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Friday, January 3, 2014

That banging thing

On FetLife, there's currently a thread going about spanking noise and who hears what. The original poster posited that perhaps all the worry about people being able to hear what we're doing is unnecessary; that it's really not as big an issue as it's claimed to be.

Yeah, it is.

Y'all know the stories of how John and I have had the cops called on us three times, so I won't bore you with that. But that thread reminded me of his old apartment, where we played a lot. Our relationship was new and spanking was a constant. 

And yes, his neighbors heard.

On the other side of his bedroom wall was a two-bedroom apartment. Crammed into it was a family of five -- a woman, her deadbeat third husband who did nothing but sit around the house and smoke pot, her two sons from her previous marriages, and their baby. The woman (her name is escaping me at the moment) seemed to have a thing for John; she was always flirting with him (and believe me, he did not return the sentiment). One time, she saw him in the courtyard, sidled up to him and purred, "You know, we can hear what you're doing in your bedroom." Before John could reply to that, she added, "Oh, don't worry. No judgment here. I just thought you might want to know. But the next time you do that, invite me!"


Then there was John's upstairs neighbor, Loretta. What a busybody and a loudmouth. She talked so loudly, we could hear her phone conversations down in John's apartment. When she was dealing with a breakup, she played Aretha Franklin's "A Natural Woman" over and over and over. At top volume. All afternoon. I still can't stand to hear that song.

She and John were buddies; he used to take care of her cats when she was away. So she was very comfortable with dropping in on him (which I found annoying, but hey, it wasn't my neighbor). One night, we were playing, and there was a knock on the door. John threw on a pair of shorts and went to answer the door, while I hid naked in the bedroom.

"Hi John!!" I heard her voice boom in its heavy Nu Yawk accent. "I wanted to return this to you." (She'd borrowed something or another; I forget what.) Then she said, "I knew you were home, because I heard that banging thing you do."

That banging thing??? I had to clap both hands over my mouth so I wouldn't howl with laughter.

I must say, I don't miss that apartment building one bit.

Any of you have stories of being overheard?


  1. Butt banging? That's a new term for it. OR maybe her vocabulary just wasn't adequate.

    I only remember one incident of the police paying you a visit. Maybe you could share all three again sometime.


  2. The closest I came was a 1st time session at a hotel. My friend was walloping my ass with every type of implement known to man/woman. The impact was extremely loud to my ears and when I overheard voices in the hallway, in a brief panic I asked her to stop. They continued on their way and she resumed my well earned spanking.
    Last year I was at this top's place and she was paddling me in her living room. What was hilarious about this was it was nighttime and the lights were on in the living room. I was bed over a bench with bare ass sticking out. It's hard to say WHAT neighbors may have seen if they happened to glance at the windows. I THINK the curtains were covering them but can't be 100% sure. She never mentioned any complaints issued by the neighbors. :)

  3. Erica, those true to life 'spanko' stories, of yours, from sunny California, were funny and hilarious. By the way, I did not know us New Yorkers had an accent. I thought everyone spoke like Jackie Mason, and Sarah Silverman, this being, Si habla Yiddish. Oh Well. Happy New Year 2014. XXX Luv ya.

  4. Hi Erica -- I am glad you brought,this subject up :-) Way back I had a friend named Jayne,She is in her fifties now,She gave me a big swat on my bum,while I was walking up the stairs to my dad's apartment,I told her don't be doing that,I think someone heard it, She even took me Otk in front of her then boyfriend.I got embarrassed cause I was new to this.I thought people would think that I was weird,But now if someone sees it or hears it I could care less.I still have a self esteem problem,but I am not ashamed of being a Spanko :-) Wishing you and John a nice weekend.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade. THAT BANGING THING LOL

  5. Hermione -- all three at John's home; one at his old apartment, and two at his house. They make for funny stories, but harrowing experiences! LOL

    Kelly -- I would imagine hotels have heard their share of those noises. I once arranged to meet a playmate at a small hotel and they gave me a room directly above the front desk! I asked to be moved to the end of the hall.

