words.
2. Reading comments on my blog.
3. Cloudy, rainy days, especially when I am indoors and don't have to go anywhere.
4. Freshly pedicured toenails.
5. Petting random dogs on the street (after getting an OK from the owners, of course)
6. Burrowing under piles of blankets.
7. Giving and receiving massages.
8. Tuesdays with Steve.
9. Watching (and rewatching, and rewatching) Dark Shadows.
10. Getting compliments on my writing.
11. The occasional deer sighting up in the canyons where John lives.
12. Purring cats.
13. Beatles songs.
14. Bewitched episodes with Dick York (the original Darrin).
15. Snuggling, cuddling, spooning. Love body contact.
16. When a man cups my face in his hand.
17. Beethoven's 7th symphony.
18. Finding the name of a song I've heard and liked, just by typing a lyric into Google.
19. Finding and downloading said song on iTunes. Gone are the days where I had to buy an entire album for one song, and hope I liked the rest of it.
20. Opening a new box of See's candy and getting the first choice.
21. Quiet neighbors.
22. Good hair days.
23. Vine-ripened tomatoes.
24. Friends who accept and accommodate my various food oddities without making me feel, well, odd.
25. Waitstaff who get special orders and substitutions right.
26. Drivers who hang back and let me into a crowded lane.
27. Giving a random compliment to a stranger and watching their face light up.
28. Gatherings of spanko friends.
29. Classic movie musicals (e.g., Singin' in the Rain).
30. People who know the difference between i.e. and e.g.
31. Big bouquets of colorful flowers.
32. Wearing red.
33. Wearing my stepmother's beautiful necklace. I guess it's mine now, but I'll always think of it as hers.

34. The joy of hanging out with girlfriends, laughing and chatting and sharing.
35. The post-spanking bubble of bliss.
36. Burying my face in John's sweet-smelling hair.
37. Seeing a picture of myself that I actually like.
38. Playing Scrabble.
39. Working crossword puzzles.
40. Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet.
41. That moment during a workout when the endorphins kick in.
42. German chocolate cake at Aroma Café.
43. Starchy comfort food -- bread, potatoes, pasta, pancakes.
44. Books that are so well written and captivating, I hate to put them down and can't wait to pick them up again.
45. Being Chrossed.
46. Watching The Big Bang Theory.
47. Marx Brothers movies.
48. Warm, thick socks when my feet are cold.
49. Kisses, all kinds.
50. Random acts of kindness, just because.
51. Putting my body and psyche into my top's hands and knowing I am safe.
52. The I Love Lucy "Vitameatavegemin" episode.
53. Weird Al Yankovic parodies.
54. Feeling like I belong, and that I matter. :-)

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. I like happy Erica! Your list made me smile. :D

  2. Also, we should play Scrabble one day. I love it, too! :D

  3. This made me super happy to read!
    Peace & Hugs,
    MaMa Blue

  4. Great list. Cats purring is about THE cutest noise ever. :)

  5. I bet you have every episode of Dark Shadows memorized. :-)

    I love this list and there are some things on there we share, such as the Lucy episode of Vitameatavegemin. It is so funny. A couple of other episodes I think are hilarious are the one with the candy conveyor belt and where she and Harpo Marx do a mirror routine. One more: the grape stomping scene.

    Did you know that cougars purr? It is my understanding they are the only big cat that does. I know. Not the kind of kitty you want to meet. I don't either. ;-)

  6. Kelly -- I used to have a cat, long ago, who loved to curl up on my chest, tuck her face into my neck and purr in my ear. That melted my heart!

    Bobbie Jo -- I probably do! :-) Oh, yes, I love the Harpo episode too. And the one where Lucy is trying to tell Ricky that she's pregnant.

  7. I enjoyed that...It made me go learn the difference between i.e. and e.g. :-) Thank you.

  8. Thanks for sharing Erica. I really enjoy learning more about my friends.


  9. Erica, yes I like the color red myself. My favorite soccer team in England wears the color red. I like a woman who wears a red dress. Of course a female's bare bottom after its been spanked blushing red.
    I also like to do crossword puzzles.
    In classic music, I like opera. The singer Pavorotti who I saw performance once, was a favorite of mine. Yes, in pop. The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, I also like Broadway musicals, be they on stage, or the movies.
    I also used to be a good ballroom dancing, Latin music such as the Tango, Cha Cha, an Merangue, was my specialties.

  10. What fun to read your list! I love vine-ripened tomatoes too, not the plastic, crunchy, fragrance-free ones we get here in the winter.

    Pop over to my 54 Things post and read Bonnie's list in the comments.


  11. Anonymous -- my pleasure. I just had to throw something grammatical in there. :-)

    joey -- now you do it too!

    Six -- I wish I could dance like that. It's so beautiful to watch.

    Hermione -- I eat tomatoes like most people eat apples, or cherries. I just love them.

  12. Hi Erica -- Reading this made me smile :-) Some of the things I read on your list, I already knew about you,but I am glad that I got to know some new things about you.That made me happy :-) Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it very much. Sending you much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  13. Jade -- glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  14. Aside from a few random ones, e.g. your stepmother's necklace, this list could have been written by me. I love reading books (and blogs, ahem) that make me feel as though I am already--or easily could be--friends with the author.

    Very nice list. :)