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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Repercussions of sass

You know that snarky little bit I threw in at the end of yesterday's blog? Apparently, His Royal Lateness didn't appreciate my airing his penchant for tardiness "all over the cyberwaves."

Oh, dear. What's a top to do?

Yeah, that.

We had quite the spirited "discussion" about it. He tried bringing up that "Top is always right" business again, but I wouldn't have any of it. "The top is always..." he said, trying to coax me into finishing it. "The top is always late," I snapped.

"No," he said, punctuating his point with vigorous slaps. "I'll give you a hint; the word starts with an 'r' and ends with a 't.'"

"The top is always a rat!" I crowed triumphantly. Wrong answer. 

But speaking of r---t words, I told him that if he wanted to be treated with respect, he'd have to earn it. He claimed that he already had, and I needed to learn how to respect him. I could start by kissing his hand.

Say what?

He then smugly stuck his hand in front of my mouth. And I promptly bit it.

I think that might have been the proverbial last straw. The heavy artillery came out, including that godawful "boot camp" paddle, the one with the boot sole that leaves wicked tread marks. Much lecturing ensued. Oh, the fuss he made! "Do you know that you hurt my finger?" he hollered. "Do you know that you're hurting my ass?" I threw back. 

"You leave teeth marks on my finger, I leave tread marks on your bottom," he growled. OK, he was keeping up with me.

(In case you're wondering, that shiny thing on my right cheek is a clear Tegaderm protective bandage. I'm trying to give that weakened spot a bit of a break, and it seems to be helping. No fresh "butt measles" yesterday, despite the intense play.)

He gave me a second chance to kiss his hand. And guess what I did a second time?

As you can imagine, that didn't go over too well either, and he made sure I knew it. After the next flurry, he started asking me questions about whether or not that had been a good idea, and what I was going to do next time. I didn't answer, and he said, "Let me ask again." But instead of asking, he gave me another flurry. "Ask already!" I screeched. "I just did," he replied calmly, giving me yet another round. "You don't recognize that language?"

Oh, brother.

"OK, I'll ask in English," he said cheerfully. "Is biting your top something you will refrain from, from now on?" When I didn't answer right away, he added, "Did you understand that question?"

"Yes," I grumbled, "now that I've put it through my Asshole to English dictionary."

Everything after that is a blur. :-)

Until, of course, the third time he put his hand to my mouth. And I tenderly kissed his palm, cupping it to my face, after thanking him. While he told me that I was the best bottom ever, he could never want for another, and he disciplined me because he cared about me. 

Alllll better. So much yum.

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't want to return to the real world. I wanted to stay in the bliss bubble and simply be with my top. But alas, he had to go be a dad, and I had my own things to do. And yet, after he left, I was still in that soft, wistful, fragile state, and wanted to capture it. So I experimented with my camera's timer and some arty effects, and got this:

Some who don't know me, might look at a photo like this and think, "She's been broken." On the contrary. I was put back together.


  1. Fantastic picture, quality, lighting and subject!

  2. WOW! That last picture is beautiful! erotic, classy, and sexy all at once! One of my all time favorite Erica pictures even if I can't see your lovely smile!


  3. YOU are a handful! Never ever change your brattitide! :)

  4. Poppa -- aw, thanks. :-)

    Kelly -- don't worry; I don't plan to. :-D

  5. What a gorgeous picture Erica, thanks for sharing! I always enjoy your blog.

  6. Casey -- thank you! :-) I'm so glad you dropped by.

  7. Erica,

    Love the banter between the two of you and the last picture is perfect. Quite gorgeous.


  8. The banter between you too is so awesome and makes your time really fun....forgive the rudness but I love your bottom in a panty, just so lovely

  9. Ronnie -- thanks! We have a lot of fun. :-)

    Ron -- not rude at all. :-)

  10. Beautiful Picture Erica . That is Book cover Good :-)

  11. Glad to see you two having so much fun! He may have gotten you to kiss his hand, but I think you won anyway. ;-) The last picture speaks volumes. Very nice.

  12. Bobbie Jo -- yeah, I suppose we both won, really. :-)

  13. Hi Erica -- When I read that you bit his hand, I couldn't stop laughing :-) You are such a BRAT, Keep it up LOL :-) Nice pics,The last pic is my favorite. You and Steve are a good Spanking team :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  14. Jade -- we are, aren't we! :-D

  15. Love the last pic! Wait, there's something missing...what is's's coming :)

    Ah, got it! The tramp stamp!

  16. Anonymous -- lol! Yeah, not happening. I could have added one with my photo editing software, I guess!

  17. You look very happy! I'm sure that is not just because you put yourself in the corner. ;-)

  18. MrJ -- corners are OK if I choose them! :-)

  19. Actually, that is one of the most beautiful Nudes I have ever seen, and I would think so even if I didn't know you or the story.

  20. Wolfie -- awww... Thank you. ♥

  21. Erica, I have to agree with Wolfie. That is a very tasteful photo of you.

    There is something about a black and white photo that adds a certain quality to it.

  22. Kaki -- thanks! It's a mood thing... stripping out the color gives a bit of mystique, I think.