    Six -- yeah, you guys tawk funny. :-)

    Jade -- I still get embarrassed if it happens publicly. It's not that I'm ashamed, but I guess I don't feel like sharing it with vanilla strangers, you know?

  6. TBTWD. :-))
    I am afraid the better question would not have been for stories of being oveheard, but for stories of being informed one is being overheard.
    Sometimes. Subtly, by some coughs or music being played at an unusual time or so.

  7. I don't think any neighbours have reacting to a spanking session here, but I know my neighbours have heard us have sex. (Which means they probably heard the spankings too.) Usually they just turn up their music, bless 'em. I've had roommates that were a bit noisy during sex. At those times I tended to just go for a walk and, if I was in a good mood, I'd bring back snacks we could all enjoy after.

  8. Erica, if you think my New York talk is funny, you should have heard me when I was a school-boy in England, quoting William Shakespeare's Richard 111. when he says."an ARSE. an ARSE. a kingdom for an ARSE". with a British accent. Lawrence Olivier. would have been proud of me. XXX Luv ya.

  9. MrJ -- true.

    Anonymous -- very sporting of you! I am terrible about other people's noise. I have zero tolerance for it. Aside from the occasional percussive scene, I am actually a very quiet neighbor! :-)

  10. I'm pretty sure that my neighbors below me could hear what was going on. Luckily they never brought it up and I chose not to converse with them. I'm an awesome neighbor. ;)

  11. That is too it.

    Once in NY I was being spanked, knock on the door...we scramble and I eventually answer the door, the front desk clerk asking me to please keep it down, with a huge smile!!! Was too funny and we turned the TV up and she went right back to work with her brush!!!

    Happy New Year

  12. At my third spanking party--Florida Moonshine's Back to School party in Tampa (at what we "lovingly" dubbed the Bates Motel)--I was having a private scene with Lizzie and the neighbor in the next room began banging on the wall. Really threw off my scene. But what really threw it off was when he began banging on our motel room door!

  13. SAS -- ah yes, don't ask, don't tell! :-D

    Ron -- embarrassing!

    Craig -- yikes! Hope you didn't answer.

  14. No. No I did not. But it did end the scene early.

  15. This goes back a good 15 years. Master was whipping me a warm late fall day at my cabin in the Berkshires. Not many people in cabins cause it was late in the season. I suddenly get a phone call from a neighbor I've known since I was 13 and he about 20. Jackie. Yes? This is John S. are u ok? Yes. Umm did u hear some noises. Sorry. He made me say a sentence he gave me to prove I was ok and not being abused. We closed the window. And later walked over to johns cabin to introduce him to David. John said sounds like you were having fun. We smiled agreed and went back to the cabin to play some more. John still smiles at me in a funny way when he sees me.

  16. Jackie -- hah! Well, it's nice to have caring friends. :-)

  17. We own our house - thankfully no neighbors under,over or directly beside us that could over .We are not serious spankos.. We just have some OTK slap and tickle fun during..*ahem*. I can't get my dh to use implements on me (pout). However he does a pretty good job with hands. We are never super loud . But I swear I am absolutely terrified our kids are going to hear us and be scarred for life LOL..

  18. Anonymous -- I often wonder what people with kids do! :-)

  19. It's terrified kids will hear..We try to wait until they are asleep- (out cold) . We close our bedroom door, lock it of course and play music- not so loud as to wake them but loud enough that it will hopefully mask smacking sounds. We had such a scene last night.. OH so yummy! I have nice sore , tingly backside to prove it. :) but still I kept thinking the whole time OMG we are going to wake the kids..what will they think- ARGGHHH!!!...When it's hot out we let them play outside.. sneak of to our room shut the windows and crank up the air conditioner to muffle banging noises .

  20. That banging thing... lol. Maybe she meant the OTHER banging thing? It wouldn't surprise me if anyone in my building, or even across from it, could hear. Apartment walls are so thin. If I can hear every time the older man upstairs coughs or uses his cane to walk across the room then they can surely hear me. But I don't really care and try not to be loud late at night. I've yet to have neighbors say anything.

  21. Lea -- nope, she was definitely talking about the slap-slap-banging thing. ;-)